Does God Need Your Help?

There are two main groups of manipulators, the violent ones and the deceptive ones. The violent ones are what most people see as evil, and they truly are hell-bent on destroying human beings and everything positive built on earth. They are absolutely determined to destroy, and they have no reverence for life. 

You cannot reason with them, you cannot talk them out of destroying because they have crossed a line where no reasoning is possible. Why do they do this? Partly because they enjoy the act itself and partly because they enjoy the sense of power that it gives them. They enjoy having the power to destroy the ideal growth scenario defined by God and the ascended masters.

Even though the presence of the violent manipulators on earth is clearly something the ascended masters would like to see come to an end, these beings are not their primary concern. Their main concern is to help you see through the deceptive manipulators because they are the ones who are preventing the removal of the violent beings from earth. How do they do this? 

The equation is simple. As long as human beings are willing to fight the violent manipulators – as long as people resist evil – these beings cannot be removed from the earth. What makes people willing to resist evil? The epic dramas defined by the deceptive manipulators. It really is that simple. 

Is God evil?

The function of the violent manipulators is to provide such a presence of evil that human beings cannot ignore it and are manipulated into looking for a way out. People get the sense that there is an urgency, meaning they must do something. This makes them susceptible to the idea that they must fight evil and the people whom they see as representing evil.

The underlying illusion that is being projected by the deceptive manipulators is that the presence of evil on this planet proves that something has gone wrong with God’s plan. This has been used to argue that God is either incompetent or that God must be evil.

The deceptive manipulators have projected the image that God is almighty and that God is wholly good. The presence of evil seems to contradict both of these claims. If God is almighty, then God must be able to remove evil from earth. The fact that he has not done so leaves only two options. 

Either God is not almighty, meaning evil has such power that even God can’t remove it. Or God is not willing to remove evil from this planet. If God is not willing to remove evil, how could he be wholly good? How could a good God allow evil to continue and refuse to use his power to remove it?

In order to see through this deception, you need to recognize that the image of God projected by the manipulators is out of touch with reality. God is neither all-powerful nor good—when good is defined as the opposite of evil. As explained several times, God has given self-aware beings free will because that is the only way they can grow in self-awareness. God has then set up a universe in which you have maximum opportunities for exercising your free will without destroying yourself.

The Creator does indeed have the power to eradicate evil on a planet like earth. Or rather, God’s representatives have that power, as the Creator itself does not even see the evil on earth. The ascended masters created this planet and they can at any time wipe the slate clean and remove evil. Doing so would, however, be contrary to the purpose for which the earth was created, namely as a laboratory for self-aware beings to exercise their free will and see the results outpictured in the material realm.

While the ascended masters have the power to remove evil, they have suspended that power, allowing it to be dependent upon the choices of human beings in embodiment. As explained, only when a critical mass of human beings had gone into duality were the manipulators allowed to embody here. They will be removed only when a critical mass choose to rise above duality by refusing to resist evil and turning the other cheek. 

The reality that the manipulators do not want you to know is that it is not God who can remove evil from earth but you. The ascended masters have the power but not the authority. Human beings have the authority but not the power. What is missing is that a critical mass of human beings give the authority to the ascended masters so that they can remove evil. 

How can you give the masters this authority? You cannot give it to them as long as you remain in the dualistic mindset, for this is precisely what allows the continued presence of evil. You can give them the authority only by rising above this mindset, and this means you must rise above the epic dramas and stop resisting evil. 

Just to be clear, God did not sit up in heaven and make the decision to allow evil to appear on earth. God is not evil but God has allowed everything in the material world to depend upon the choices of beings embodying here. This really cannot be put on a scale with evil at one end and human good at the other. It simply is the way it is. You either accept this with the Christ mind or you reject it with the mind of anti-christ.

Does God need your help

How can you begin to free yourself from the subtleties of the epic dramas? By seeing through the deceptions that underpin them. One of these deceptions is the idea that the presence of evil proves that something has gone wrong with God’s plan and this needs to be corrected. However, by the very fact that God has not used his power to remove evil, this proves that God is not capable of removing evil and that means God needs the help of human beings. 

You therefore need to accept the view of life presented by the manipulators, including their definition of which beliefs systems and people represent evil. You then need to dedicate your life to either killing the people or proving wrong the belief systems that represent evil.

As you begin to see the fallacy of this idea, you can realize that in a sense God does need your help. You will not give this help by struggling in the epic mindset. You will give it only by completely transcending the epic mindset so that you can do the works that Jesus did of exposing evil without resisting it. 

There are many people in embodiment on earth today who have reached the level of self-awareness where they are ready to consciously abandon the epic mindset and instead step into the Christ consciousness, demonstrating it openly by challenging evil without fighting it.