How the mind’s energy field functions

We will focus this discussion on several main areas.

The energy flow through the mind

We have discussed that there is a flow of energy from the quantum field into the levels of energy that make up the world. This happens when the higher energies of the quantum field are lowered in vibration.

According to quantum physics, it seems that one of the “portals” through which energy flows into our world is at the subatomic level. HAP proposes that another such portal is the human mind. This is of course not yet recognized by science.

However, scientists do recognize that any activity must be driven by energy. What makes you conscious? You have been told that it is the physical brain, and it receives energy through the food that you eat.

Yet we have seen that the mind is not produced by the brain. The conscious self that is the core of your being is not produced by the brain, but it needs energy in order to function. Does it make sense that a non-physical mind needs the energy from the physical body in order to function? Thus, the core of your mind needs a non-physical source of energy.

HAP proposes that there is a level of the world that is beyond the material world. The material world has four levels from the physical to the identity level. Yet there is a level of the world beyond this, namely the quantum field, which we will for now call the realm of higher awareness.

In this realm of higher awareness there exists a self, which is your true identity. This higher self defines your non-physical individuality, which is beyond what is defined in the emotional, mental and identity minds. This higher self is also the source of the energy that gives your conscious self the ability to be self-aware. This energy also drives your creative efforts.

You are constantly receiving a stream of energy from your higher self:

  • The energy first enters your identity mind. Here it is shaped by the structures you have in your identity mind. The energy enters your identity mind at a high level of vibration. It is lowered in vibration by your identity mind, and that is what allows it to flow into the mental mind, which can only deal with energies within a lower spectrum of vibrations.
  • In the mental mind, the energy is shaped further by the structures you have there. It is also lowered in vibration to the spectrum that your emotional mind can deal with. It then flows into the emotional mind.
  • In the emotional mind, the energy is again shaped by the structures there. It is lowered further so that it can now enter the physical mind.
  • At the physical level, the energies can be used to perform physical actions. Yet some of the energy is used to superimpose the blueprint from your higher minds upon the physical cells or even physical matter.

Without this stream of energy from our higher selves, we could not function normally. In fact, we would not even be conscious, or at least not self-aware.

It is possible for a human being to function as a kind of biological robot. The person is not able to step outside itself mentally, look at its life and decide to change something. Instead, the person continues to do the same thing in a mechanical manner. This is because the stream of energy from the person’s higher self has been reduced and now the persons consciousness is produced by the physical brain. The brain is running its life, not the conscious self.

The driving force that can empower you to heal your psychology, raise your consciousness and unlock your creative potential is to increase the stream of energy from your higher self. This is of course what HAP will teach you how to accomplish.

In your natural state, you have a large flow of energy from your higher self, and this makes you able to create the kind of life you want. You can even increase this flow, and this happens when you follow the Golden Rule to do unto others. As you seek to raise up the whole, you will receive more energy from your higher self, and there is no limit to how far this can be taken.

People who think creatively receive a lot of energy from their higher selves. This is not to be confused with people who have power over others, as will be explained later.

Energy can be stored in the mind

There are two basic types of energy:

  • An energy wave, which is moving through space and can perform work. For example, a ray of sunshine can be seen by the eyes and it can heat a stone.
  • An energy field where the energy is still vibrating but in a stationary form. The field can make up the structures we perceive as physical objects, such as a stone. There are, however, also invisible energy fields, such as the fields around a magnet or around our physical bodies.

In a nuclear reactor, the uranium atoms are split, which releases energy in the form of waves, and the waves heat water, turning it into steam that can perform physical work. Yet a uranium atom is an energy field. It is still made of energy waves, but they are not moving until the atom is “split” and the waves are released from their stationary form.

This means that an energy field can be considered as a kind of container that stores energy waves. The energy waves are, so to speak, lying dormant in the field until they are released, and then they perform work.

As an example, consider that a person’s emotional mind is an energy field. It stores various kinds of emotional energies, for example anger. Some people have considerable amounts of anger energy stored in their emotional minds. Normally, the energy lies dormant, but if someone provokes the person, the anger can instantly be released and the person takes actions based on this very aggressive energy.

This means what? Your emotional, mental and identity minds store various forms of energy and these energies can affect your conscious mind. We might say that a pool of anger energy in your emotional mind has a form of pull on your conscious mind.

The more anger energy in the emotional body, the more prone you are to act based on anger. There are numerous examples of people who have so much anger energy that anger is their default reaction to most situations. In other words, these people are not in control of their actions because the anger energy pulls them into acting with anger, regardless of the consequences it has for themselves.

Such people literally are not able to choose their reaction to a situation. Once the anger energy is released, they cannot choose to stop themselves from acting in anger. Of course, if you want to heal your psychology and attain mastery over your mind, you cannot allow such accumulated energy to control your actions and reactions.

One of the essential keys to taking control over your mind is to learn how to deal with energy in your emotional mental and identity minds. This is not difficult to do because science has explained how energy waves can be changed. You need to learn:

  • How to avoid that energy accumulates in the four levels of the mind.
  • How to remove energy that has already accumulated.

HAP will show you how to do this in a later section.

Energy can be taken into the mind from the outside

You have probably encountered a person who was very angry with you. The person did not take any physical action, but was yelling at you in an angry tone of voice. Afterwards you felt either agitated or down. What happened?

When you meet other people, you are not simply interacting with them at the level of the physical body. You are also interacting at the level of the emotional, mental and identity minds. There is a psychic interaction beyond the physical. There is an exchange of energy.

Energy is vibration. This means that for any type of emotion or thought, there is a corresponding type of energy or vibration. This is easiest to see with emotions. We can all feel that anger is a very different type of energy than love.

There are feelings that have a very low vibration, such as anger, and there are feelings that have a higher vibration, such as empathy. We can set up a scale of vibrations and range feelings on this scale, depending on the level of vibration.

In any human interaction, there are four levels:

  • When a person is yelling at you in anger, the person’s voice is actually qualifying energy with the vibration of anger. This can affect your physical body, for example by making your stomach feel upset.
  • The person’s emotional mind is also sending out energy, and your emotional mind can take it in. This might stir up any anger stored in our emotional mind so you become angry. Or it might stir up fear so you submit.
  • The person’s mental mind sends out an aggressive thought energy that can enter your mental mind. This can stir you into arguing against the other person or it can stir you into thinking the other person might be right, and you really have done something wrong.
  • The person’s identity mind sends out energy that might be aimed at dominating you and making you submit to the angry person. You might do this, or you might oppose the person, potentially leading to a lasting feud.

Again, we were all brought up with an inadequate understanding of the world we live in and how we are affected by energies. In order to take command over your life, you need to learn how to practice psychic self-defense. There are several elements:

  • You need to learn how to protect your energy field from taking in energies of a lower vibration.
  • You need to learn how to remove accumulated energy that other people can use to manipulate and control you.
  • You need to learn how to identity and dissolve the structures in your emotional, mental and identity minds that produce or make you vulnerable to such energies.

HAP will teach you all of this.

Energy can be directed from the mind to the outside

The previous section has described how other people can direct energy at you that enters your field and affects you. You can of course do exactly the same to other people.

Once again, we were given an inadequate view in childhood. We were taught that unless you take a physical action, you have not actually hurt another person. You can be punished by society for hitting another person, but not for yelling at that person. Yet we have now seen that we can hurt people at all four levels of the world.

As we have discussed, the universe is a sophisticated mirror, and we can now give a deeper understanding of how this works. The cosmic mirror simply reflects all energy back to you that you have projected out from your mind.

This is the principle described in the credo to do unto other what you want them to do to you. It is also described in Jesus’ parable about the three servants that received talents from their master, who then went away. Two of the servants multiplied their talents and one did not. The two were rewarded, the other one was punished.

The principle is that whatever energy you project out from your mind, the cosmic mirror will reflect back to you—multiplied. The foundation for everything you do is psychic energy. You have a certain amount of psychic energy available to you at any given moment.

The energy you project out can have a lower or a higher vibration. There is a critical level of vibration. Below that level, you qualify the energy with fear, above that level you qualify the energy with love. There are specific forms of energy, but this is the critical dividing line.

When you project out fear-based energy, this will come back to you multiplied. This energy will be stored in your emotional mental and identity minds, even to some degree in your physical cells. As this lower energy accumulates, it will not only make you prone to react with fear, it will also limit your creative abilities. How this happens will be explained in the next section.

The basic principle is that energy of a low vibration cannot rise above its level. For example, anger energy cannot rise above your emotional mind. The higher energy can indeed rise up through your emotional, mental and identity minds.

This means that when you send out energy at the level of love, that energy will be reflected back to you from the cosmic mirror (multiplied). When it returns to your energy field, it will rise up through the levels and go back to your higher self. Naturally, the energy you received from your higher self was at the level of love. The higher self will then again multiply the energy and send it back to you, meaning you have now increased your creative potential.

It now becomes obvious that the key to personal growth and to unlocking your highest potential is to learn how to project only love-based energy outside your mind. In order to learn this, we need to look at how your mind causes love-based energy to take on a fear-based vibration.

How your mind changes the vibration of energy

We have in previous sections seen that there are structures, compared to computer programs, in your emotional, mental and identity minds. These programs also have an energy component.

A particular program is made up of certain beliefs, viewpoints, a certain way of looking at life, a certain attitude to life or a sense of who you are. There is also a definition of how to respond to certain situations. This is what defines the program and its function, and it is stored in the emotional, mental and identity minds, comparable to how the code of a software program is stored on a computer’s drive.

Yet for a program to do anything, it needs a driving force, namely energy. Again, a computer program can only do something when the computer is turned on. Part of this energy comes form your higher self, but you can also receive psychic energy from other people (more on this later).

When the love-based energy from your higher self flows through a particular program, it will be qualified by the program. It will be lowered to the vibrational level that corresponds tot he program.

Again, let us use a warrior as an example:

  • Love-based energy of a high vibration enters his identity mind from his higher self. There is a program that causes him to identify himself as a warrior, often with a certain code for how a warrior of this type behaves. As the energy passes through this program, it will be lowered in vibration below the level of love. You cannot really be a warrior and love your enemies, so a warrior program will be fear-based.
  • This fear-based energy now enters his mental mind. Here is another program that in great detail specifies how a warrior is supposed to think or act in order to defeat an enemy. This program works within the parameters defined in the identity mind, meaning the mental mind cannot question whether the warrior’s identity makes sense. The mental mind will then lower the vibration of the energy further.
  • The energy now enters the emotional mind. Here is another program that defines how the warrior is supposed to feel when he battles other people. This program is based on the belief that anger, perhaps seen as determination, is an important driving force in defeating an enemy. This lowers the energy even further.

This process generates an energy wave or impulse that is projected out from all three levels of the warrior’s mind. This will be returned to him from the cosmic mirror multiplied, especially if he actually engages in fighting an enemy.

As this return energy enters his energy field, it does the following:

  • The energy that vibrates at the level of the emotional mind naturally enter the warrior’s emotional mind. Here it will stir up the warrior’s anger, but if he has no outlet for it, it will then accumulate in his emotional mind. This will reinforce the program that sent out the anger, making him more prone to respond with anger in the future. The more energy that accumulates, the more he loses his ability to consciously override his emotions and choose a response that is not based on anger.
  • The energy corresponding to the mental mind naturally enters this mind. Here it will reinforce the beliefs that make up the program that produced the energy impulse. For example, say a warrior has been trained to with another group of people. The energy will reinforce his beliefs that these other people are bad and deserve to be killed. This will make it harder for him to change these beliefs.
  • Some of the energy goes into his identity mind. Here it will reinforce his sense that he is a warrior and that he is opposed to a particular group of other people. That is why Jews and Arabs have been fighting each other for thousands of years.  This will naturally make it harder for him to change his sense of identity so he does not see himself as an enemy of other people.

The programs and the energy have three effects:

  • The programs and the accumulated energy serve as a block that prevents energy from rising to a higher level, eventually to your higher self. Thus, your higher self has nothing to multiply. If you send out fear-based impulses, you do get a return from the cosmic mirror, but not from your higher self.
  • The energy that you receive from your higher self must pass through the programs and the reservoirs of fear-based energy. This will easily qualify the energy with fear so even more fear-based energy accumulates, making the program stronger. It becomes much harder for your conscious self to step outside the programs, look at them and decide to change them. The energy literally pulls your conscious self into looking at the world through he filter of the program, thinking this is the only way to look at life.
  • The program uses energy to sustain itself, meaning some of the creative energy from your higher self is used up by these programs. There are people who have such powerful programs in their minds that they eat up most of the creative energy coming from their higher selves. They cannot do creative work but only respond to situations based on fear.

In its natural state, your energy field has an unrestricted flow of energy from your higher self, which means you have the maximum creative powers. The programs and the stored energy block or reduces this flow. As you use HAP to restore the natural flow, you will first experience a greater ability to take command over your life and mind. As you go on, you will experience an increase in your ability to change your life in creative ways.

We will now take a closer look at what the programs in your subconscious mind actually become. This is where the computer analogy breaks down. The secret to changing your life