Selves based on the  inferiority – superiority dynamic

We have seen that every viewpoint has an opposite. This means there is a kind of duality where there are two extremes that are opposite polarities. Every idea or viewpoint can thus be put on such a dualistic scale.

The result of this is that, as explained, selves are created in pairs, where one self is based on one polarity and another self based on the opposite polarity. There are many such pairs, but the two that we will look at here is:

  • The right-wrong duality
  • The inferiority-superiority duality.

Why is this so important? because it can really block your efforts to raise your awareness:

  • In order to grow, you need to accept new ideas.
  • If you keep doing the same thing, you will not get different results.
  • New ideas will go beyond your present world view.
  • New ideas may even challenge your present world view or basic beliefs defined by it.
  • Your have selves that are designed to defend your present world view.
  • These selves will first project that the new ideas are wrong in order to prevent you from changing your world view.
  • If you override this and change your world view, the selves will project that you were wrong for accepting the world view in the first place.

Again, you have a problem creator self that defines problems that you cannot live with. This pushes you towards the problem solver self that defines a way for you to either solve, ignore or deny the problem.

The both the problem creator and problem solver selves are based on this duality:

  • The problem creator self defines that the world is so insecure that it is unlivable.
  • The problem solver self defines or accepts a world view that makes it seem like you can live in the world.
  • This gives you a sense of security, but it is based on your world view being right.
  • If your world view was proven to be wrong, then you would be wrong and thus back into insecurity and panic.
  • The problem solver self defines that if you are wrong, you are inferior, and this is livable.
  • The problem solver self counteracts this by defining that if you are right, you are superior, and this you can live in the world.

The bottom line is that most people have selves that project that being wrong makes you inferior to other people, and being right makes you superior to other people. For example, Christians believe their religion is the only right one, which makes them superior to all other people. The Christians will go to heaven and all others will go to hell. Scientific materialists believe Materialism is right, and this makes them superior to all religious people, who believe in illusions.

Duality leads to black-and-white thinking

These selves that are based on a dualistic polarity can only think in terms of duality, meaning one polarity is right and the other is wrong. They operate with a scale with two extremes, and there is nothing in between. More importantly, there is no alternative to the scale.

To these selves, there cannot be anything outside the scale. Some idea has to be right, meaning all different ideas are wrong. This is black-and-white thinking. One idea is black, another is wrong. There is no greyscale between black and white and there is no alternative. Meaning such selves do not see colors.

For people who are trapped and blinded by such dualistic selves, there can be no alternative way of looking at life. If you had been one of those people, you would not have been reading this. This, you have some sense that there is an alternative to black-and-white thinking, namely to raise your awareness.

The alternative is the realization that in any situation, there are more than two options. We do not have to accept a dualistic scale with two opposite polarities, forcing us to choose that one is right and another is wrong.

For example, it is not necessary to look at Christianity and Materialism and say that one is right and the other is wrong. The alternative is to realize that none of them can answers all of your questions about life, and the reason is that they are both based on a limited understanding of life. Thus, the obvious alternative is to seek a higher understanding, wherever it can be found.

Yet the subconscious selves will of course, do anything in their power to prevent you from adopting this open.minded approach to life. They will very aggressively project at you that you have to keep your mind closed to any dangerous ideas because they will make you wrong. They will even project that if you abandon an old world view, you were wrong for accepting it in the first place. So in oder to avoid the inferiority of being wrong, you should stick to the old view.

Obviously, if you have been completely controlled by these selves, you would not be open to reading this. yet you may still have such selves that will affect how you handle new ideas, especially ideas that go far beyond the world view with which you grew up. So what can you do?

Observing your reaction to new ideas

You can make a conscious decision to observe your reaction to new ideas. Whenever you notice a very strong reaction, you know that this comes from subconscious selves. You can then use this reaction to unmask the selves so they can no longer hide from you.

As we have seen, the core of your being is the conscious self, and it is completely neutral. The conscious self is neither a Christian nor a Materialist. Such beliefs (and many others) is not something that defines the conscious self. Instead, it defines your subconscious selves.

The conscious self creates subconscious selves to deal with situations in the world, but the conscious self does NOT become the selves it creates. Thus, the conscious self can always step outside a pair of selves, look at them from the outside, realize that they limit you and then decide that you want to be free of them.

Once you have made the decision that you no longer want to be limited by a pair of selves, HAP will show you a systematic path for overcoming these selves, and eventually all selves.

To sum up, to the conscious self any idea is neutral. It is neither right nor wrong, safe or dangerous. It is just an idea and it is not dangerous to consider it. It only seems dangerous to a subconscious self, and it only seems dangerous to you if you look at the idea through such a self.

What if you were a bad person?

Some people have selves that will seek to scare them away from looking into their subconscious minds based on the fear that you might discover something that would make you a “bad person.” You might discover that you are really a serial killer or a sociopath.

The reality taught by HAP is that you are the conscious self, and this self is not and cannot be a bad person. Whatever kind of person you might be is defined by the subconscious selves but the conscious self is more than these selves.

First of all, the vast majority of people are not bad persons. If you are open to changing yourself, you are most likely not a bad person by any definition. Yet consider this simple logic.

Right now you have some subconscious selves. They are what they are, and you have two options:

  • You can refuse to look into your subconscious mind, meaning your selves will continue to exist and to influence you. So if you do have a self that makes you a bad person, you will continue to be a bad person.
  • You can look into the subconscious selves and use the tools presented by HAP to overcome them. So even if you had a self that made you a bad person, once you overcome the self, you will no longer be a bad person.

So if you continue to be the person you are, there is a risk that you will continue to be a bad person. Yet if you overcome your subconscious selves, you will stop being a bad person. How can you lose?

The same with being right or wrong. If your present world view is incomplete, is it better to deny this and continue to believe in the illusion that you are right? Or is it more right to admit that you were wrong and then adopt a broader world view?

The basic message of HAP is the the conscious self can overcome ANY and ALL selves in your subconscious mind. What does this lead to?

Becoming psychologically self-sufficient

The overall message that is being projected at your conscious self from all of your subconscious selves is that you cannot live without them. You would die if the selves died, you would become nothing, a nobody because the selves – so they project – make you who you are.

This claim is in a sense correct, but it is also a limited view. Right now, you have subconscious selves and they do make up what most people see as their personality.

Yet the selves were often created to deal with very difficult situations where you were forced by external circumstances and you felt you had no power to change the situation. For example, you were a child and was forced to react to a situation where you were powerless.

You have these selves, and they define how you react to situations. Yet these reactions are reactionary. They are often based on the sense of being powerless, so the reactions can only limit you.

So yes, if you dissolved the selves, you would no longer have the personality you have now—a reactive personality. But this does not mean you would have no personality, because you can instead react creatively. You can build a personality based on the individuality defined in your higher self and the choices you make when you do not feel forced.

Consider what the inferiority-superiority selves do to you. The essence of feeling inferior is that you need something from outside yourself, you are not self-sufficient.

Yet the essence of feeling superior is also that you need something from outside yourself. You need other people to validate your superiority, to admire, respect or fear you. You may be feeling superior, but you are not self-sufficient.

The path offered by HAP will take you beyond the inferiority-superiority dynamic and all other dualistic dynamics. This will return the conscious self to its natural state where you become aware of your true individuality anchored in your higher self. You will also receive all of the psychic energy you need directly from your higher self, meaning you don’t need energy from outside your own mind. This self-sufficiency is the basis for being a truly creative person  and fulfilling your higher potential.

We will now take a closer look at the path offered by HAP. What is the path to higher awareness?