Defending yourself from other people

As the collective entities and manipulators can project emotional, mental and identity level energy into your energy field, so can other people. The way to protect yourself from this is basically the same as with entities and manipulators, namely to become aware of what is happening and to invoke protection. Yet when it comes to other people, the situation is more complicated.

Say you become aware that you have been under attack from a collective entity. Once you see this, you instantly know you have to cut this tie because this is obviously a completely impersonal entity that doesn’t care about you whatsoever. It is simply using you as a cow that can be milked for energy.

Let us now say that you become aware that there is a person close to you who has been exposing you to psychic attacks and manipulation. In most cultures there are many subtle mechanisms that cause us to feel that we are, for various reasons, obligated towards other people. Thus, out of some sense of loyalty or obligation, you may find it more difficult to cut ties with such a person. This is especially difficult with family members or authority figures at work or school. 

Naturally, you can invoke protection from the ascended masters, but if you have subconscious selves that feel loyalty towards a person, this can undermine your protection. The ascended masters never go against your free will, even if you are not consciously aware of the subconscious selves you have.

In some cases, you may even feel that such a person cares about you and is only doing certain things for your own good. Or you have simply not seen that the person is actually abusing you or controlling you through psychic energy.

A common scenario is that you have a person who is either teasing you or seeking to make you angry, ashamed or go into an argument. You might notice that a person will start an argument and it will go on for a while. Then, suddenly, the person stops arguing and acts as if everything is normal. The reason is that the person has now gotten a sufficient portion of psychic energy from you, so the argument is over—until next time the person needs energy.

In many cases such people are not bad or evil people and they are often not aware of what they are doing. The reason is that they have selves that open their minds to collective entities. These entities are stealing energy from these people, but when they don’t have any more, the entities use the people to steal energy from you.

People who are possessed

Hopefully, you have not been exposed to people who are directly abusive. Yet even if you have not, it is important to realize that people can become overpowered by the collective entities or manipulators. This can cause such people to act in way they would not normally act, which is sometimes described by saying people are possessed.

One example is a person who becomes violent when he drinks and then abuses a spouse or children physically or psychologically. It can literally seem like there is a different person who is being abusive, and then when the episode is over, the person is back to “normal.” 

The reason is that the person has been overpowered by a collective entity and/or a manipulator. This is usually done in order to steal psychic energy from the people who are being abused. 

Another example is a person who is addicted to sex, but not normally violent. Yet sometimes the person is taken over by an entity and becomes a rapist. An even more extreme example is a serial killer. Less extreme examples are people who manipulate others through psychological means, such as making them afraid or promoting blind loyalty.

The important thing to realize is that when a person is possessed, you cannot treat him or her as you do when they are in their normal state. You cannot reason with the person because you cannot reason with the collective entity or manipulator using the person. They have an agenda, and you cannot reason them out of pursuing that agenda.

You can do two things:

  • Remove yourself from the situation. You may feel obligated towards the person, but you are not obligated towards the entity using the person. Get out of there. 
  • You can call to the ascended masters to take command over the situation. This does not necessarily mean decrees or innovations, as they are more effective in the long term. In the short term, make a short call to the masters, such as: “Archangel Michael, take command over this situation! Keep repeating it until you see a change or feel relieved yo9urself. There is also an ascended master named Shiva, and he has a powerful momentum of dealing with lower forces. You can simply repeat the name SHIVA until you feel an improvement.

In the long term, you can invoke the ascended masters to protect the person, to cut the person free from lower forces and to transform the lower energies in the person’s field. This will give the person some relief, and it may cause him or her to become aware of the need to change. 

Yet calling upon the ascended masters will not work against the person’t free will, because the person is vulnerable to the lower forces because it has subconscious selves. Until the person is willing to look at these selves, there cannot be a permanent change. Thus, you may need to decide when you want to move on to a better situation.

Protecting yourself from manipulators in embodiment

As explained, there are manipulators in all four levels of the world. Yet here we will consider only manipulators who are in physical embodiment.

Naturally, these embodied manipulators look and often act like “normal” human beings. It can therefore be very challenging to realize if you have been exposed to a manipulator, especially because our societies do not educate us to the problem.

In more extreme cases, manipulators are what is commonly called narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths (even a combination of all three). There is a growing awareness of such people, and they are often described as having no empathy with others, as having little concern for how they affect other people.

It is tempting to describe such people by using the extreme examples, such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao or serial killers. And while this may help you understand the psychology manipulators have, it may not help you recognize manipulators in your personal circle of acquaintances. The less extreme manipulators will often be hard to recognize because they are so subtle in the way that they manipulate others that it is often seen as normal.

If you do suspect that you have a relationship to a manipulative person, you can invoke protection and call to the ascended masters to cut you free from ties to this person. Yet again, if you are in a close relationship, you may have subconscious selves that make you feel obligated or loyal to the person. You may even feel empathy and have a desire to help or save the other person.

There are people who are at higher levels of awareness who in past lives decided to try to help one or several manipulators. This creates a tie with such people, and you cannot avoid creating selves as a result. You also create selves in order to deal with the abuse from such people. Naturally, until you uncover and resolve such selves, you cannot be free of the person.

There are deeper teachings about this topic in other sections. This will help you move towards the most difficult step in dealing with manipulators, namely recognising that these are not normal human beings and that you cannot threat them as if they were.