Dealing with a psychological crisis

A psychological crises can take various forms, from more long-term to acute. The more long-term issues, such as discovering as sense of purpose, will be dealt with in other sections. The purpose of this page is to talk about an acute crises that you cannot ignore.

When facing such a crisis, you need to study the pages about collective entities and manipulators in this section. The reason is that when facing such a crisis, you are definitely under aggressive and vicious attack by these lower forces. Therefore, the first concern is to stop this attack and minimise the influence it has on you.

It is essential to recognize that if you had been able to deal with this situation on your own, it would not have become a crisis. Therefore, you do need help from outside yourself.

It is by no means the intention of HAP to replace the help from appropriate healthcare professionals or other people trained to help you with psychological issues. Thus, HAP encourages you to seek help as is practically possible in your situation. Even talking to non-professionals can be invaluable. 

HAP cannot give you personal advice, and thus the following is merely a general guideline. Start by doing the following:

Make a decision that you realize that you are under attack from malicious forces and that you do not want these forces to have any influence on your mind. You want the attack to stop.

Make a short fervent call to the ascended masters, such as: 

  • “Archangel Michael, help me, help me, help me!”
  • “Archangel Michael, save me or I perish!”
  • “Elohim Astrea, cut me free from all dark forces!”

Or call to Shiva by repeating the name SHIVA as many times as it takes for you to feel an effect.

Then commit to a daily program og giving the decrees or invocations described on this page. You can give the decrees more than 9 times and the invocations more than once, as you have time and are able to do.

By doing this, you will after some time (individual depending on the nature of your situation) feel calmer. When this happens, take a look at your situation and try to step back from it, looking at what is the nature of it. What is the issue you are dealing with? Then go to the Transcendence Toolbox website and look at the invocations, seeking to find one that applies to your situation. Then, give that invocation daily. 

If you are in doubt which one to choose, consider one of the following: 

ROS15: Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Overcoming a Spiritual Crisis

INV14: Freedom from Psychic Projections

ROS16: Mother Mary’s Rosary for Self-esteem

INV04: Invocation for Clearing the Heart

ROS05: Mother Mary’s Unconditional Love Rosary

INV06: Jesus’ Invocation for Victory over Death

Dark forces are a factor, but not the cause

Take note that dark forces are a major factor in all kinds of psychological crises or mental illness, but they are not the cause. The cause is your subconscious selves, and they are always based on decisions you have made.

Those decisions were most likely made in past lifetimes where you were exposed to various kinds of traumatic situations. Those situations may have been precipitated by dark forces, but what is affecting you today is the selves based on the decision you made in terms of how you reacted to the situation. 

Thus, the only way to truly free yourself from the dark forces is to expose and overcome these selves. This can, however, take some time because they can be buried deep in the subconscious. HAP is designed to help you uncover these deepest layers, but this is a gradual process that will take time. 

Thus, it is important that you continue the healing process instead of just seeking a temporary relief from the crisis. You need to make a commitment to going all the way so you do not experience a crisis in the future.

Why you are being attacked

Why are dark forces attacking you and seeking to plunge you into a crisis? Their immediate purpose for doing this to people is to steal their energy. However, if you are open to the HAP teachings, you have reached a higher level of awareness, and thus the dark forces have other reason for attacking you.

One is that all people who engage in the path of higher awareness become a threat to the dark forces and the control they have over this planet. Thus, they will seek to derail your growth, and plunging you into a psychological crisis is one way to do this.

The other reason is that you may well have in your Life plan to make an important contribution to manifesting the Age of Higher Awareness, and this is also a threat to the dark forces. Again, plunging you into a crisis is an effective way to prevent you from making the contribution you are here to make.

The best response to a crisis is to seek immediate help from both professionals and from the ascended masters. Yet you do not stop there but make a firm commitment to a long-term healing of your psychology, so you can fulfill your Life plan and do what you came here to do. You make the decision that you will not allow the dark forces to derail you from fulfilling your life’s purpose. 

Again, you can seek help from professionals and the entire HAP teachings are designed to help you attain healing, growth and the fulfillment of your Life plan. The best response to a crisis is to come out with a determination to rise above your psychological issues and reach a decisively higher level of consciousness.