Getting started

No matter where you grew up, you were most likely not given a deeper understanding of your psychology, which means it can seem overwhelming to get started. This section will hopefully make it easier.

What kind of beings are we?
Are you a human being, a sinner, an evolved ape or something else entirely?

The very core of who you are
There is a part of your mind that gives you the ability to change your mind

Why you react the way you do
Are your reactions conscious or subconscious?

How your subconscious mind works
The subconscious mind is not a scary or difficult topic, in fact it works almost like a comp…

The biggest lie about the human psyche
You were brought up to believe that what happens inside your mind is a product of what happens outside your mind. HAP will show you how to overcome this fallacy.

Higher Awareness and the potential of the human mind
What exactly is higher awareness? What is the higher potential of the human mind that you were never told about as you grew up.