Aggressive psychic entities

In a sense, the distinction between addictive and aggressive psychic entities is artificial, in that they both exist in the collective consciousness and they both seek to influence people. Yet it can be helpful to distinguish between them for the following reason:

  • An addictive entity is primarily aimed at getting you to do something that causes you to give energy to the entity so it can survive and grow. 
  • An aggressive entity also gets energy from you, but it has a larger aim of influencing humanity or the planet as a whole. Thus, there is a more aggressive and destructive intent behind such an entity.

To explain the difference, consider that there is an entity that makes people addicted to sex. This entity may indeed cause people to do things that affect other people, but it will not cause people to cross the line and rape others. An aggressive entity will take the addiction to sex to a more extreme level and thus get people to commit rape. 

As another example, an addictive entity may cause people to engage in efforts to prove the validity of their belief system by persuading others, yet it will not cause people to be willing to kill those who oppose their belief system. An aggressive entity will indeed seek to get people to kill those who oppose their beliefs. Thus, aggressive entities are part of what leads to wars and conflicts.

Why do you need to know about aggressive entities? One reason is that it can help you understand what is going on in the world, giving you a deeper explanation for wars and conflict. It can help you understand why some people are very aggressive and why you cannot reason with them.

A person whose mind is taken over by an aggressive entity that promotes war cannot be reasoned with. The person will not be able to grasp the arguments against war. What you can do about aggressive entities is to call for the assistance of the ascended masters, who have the power to deal with any aggressive entity. If enough people did this, it would have a major impact on the progression of society.

Most people who are open to HAP will already have raised themselves to a level of consciousness where the most aggressive entities cannot affect you. Obviously, when you rise above the 48th level of consciousness, you realize the truth behind the statement to not do unto others what you don’t want them to do to you. Thus, the most aggressive entities cannot get you to harm other people.

We can talk about several types of aggressive entities.

Purposeful psychic entities

Some aggressive psychic entities have a clear purpose of influencing people to support a particular activity on a large scale, such as influencing all of humanity. An obvious example is the War Entity that is always seeking to get people to go to war. 

Yet the War Entity is supported by several entities that seek to inflame any conflict. Some collective entities simply seek top get people to hate each other and to inflame these feelings. Once the hatred has reached a critical mass, the War Entity can now take over people’s minds and make them go to war.

The War Entity is probably easy to see, but there are many aggressive entities that may seem benign to many people. For example, most of the major world religions have created a collective entity aimed at converting people to that religion and defending the religion from all attacks. As seen throughout history, such religious entities can also enflame people’s anger and eventually make them vulnerable to the War Entity.

There is a collective entity behind atheism. Many scientific materialists are deeply affected by this. Even though they see themselves as rational and objective people, they are not at all rational or objective about religion. The explanation is that their rational minds have been neutralized or overpowered by the collective entity that seeks to oppose religion. Collective entities are created from the duality consciousness, which always has two opposite polarities.

There are also entities behind political movements. The Soviet Union created a strong collective entity aimed at spreading and defending communism. Even today, China is heavily influenced by this entity. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there is a collective entity behind capitalism, and it is influencing many people in the so-called free world.

Then, there is a myriad of national aggressive entities. The bigger the country, the bigger the entity. For example, the national entity of Russia is what caused some Russian leaders to believe in the need to reestablish a Russian empire and get them to invade Ukraine in 2022. This explains why it is impossible to reason with them and why they continue to pursue a military victory beyond all reason.

There are also some purposeful collective entities aimed at establishing power. They are behind all attempts to gain power over the world, such as the Roman Empire or modern empires. Over the course of history some of these entities have become very powerful. The reason no force has taken over the world is that there will always be two rivaling power entities.

Another example are entities aimed at making people feel superior. And for those not susceptible to this, there are entities aimed at making people feel inferior. An obvious example of the superiority entity is the one making the Nazis feel like they belonged to the master race. An example of an inferiority entity is one affecting many black Africans in America, or even in Africa. Another very powerful set of such entities is one aimed at making men feel superior and making women feel inferior.

Destructive psychic entities

War can have the purpose of establishing power, promoting a religion or a political philosophy. Yet war can also have no clear purpose and only create chaos or destruction.

There are some very powerful entities that have only the aim of creating destruction and chaos on this planet. How they were created will be explained in the discourse about manipulators. LINK

One purpose behind destruction is to force people to release psychic energy, which is what various beings and entities need in order to survive and grow. When people’s lives are destroyed, such as through war or torture, they are forces to release energy.

On a more personal level, take a relatively normal teenage boy in America, who one day brings a gun to school and start shooting. Phycologists find it difficult to explain why a few children do this while most children in a similar situation do not. Part of the explanation is that the shooter’s mind is overpowered by a collective entity whose only aim is to create chaos.

There are also more subtle entities that are aimed at plunging people into doubt. One example is entities that want people to abandon their religious beliefs and become agnostics who think human beings cannot know anything for certain. Another is entities that simply seek to confuse people’s minds, so they don’t know what to believe about specific topics or life in general. 

Controlling psychic entities

Some collective entities are aimed at controlling your mind. Some seek to control your emotions, meaning that they seek to prevent you from being in control of your emotions. They might cause people to be overpowered by fear, anger or guilt to such an extent that they cannot function normally.

Other entities are aimed at controlling the mental mind. One example is an entity aimed at keeping you from questioning the Christian religion, and it has a firm grip over the minds of many Christians. Yet scientific materialists have created another entity aimed at disproving the Christian religion. If you become influenced by it, you will become the target of another entity aimed at making you doubt that there is any reality beyond the material world. The combined effects of these entities is to close your mind to any higher awareness of the spiritual side to life, such as the HAP teachings.

One type of controlling entity is aimed at keeping you within certain boundaries, such as a religion or political system or the role defined for women in a particular culture. Yet beyond this is an type of entity aimed at preventing you from unfolding your higher potential.

One of the key teachings of HAP is that all human beings have the potential to engage in a systematic path that leads to higher levels of awareness. This can lead to levels of awareness that are beyond what is considered human by most societies, such as personal Christhood or Buddhahood. There are some very powerful collective entities aimed at preventing you from even knowing about this path or preventing you from walking it and accepting your potential to go beyond what is considered normal in your culture.