How to receive high-frequency energy

We have seen that one of the legs of progress is to use high-frequency energy to transform low frequency energy. But where does this energy come from?

Once you see the explanatory power of reincarnation, you can take a logical step. We have seen that there is a path that leads to the 144th level of consciousness, at which point you pass the final exam and graduate from Schoolroom Earth. Yet what happens after that?

You higher self now becomes a permanent resident in the realm of higher awareness. We can also say that your conscious self qualifies for a process called the ascension, meaning it no longer has to reincarnate. You qualify by mastering your own mind. Thus, after the ascension you become an ascended master.

Naturally, many people from Earth have ascended in the past. Such ascended masters have two options:

  • They can move on up through the many levels of growth available in the realm of higher awareness.
  • They can stay with Earth in order to help those of us who have not yet ascended.

There are quite a few ascended masters who have chosen to work with Earth, and it is from such masters that you can receive high-frequency energy. It is one of the forms of service that ascended masters give to the unascended beings on Earth.

It is important to know about ascended masters because receiving spiritual light is not a mechanical process. You cannot force the ascended masters to give you energy. They are in charge of how much energy they release to earth, and the purpose is to make it more difficult for selfish people to misuse this energy.

Thus, when you use a technique for releasing such energy, it is up to a particular master to decide how much energy to release to you. This naturally follows the principle described earlier, namely that if you use your energy in accordance with the Golden Rule, you will multiply what you have received and thus you will receive more.

There are three ways people might misuse energy:

  • To control other people through psychic power.
  • To raise themselves up compared to others. To glorify their egos.
  • To transform fear-based energy gy that is burdening, but refusing to look at the selves that caused the energy to be disqualified, instead going out and doing there same thing again.

This is not multiplying the talents, meaning the ascended masters will not give such people more energy. However, when you are willing to look at your subconscious selves, you will receive more energy, and this can greatly speed up your growth

Invoking high-frequency energy

As mentioned before, there are many techniques for receiving energy. What HAP offers is a set of techniques whereby you can invoke energy directly from specific ascended masters who have volunteered to serve for this purpose.

These techniques use the power of your voice. You might know that science has discovered that sound is a powerful force that can cause organized patterns in water or sand, even extinguish fires. Thus, the human voice is one of the most powerful tools we haveā€”for better or for worse. When we use it constructively, the spoken word is a very powerful force for invoking energy.

For thousands of years, people have been using chants or incantations for invoking energy. This is most well-known in the East, but has also been used in the West.

What HAP offers is a set of techniques that are released by the ascended masters specifically for our time and adapted to the minds of modern people. Many modern people are used to being active and find it difficult to sit still and silence our thoughts. Thus, an active technique is more suited for modern, active people because it doesn’t require you to silence thoughts, it redirects your mind from random thoughts to purposeful thoughts.

There are two types of techniques released by the ascended masters:

  • Decrees. A decree is a set of rhythmic verses that usually rhyme. This makes it possible to give them with a powerful rhythm and at varying speeds. This is the most direct way to invoke energy from a specific ascended master. A decree is usually repeated 9 times to get maximum effect.
  • Invocations. This is usually combination of decrees and verses that describe specific conditions. Thus, an invocation directs the energy you invoke into specific conditions. Many invocations are designed specifically to help you overcome psychological conditions. An invocation thus helps you both invoke energy to expose a subconscious self and also release the self. An invocation is usually given one time.

At first, using these techniques can seem strange for people who are not used to such tools. Yet, once you get over the initial hesitation, the real question is: “Do these techniques work for you, do you experience an effect?” This of course, you cannot know until you try, but there is one thing you can know: If you keep doing what you have been doing so far, nothing is likely to change. You need to decide to experiment with something new in order to experience growth beyond your present level.

Many people have experienced that they experience one or all of the following effects:

  • They can feel higher energies flowing into their energy fields as they are using decrees and invocations.
  • In the little more long term, many people have experienced that they can suddenly think about painful situations from their past without being overwhelmed by negative feelings. The reason being that invoking higher energies has transformed the painful energies in their emotional bodies. They can now look more calmly at situations and discover the illusions behind them.
  • People experience that their emotional bodies and their thoughts are more calm. people feel more protected.
  • People experience that they have more energy in their daily activities. The higher energies have transformed the energy that makes them feel tired or even depressed.

Three types of energies to invoke

The ascended masters have release a large number of decrees and invocations. This means that you can probably find a tool that addresses the specific conditions you are facing. You can find all of these tools on the Transcendence Toolbox website.

Yet the large number of tools also means it can seem overwhelming in the beginning. To make it easier for people to get started, HAP suggests that you use the following program for at least three months and then evaluate the results.

The program focuses on three ways to invoke energy.


Your subconscious mind is an energy field, and it can be exposed to energy waves directed at you from the outside. The most obvious source of such projections is other people (There are other sources, which will be described later.). You have probably noticed that if someone is angry at you, you can feel burdened afterwards. The reason is that the other person projected fear-based energy into your energy field.

Some people are so burdened by such projections that they find it difficult o function or feel depressed. Thus, invoking protection from such energy can have a major impact on their lives. In fact, invoking protections has an impact on all people.

What you need to do is invoke a shield of high-frequency energy around your personal energy field so you are sealed from fear-based energy. The lower energies simply cannot pass through the shield. This will not remove the energy already in your field, but it will prevent you from receiving more toxic energy.

There is a specific ascended master, called Archangel Michael, who has volunteered to help people protect themselves from toxic energies. He has released both a decree and an invocation for this purpose.


As explained, fear-based or toxic energy can accumulate in your energy field, from where it can burden you in many different ways. Thus, another way to speed up your growth is to transform this energy by directing high-frequency energy at it. This raises the vibration of the lower energy so it can flow again.

There is a specific ascended master, called Saint Germain, who had volunteered to help people transform lower energies. For this purpose he has release knowledge of a specific higher energy, called the violet flame. Saint Germain has released both a decree and an invocation for this purpose.


What makes your energy field vulnerable to projections of lower energies is the subconscious selves you have. One effect of such selves is that they can make you tied to outer conditions. The most obvious example of such ties it so specific people (such as family members) or a particular group or culture.

As one example, there may be a specific person who has an ability to control or influence you. This means you have an energetic tie to this person and he or she may be able to overwhelm you with energy that makes you submit or makes you upset. It is therefore important to cut such energetic ties because ti can help you gain control of yourself and be more calm. This can then open the way for you to expose and overcome the self that makes you vulnerable in the first place.

There is a specific ascended masters, called Elohim Astrea, who has volunteered to help people cut energetic tiers to all limiting conditions. Astrea has released both a decree and an invocation for this purpose.

A practical way to get started

Below you will find links to both the decrees and invocations for protection, transformation and being cut free. You will also find links to a free ebook and pdf file and a free recording of these tools. You can use the tools from this website or download them to your computer, tablet or phone.

It is recommended that you give either the decree or invocation to Archangel Michael in the morning, so you have protection during the day.

In the evening, you will first give the decree or invocation to Saint Germain and then the decree or invocation to Elohim Astrea.

How do you know whether to give the decree or the invocation? Simply experiment. You can give the decree one day and the invocation the next until you know what you prefer.

It is suggested that you give the decrees or invocations along with the free recording. This is the easiest way to learn the rhythm and you will also find that following the recording gives you extra power in invoking light. You can of course use the tools without the recording if you prefer.

Decree to archangel Michael (9 times)

Decree to Elohim Astrea (9 times)

Decree to Saint Germain (9 times)

Invocation to Archangel Michael

Invocation to Astrea.

Invocation to Saint Germain

Free ebook file with all decrees and invocations.

HAP Decrees Invocations ebook

Free pdf file with all decrees and invocations.

HAP Decrees Invocations pdf

For more information about ascended masters and what they can do for you, see the following section on the Ascended Master Resources website.