How to get started on overcoming the selves

If you are new to following a systematic path to deal with the selves, it can seem confusing and overwhelming to figure out how to get started. This article aims to make it a little easier.

It is likely that you already have some motivation for studying the HAP teachings, such as a particular issue in your life that you would like to change. If so, go to the second heading below.

Determining what issue to work on

If you do not have a specific issue in mind, here are some suggestions for determining what to work on. First of all, seek to narrow things down to as specific of an issue as possible. Naturally, you can say: “I want to raise my consciousness,” but that will take time and thus it is harder to measure your progress. It is more manageable to say: “I want to overcome my anger issues.”

Your physical situation

Look at the physical circumstances in your life. Do you find that there are certain situations you encounter again and again? Do you sometimes wonder: “Why does this always happen to me?” Or perhaps: “Why does this never happen to me?”

You can also look at your general situation in life and ask yourself: “Why did I choose to be born in this situation? Is there some psychological issue that I wanted to force myself to confront by being born in this family, sex, race, ethnic group, nation?” 

Do the people around you have some psychological issues you can see? This doesn’t mean you have the same issue, but you could have. It could also be you wanted to force yourself to overcome the reaction you have to people with this issue.

Your emotional situation

Are there certain emotions that have dominated your life, such as fear, anger or a tendency to feel embarrassed? If so, try to step back from them and ask yourself what you fear or what makes you feel anger? Try to be as specific as possible. Perhaps see if there is some worded statement behind the feeling, such as: “I feel angry because . . .”

Naturally, feelings can be general, but they are often triggered by specific outer situations. Thus, you can look at your reactionary patterns. Are there certain situations that trigger your dominant emotion? Are there certain people who get you to feel a certain way?

Your thinking

How does your intellectual mind react to certain situations? Do you find yourself going over a situation again and again, obsessing over what happened and what you could have done differently? Any tendency to obsess over certain issues points to a reactionary pattern. 

Can you link such a pattern to specific emotions? Are there certain thoughts that trigger the emotions? Or do the emotions trigger a chain of thoughts? Can you discover a thought pattern linked to the emotions? For example, are there certain things you feel should not be happening in your life or that other people should not be doing?

Are there certain general thoughts you have about life. Do you feel overwhelmed when confronted with a situation that seems difficult to solve or that seems to force you into a certain reaction? Do you often think: “I’m tired of . . .” Or do you have other thoughts that often come up?

Your identity

It is usually much easier to look at actions, emotions and thoughts, whereas looking at your identity comes later. There are more teachings on this in later sections. When you are ready for this step, you can consider what kind of identity you were brought up to have in your family and society. Here are some examples:

  • Were you brought up to see yourself and your group as being in opposition to another group of people?
  • Were you brought up with a certain ideal of what it means to be a man, such as a macho man.
  • Were you brought up with a certain ideal for being a woman, such as being a mother , a good housewife or subservient to men?
  • Were you brought up to see yourself as coming from the poor part of the population and accept limits to what kind of abundance you can have?
  • Were you brought up to see yourself as a sinner?
  • Were you brought up to accept certain limitations for what you can do in life, such as getting an education or starting your own company?
  • Were you brought up to see yourself as a limited being, especially in terms of raising your state of consciousness beyond what is considered normal in your group?

Starting to work on an issue

Once you have a specific issue you want to work on, what do you do? The first step is to recognize the different components.

Any psychological issue has as its core one or a pair of subconscious selves. These selves were usually created in reaction to a specific situation, perhaps a very traumatic situation or a situation where it seemed like you were “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” The manipulators are specialists in putting us in such situations.

The core of overcoming any issue is therefore to uncover these selves and consciously see the beliefs or assumptions upon which the selves were based. You need to see the decision you made that created the selves, see how it limits you and then consciously replace the decision with a higher understanding.

Coming to see that original decision is not necessarily easy, and one reason is the energy that has been misqualified through the selves, often over several lifetimes. It is common that a psychological issue is hidden behind an accumulation of emotional energy. So when you start looking into the subconscious mind, you first encounter this energy. The energy can be so intense that it has formed a vortex that pulls your emotional mind into a sense of being overwhelmed. It feel like it is too much to even look at the issue.

Unless you reduce the pull of this energy vortex, it can be impossible to see the underlying belief. In fact, failing to deal with this energy has caused countless wasted hours for people in therapy. Thus, the first step towards resolving an issue is to invoke energy from the ascended masters and direct it into transforming the fear-based energy. You can use the decrees and invocations found elsewhere, but you can also find many additional decrees and invocations on the Transcendence Toolbox website. There may be an invocation that addresses the issue you are working on. 

Another aspect of the energy problem is that there may be some lower forces that have an inroad into your energy field through the selves. If you are dealing with a very intense issue, you can benefit from studying the section about Psychic self-defense. Again, invoking energy from the ascended masters will give you a reprieve from lower forces. 

You need to have some patience with the process. In this credit card age, we have become addicted to instant gratification. Yet bear in mind that you may have had this issue for several lifetimes, so there can be a large amount of misqualified energy that the selves can hide behind. Thus, it can take time to transform enough of the energy that the selves can no longer hide.

Seeing the selves

Once you have transformed enough energy, you can begin to see the selves behind the issue. Sometimes this can be straightforward, and at other times, there can be a conglomerate of selves. The original selves caused you to react a certain way, and this led to the creation of other selves. So you have to work through layers of selves before you get to the original one.

The key to resolving a self is to see the decision you made that created the self. This decision was always based on a limited view of the world, a certain illusion or belief. Once you come to see the limitations of that belief, you can then resolve it and let the self die.

This process is not mechanical. It is not possible to set up a step-by-step process and anyone who goes through it is guaranteed to resolve a certain self. The reason is that the belief you had and the decision you made is individual. It is based on how you saw the issue with the level of consciousness you had at the time.

You start by studying the issue from several angles. The HAP teachings might help you, but perhaps you need to study other teachings on psychology or self-help. In many cases a decision was based on a certain worded statement, which means that there is another statement in words that can help you see the decision and resolve it. That is why it can be necessary to read different teachings or talk to different people, until you find the statement that gives you an Aha experience where you suddenly “see” the decision behind the self.

What you are seeking to accomplish is to get to a point where the conscious self steps outside the subconscious self, sees that self from the outside, sees how it is limiting you and sees the belief behind it. When you have separated the conscious self from the subconscious self, you will spontaneously let go of the subconscious self. It is like thinking you are holding a rope and suddenly seeing it is a snake. It doesn’t take a lot of analysis to let go. 

In the beginning, the process can seem confusing, but remember that you are not alone. Your higher self can see your subconscious selves from the outside  and can at any time give you the insights you need.

Likewise, you personally have one or several ascended masters that you have been working with, often for lifetimes. They also can see the issue from the outside and give you intuitive insights. Such insights come to you from your intuition, and you have no doubt already used your intuition, or you would not have been open to the HAP teachings. So it is a matter of asking for help and being open to hearing the answer.

You can increase your intuition by doing the following:

  • Study the issue intensely for some time in order to build creative tension.
  • Ask your higher self or an ascended master for help to see the subconscious selves and the beliefs behind them.
  • Let go og the issue and try to go into a neutral state of mind. 

The point is that you need to build creative tension but the tension will block you from hearing the answer. Thus, by going into a neutral state of mind where you are not expecting or demanding an answer, you will be more open to hearing it.

Keep in mind that the subconscious selves will block you from hearing the answer because they form a perception filter. This means that with your conscious mind, you are likely to overlook the answer, filter it out or argue against it. That is why you will only hear the answer when you are neutral. It is common that you work on an issue, let it go and then some time later, you suddenly hear the answer “from out of the blue.”

What you are seeking is an experience where your conscious awareness shifts, so that instead of looking at the issue through the perception filter of the self you are working on, the conscious self sees the self from the outside.  You go: “Oh, that’s how it is” or “Now I see it.” 

This is an experience where you shift your awareness to a higher level. You have no doubt already had such experiences or you would not be open to the HAP teachings. You simply need to become more conscious of the process and how to bring about a shifting experience. This will happen as you apply the HAP teachings and tools.

An example of overcoming a subconscious self

As an example of how to work on an issue, consider that you have been harmed or wronged by someone and you find it difficult to forgive the person and move on. Thinking about the situation causes you pain because you feel anger energy, so dealing with the emotional energy is the first step.

As a minimum, follow the program of giving the decree (9 times a day) or invocation to Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and Astrea described here. Before each decree or invocation, call for help with the issue, such as:

  • Archangel Michael, protect and seal me from the collective entities of anger and revenge so they will not be able to project any lower energies into my energy field.
  • Saint Germain, send oceans of violet flame into my energy field to consume all accumulated energy of anger, of feeling powerless and any desire for revenge.
  • Astrea, cut me free from the collective entities and the manipulators who are seeking to keep me trapped in this spiral of anger. Cut me free to move on and work on my Life plan.

When you feel that the energies have become less intense, give Mother Mary’s Miracle Forgiveness Rosary every day for at least 33 days and longer if you feel the need to. Carefully consider the statements in the rosary and see if they might help you see your specific subconscious selves. 

You will probably find that there is a raw energy of anger and non-forgiveness in your emotional mind. As the energy is transformed, you might discover a self behind it that believes anger is justified and necessary given what the other person did to you. There might be some reasoning or belief that anger is the only possible response.

In the mental realm there might be a self that seeks to draw you into endlessly analyzing the situation, thinking about what you could have done differently, what the other person should or should not have done. This self believes that there must be some solution that could resolve the situation.

You can break this endless spiral by considering the various teachings of HAP about making progress on the path. The fact is that what happened in the past is no longer affecting you. What is affecting you now is the selves you created. Thus, there is nothing to analyze, no solution to be found. The ONLY solution is that you move on by letting the self die that wants to find a solution. 

There is probably also a mental self that feels that since you have been wronged, the other person should either be punished or be made to see what they did wrong. Yet you might also find a self that says that as a spiritual person, you should not hold a grudge. Another self might project that as a spiritual person, you should not feel anger. 

You need to examine such beliefs in light of the teachings about the path to higher awareness and ask yourself whether it is more important to you to make the other person see their wrongs or whether it is more important for you to make progress.

There is a powerful collective entity that says that you cannot forgive another until they meet certain conditions, such as showing remorse. If you do, you are “letting the other person off the hook.” In reality, this entity has a hook in your energy field and is using it to steal your energy. 

By keeping an energetic tie to the person who harmed you, you are also binding yourself to the person and to the collective entity. If a person has harmed you, why would you want to be tied to that person? Wouldn’t you rather move on and be completely free of the person and the situation?

How do you become free? By forgiving unconditionally, in other words without the other person having to change anything. The other person harmed you because he or she is in a certain state of consciousness. It doesn’t hurt you if the person stays in that consciousness, but it does hurt you if you are tied to the person. Thus, forgiving is the only way to free yourself.

At the identity level there might be a self that feels powerless towards aggressive people who are willing to harm others. This self might have been created because in past lives you were attacked by the manipulators. In another section, you can find more teachings about this.

Take note that understanding this intellectually is not the same as shifting your awareness. By working with the tools mentioned and studying the HAP teachings or other teachings about forgiveness, you can gradually separate the conscious self from this conglomerate of selves that will not forgive. You can come to see that the person who is hurt the most by not forgiving is yourself. 

This can gradually help separate the conscious self from these selves, until you see them from the outside, see how they limit your progress on the path and thus spontaneously let them die, one by one. This can be an enormous relief for you and it is a major step forward on the path of higher awareness. 

Naturally, the teachings on the entire HAP website are designed to help you see and separate yourself from subconscious selves. So as you study the teachings and practice the tools, you may get intuitive insights as to what you need to work on next. Studying HAP is not for the purpose of getting an intellectual understanding, but having an experience that shifts your consciousness upwards.