Defending yourself from psychic entities and manipulators

When you first hear about invisible beings that are aggressively seeking to influence you, it can seem frightening. How can you defend yourself against something you cannot see? Perhaps it even stirs up childhood fears of ghosts, evil spirits or the devil that you might have been exposed to in your culture? However, psychic self-defense is not as difficult as it might seem.

It may seem contradictory at first, but if you are open to the existence of invisible entities, this openness actually proves you have what it takes to defend yourself. Why? Because openness to something your senses and intellect cannot see can only come from intuition. And intuition is the ultimate way to defend yourself from psychic entities and manipulators.

Many of the people who are open to HAP will be highly intuitive people: 

  • You might remember that during childhood you had a subtle sense that there was a world or level of the world that you could sense but could not quite grasp with the outer mind? 
  • You might have had a sense that there was some larger or spiritual being that was always with you? 
  • You might have had a sense of being connected to a being larger than yourself? 
  • You might have had the sense that there was more to know about life than what you were told in school or Sunday School? 
  • You might even have had a sense that there were dark beings seeking to influence you or that there were certain places with a lower vibration?

We need to make a distinction here between the physical realm and the three higher realms. In the physical realm other people can harm you without you doing anything to cause it. However, psychic entities and most manipulators exist in the emotional, mental and identity realms. And in these realms, nothing can enter or influence your mind against your free will. 

Therefore, when it comes to defending your energy field from these lower forces, the best defense is awareness. Once you know and understand how these forces work, you can make the kind of conscious choices that prevent them from entering or influencing your mind. Obviously, you will never gain this awareness by denying the existence of lower forces and clinging to the “it’s all good” attitude. And that is precisely why HAP does talk about these forces. 

Raising awareness of lower forces

Most people usually start by studying some outer teaching that talks about lower forces. Obviously, the teachings on the HAP website are designed to get you started, but there are many other teachings given by the ascended masters on the other websites. 

The purpose of such teachings is not to give you an intellectual understanding of how the lower forces seek to influence you. The real purpose is to sharpen your intuitive discernment so you can begin to sense how you are personally influenced and then overcome the illusions that make you vulnerable. 

Again, lower forces cannot enter your energy field against your free will. Unfortunately, these forces might have gained entry into your mind in a past lifetime so you do not consciously remember how it happened. Yet the teachings are designed to gradually help you gain intuitive insights so you can see the illusions that make you vulnerable. 

You will often start by studying an outer teaching and then get an intuitive insight as to how the teachings applies to you personally. As you continue to see deeper layers of the deceptions created by the manipulators, you will sharpen your intuition. This will eventually empower you to read the vibration of anything, from ideas to people to places. Perhaps you already have the ability to sense that some places in a city have a darker energy than places in nature? 

Ultimately, you can reach a level of discernment where the manipulators can no longer fool you because you can sense their vibration. You can for example learn to sense the vibration behind a spiritual teaching and whether it comes from the emotional, mental or identity realms of comes from the ascended masters in the realm of higher awareness.  

Sharpening your intuition is a gradual process, but here is a simple tool that can help you in many situations. You may have heard the expression: “Use your heart.” In the center of your chest at the height of your heart is an energy center. You can quickly learn to tune in to this center and “read” how something outside yourself affects the energy in your heart center. For example, if you are reading a certain idea, does this raise the energies or does it lower the energies? The same with a situation or another person. If something lowers the energies, there is obviously something there that you need to be cautious about.

Protecting and clearing your energy field

Raising your awareness so you are willing to consciously acknowledge the existence of lower forces is an important first step, but only the first step. The second step is to realize that these forces are always seeking to influence you by using lower energies, energies that vibrate at the level of fear instead of the level of love.

This means that an effective psychic defense must involve learning how to deal with energy and then making use of this knowledge, as explained elsewhere. There are several things lower forces seek to do with energy:

  • They seek to direct such a powerful influence of lower energy at your emotional, mental or identity mind that it overwhelms you. This can either give them entry into your mind, cause you to do things you would not normally do or even cause you to break down. The energy they direct will stir up or multiply whatever lower energies have accumulated in your field. 
  • They seek to draw energy out of your field, partly to feed themselves and partly to weaken your ability to resist them. This is comparable to some computer games where you have an energy shield around you that protects you but can be worn down by continued attacks.
  • They seek to direct thoughts and ideas into your mind in order to influence you. Thoughts are also a form of energy.
  • They seek to insert a “psychic hook” into your mind, which is a combination of a certain illusion and an energetic tie to the entity or manipulator. They can then use this tie to pull on your mind and pull your thoughts and feelings in a certain direction.

Based on this, it becomes obvious that you ned to accomplish the following:

  • Invoke a protective shield around the four levels of your mind or energy field. 
  • Transform the fear-based energies that have accumulated in your field.
  • Cut any energetic ties to lower beings so they no longer have any hooks in your mind.
  • See through and dismiss the illusions they have projected into your mind, thereby dissolving the selves that give them an inroad. 

This is something you cannot accomplish on your own. You need a stream of high-frequency energy, and as explained before, LINK this comes from the ascended masters. Therefore, the way to establish an effective psychic defense is to establish a working relationship with the ascended masters. 

As described before, this starts with invoking protection from Archangel Michael, invoking the violet flame from Saint Germain to transform lower energies and calling to Astrea to cut you free from lower forces. However, there are many other ascended masters and many other types of spiritual energy that you can invoke. There are also many invocations designed to help you expose and overcome your subconscious selves. See the Transcendence Toolbox website for the full selection.