Nobody ever did anything to you

All human beings on earth have unresolved psychology. You have put in your Life plan a goal of resolving specific aspects of your psychology, most often created in past lives. You have put yourself in relationships with people who themselves have unresolved psychology. Which is why they act in certain ways, which then brings up your unresolved psychology by making you react to them.

When you look at the world at large, you see that every human being has some unresolved psychology, and many human beings have a lot of unresolved psychology. What does this actually mean? Well, it means that everything human beings do is the result of, or at least influenced by, unresolved psychology.

You are a student of higher awareness, you have quite a good awareness of the path and you realize that the essence of the path is to raise your consciousness by overcoming your unresolved psychology at your present level. When you step back from this, you can see in your life how many things you have done that were the result of unresolved psychology. You may look back at your life, you may see that there were certain times where you reacted a certain way, you made a certain decision, you took certain actions, and it led to unpleasant consequences that you would much have preferred to avoid. But you can also see that the reason you did this was because of your unresolved psychology.

There is absolutely no shame in having unresolved psychology. Most people will be somewhat shocked by this statement. Because you have been programmed, you have been brainwashed over many lifetimes, by the manipulators, to think that somehow you should have been perfect. And if you are not, you should feel bad about it. This is one of the primary ways that the manipulators seek to control you, to hold you back, to put you down, to destroy you. They want you to think that there is something fundamentally wrong, bad, evil, shameful, about having unresolved psychology.

Just step back here, and look at what kind of planet you are on. This is not an ideal planet. Look at all the things that are going on here, that people are doing to each other. How could you have embodied on a planet like this, for many lifetimes, without having received psychological wounds and traumas? How could you not have unresolved psychology? You keep resolving more and more of your psychology until you reach the highest level of awareness. And when you no longer have any unresolved psychology, you cannot hold on to the physical body and you ascend to the realm of higher awareness. By the very fact that you are in embodiment on earth, you will have unresolved psychology.

Now, if something is inevitable, is there any reason to feel ashamed about it? Is there any reason to criticize yourself about it? Do you criticize yourself because of the color of your hair or the color of your eyes? These are simply things that happen. You are on a planet where certain things happen and there is no reason to feel guilty or ashamed about it.

Why do the manipulators want you to feel guilty or ashamed about it? Because it prevents you from really looking at that psychology. And if you cannot look at your unresolved psychology, you cannot resolve it. Resolution comes only by looking at the psychology, seeing through the illusions, releasing the energies, releasing the false beliefs. If you cannot look, because you feel so ashamed or afraid, or guilty, you cannot resolve it, and therefore you are stuck. The last thing higher awareness wants is you to be is stuck. It wants you to accelerate. And being stuck is the opposite of acceleration. Now, you have unresolved psychology. It is just a fact. No reason to feel ashamed about it. It is, as you might say, no big deal. It is just a matter of resolving it and moving on.

But let us now take another look. You have been programmed, brainwashed, over many many lifetimes that if you did something that is considered wrong, if you said something that is considered wrong, or if you did not do what you should have done, or did not say what you should have said, then you are wrong because of doing this.

Let us say that you have done certain things in your life, which you consider wrong, which most people would consider wrong. You have done or said certain things that hurt other people, for example that upset them. But why did you do this? You did this because you have unresolved psychology. What does it mean that you have unresolved psychology? Well, it means you have a separate self that caused you to do what you did.

There is a core of your being that is pure awareness, often called the Conscious You. What does that mean? It means, it has no earthly characteristics, it cannot be wrong. It cannot be right either, in a dualistic sense. Because, in essence, the core of your being cannot do anything on earth. In order to do something on earth, the you must express itself through a separate self.

That is how you act through your four lower bodies. Who is the doer? Who did what you did that you think is wrong? Well, it was not truly the Conscious You, it was a separate self. The separate self was the doer. The separate self did what you did. Who is it that thinks it is wrong? Is it the Conscious You? No, because it is pure awareness, it does not operate with right and wrong. Who thinks it is wrong what you did? Well, a separate self thinks it is wrong. Here you have one separate self that caused you to do something, you have another separate self that caused you to feel guilty about it. But they are not really you. How do you overcome it? Well, ultimately you overcome it only by seeing that this is not you.

This was a self that has a belief, has a certain energetic matrix. But it is just a self, it is not ultimately real, and it certainly is not you. When you see it, this is when you can let go of the belief, you can release the energy, and you can let the self die, because you are no longer feeding it. In other words, you did what you did because of your unresolved psychology.

Now, take a look at other people. You can see, very clearly that they have unresolved psychology. Why did they do what they did? Why did they do to you what they did to you? Well, because of their unresolved psychology. What does that mean? It means that they also have a Conscious You that is the core of their beings. And it was not actually the Conscious You of the other person who did something to the Conscious You of yourself. It was the separate self of the other person who did something to your separate self. What does this mean?

It means this: Nobody ever did anything to you. Nobody who is real, ever did anything to the real you. It was only separate selves that were interacting. It is the separate self in the other person that makes that person angry with you, makes them blame you, makes them project that you should feel ashamed, or feel bad, for what you did. These are all separate selves.

Now, another person may have done something to you that was clearly abusive. But was it what the other person did that affected you? The reality is, it was not. We need to make a distinction here between direct physical abuse, and more psychological, emotional, mental abuse. Obviously, if somebody beats you, hits you, this is a physical action. But even that physical action only has an effect on your physical body. It does not have a direct effect on your emotional, mental and identity bodies. Even though physical abuse is clearly crossing a certain line, it is still the same mechanism as psychological abuse. What affects you is not the physical actions, or the words said by the other person. What affects you is what goes on inside your psyche. Inside your emotional, mental and identity bodies. It is your reaction that affects you. How does it affect you? It affects you by either causing you to create a separate self, or by reinforcing, or stirring up a separate self.

Why is this important? How do you accelerate? The only being that can accelerate you is you. But which being, which part of your being, can accelerate? Well, not the separate selves. Because they are not self-aware. It is only the Conscious You that can accelerate itself. By coming to the awareness that I am not that separate self, and thereby making the decision to accelerate itself beyond it. Beyond the matrix, the beliefs, the energies of the separate self.

But how can you do this? You can do this only when you take back your power. And why do you need to take it back? Because the manipulators have managed to take it from you. All human beings have been disempowered, to a larger or smaller degree. It is simply inevitable. It is impossible to embody on earth without being disempowered. Because, there are so many projections at you that are aimed at disempowering you. Just take the ideas just presented. Most people will say: “This person did something to me, they did something to me.” Well, what does that mean? That means that person has power over you. How can you take back your power in relation to other people?

Well, only when you acknowledge that nobody ever did anything to you. Which means, nobody has power over the reactions you have in your own psychology. Well, we can, of course, have to modify the statement because in a sense, in a past life, somebody did something so violent, so aggressive towards you that it caused you to create a separate self.

It is a bit harsh to say that nobody ever did anything to you, but the point is that ultimately, nobody ever did anything to you. Even when the manipulators exposed you to a trauma you were the one who created the separate self that then formed your reaction, and has formed your reaction ever since. We can say that other people do have some power over you, but they only have power over you through the separate selves that you have created. This is essential.

Because, if you think that the manipulators or other people, have power to influence your psyche, to create separate selves in your mind, then they have power over you. You can never take back your power. You can only take back your power by acknowledging: I created those separate selves. Why is this important? Because, only the person who created a separate self can uncreate a separate self. Only if you accept that you created that separate self that is causing you to react a certain way to other people, will you be able to accept that you and you alone, can uncreate that self.

Why is this important? Because, this is how you take back your power. Imagine you are in a relationship. You are in a love relationship with a spouse that you have been living with for many years. There is a certain pattern in this relationship that causes you to go into a certain reaction. Well, if you think that in order for you to be free of your reaction, the other person also has to change, then you have not taken back your power, you are giving some of your power to that person. It is only when you acknowledge that you alone have the power to create and uncreate separate selves that you can truly take back your power. Because now, you can change, even if the other person is unwilling to change.

You have put yourself in relationships with people who have a specific psychology that forces you to deal with the issues in your psychology. Some of these people have a very difficult psychology, some of them are manipulators, there is little chance that they will change. You probably all know people, where you can look at them and the history you have with them, and you can see, it is very unlikely that these people will change. How then can you change? How can you be free if these people are not going to change?

Well, you can only be free when you acknowledge that you can change yourself, even if other people do not change, because you have the power to uncreate the separate selves that you have. And it is the separate selves that cause you to react to the other person. And therefore, it is the separate selves that cause you to feel disturbed by the other person. And the only way to overcome that feeling that reaction, is to resolve the separate selves.

What is the magic of this teaching on the separate selves? It is precisely this: There is no problem you have to solve. In a worldly mindset, you would say, in a situation like this, where you have another person in a close relationship who is abusing you: “The problem is the other person’s behavior and therefore, the only way I can be free is to change the other person. I must solve the problem of the other person’s behavior.”

The magic of the teachings on the separate selves is simply that you can take back your power and say: “I do not have to change the other person to be free of my reactionary patterns. I can change myself, I can let the self die, there is nothing, no problem I need to solve, I simply need to come to see that my reaction comes from a separate self. And when I let that self die, the reaction is no longer there and therefore, the problem is solved.” Because what was the problem again for you? Was your problem really the other person’s behavior? Nay, your problem was your reaction, because that was what affected you.

You can solve the problem of your reaction without solving the problem of the other person’s behavior. This is a revolutionary, a magical teaching, compared to what else is out there in psychology, and in spiritual teachings. Truly, there is a certain magic here. We might call it a magic of acceleration.

You can acknowledge that you deliberately put yourself in a relationship with this very difficult person. And you did this in order to force yourself, force your outer mind, to acknowledge that here is something you need to overcome in your psyche, in yourself. Force yourself to resolve this, to work on it, to resolve it, so that you can be free of it. Free of it to either give higher service and fulfill your Life plan, in this and coming lifetimes, or free to ascend to the realm of higher awareness.

Acceleration can easily be misunderstood. When you look at a car that accelerates, how does the car accelerate? Well, you have to step harder on the gas pedal, so that there is more force that propels the car forward. But this is not how you accelerate in a psycho-spiritual sense. Why not? Because acceleration, in a spiritual sense, is not a matter of applying force. It is a matter of removing force, the force that keeps you attached to earth that keeps you tied to earth. The force that decelerates you away from your higher self and closer to earth. When you remove the force that keeps you on earth, you will spontaneously accelerate towards your higher self and the ascension to higher awareness.

Nobody ever reached higher awareness by somehow mastering this immense physical power, this immense physical force. Growth is won through surrender, the opposite of force. Or, you might say, totally transcendent to force. You let go, you surrender. And then, the being that descended from higher awareness will spontaneously be accelerated back to higher awareness, when there is no force tying it to earth.

This is not the Olympics. You are not striving to always go further.

You are striving, if you are wise, to find a different approach, a non-force-based approach to personal growth. Force will never get you into higher awareness. No amount of force would ever get you into higher awareness.