The four levels of your mind—and the world

We have discussed how quantum physics has revealed a continuum of energies:

  • Energies of such high vibrations that our physical senses and current scientific instruments cannot detect them.
  • Energies of medium vibrations that can be detected by scientific instruments but not our physical senses.
  • Energies of such low vibrations that our physical senses can detect them.

We have also discussed that there is a “flow” of energy from higher to lower vibrations:

  • The underlying reality is the so-called quantum field of very high vibrations.
  • Some of this energy becomes lowered in vibration and becomes the field that scientific instruments can detect, but our senses cannot.
  • Some of this energy is lowered further in vibration to become the field that our senses can detect.

This indicates that the entire material universe is brought into existence because there is a stream of energy from the quantum field into the physical, material realm. The material world is made from quantum energies that have:

  • Been lowered in vibration.
  • Been made to take on the specific forms that we detect with our senses and that our minds perceive as a solid, material world.

These observations lead to a conclusion that is the foundation for HAP: Everything is energy that has taken on different forms by changing its vibration. This means simply:


Despite what our senses tell us, there really is nothing that is solid, as in unchangeable. Your psyche is made from energy, meaning every psychological condition has an energy component. By coming to understand the connection between psyche and energy, you can make it much easier for yourself to overcome any psychological condition. We will therefore look at the connection between the psyche and energy.

The matter-mind connection

One of the big mysteries for philosophers and scientists has been the connection between matter and mind. Quantum physics has in a sense deepened this mystery because physicists (back in the 1920s) made some discoveries about matter and mind that are mind-blowing. 

The holy grail of Scientific Materialistic has been objectivity, which is defined as a scientific experiment that is not affected by the human mind. Quantum physicists discovered that at the level of subatomic particles, such an experiment is impossible. When a physicist is studying a subatomic “entity” the scientist is not studying a phenomenon that exists independently of the mind, as when you observe how billiard balls bounce off each other or planets orbit the sun. 

Instead, the outcome of the experiment is determined by the “entire measurement situation,” which includes the consciousness of the scientist. There are three elements:

  • The phenomenon being observed, a so-called subatomic particle.
  • The instrument used, a particle accelerator.
  • The mind of the scientist.

The mind of the scientist is not separate from the other two. There is an interaction between all three elements and what is observed is how the three elements combine to produce a result that was not there before the experiment. So from being a supposedly neutral observer, the quantum scientist becomes an active participant. The scientist is not simply observing an independent phenomenon but is actively co-creating the phenomenon being observed. 

This discovery was very disturbing to materialists, so it has been repeated, scrutinized and confirmed more than any scientific discovery. It truly should have revolutionized science, but because materialists have a strong need for security, they are unwilling to make the inescapable conclusions. Yet if you look at this neutrally, it is not difficult to explain what is happening. 

Everything is made from energy, even physical matter. As we go from visible matter towards deeper levels of matter (from apples, to molecules, to atoms, to subatomic particles) we go from the level of visible energy, into the level that can be detected only by scientific instruments. Yet at the subatomic level, we are at the borderline between this level and the higher level, the quantum field that cannot be discovered by current instruments.

Why is it that the human mind can interact with this level of quantum energy? Well, because the mind is also an energy field, and two energy fields can interact with each other. There is nothing mysterious about this, and such energy interactions (often called wave dynamics) have been investigated by scientists in great depth. 

We only need to make the switch and acknowledge that the human mind is an energy field, and as such it has the potential to interact with any type of energy that makes up the world we live in. This of course presents a problem for materialists, because they claim that subatomic particles were the first things to appear after the Big Bang. Only much much later in the process of creating the world did living cells and human brains appear. And since they claim the mind is produced by the physical brain, they cannot explain how this latecomer of consciousness can interact with the oldest aspect of the world. 

Yet the simple explanation might be that consciousness is more than we currently acknowledge. If we consider that the mind can exist independently of the brain, then it becomes possible that consciousness in some form could be as old as energy, or even be older than energy. There are scientists who have taken the discoveries of quantum physics and interpreted them to mean that the universe resembles a giant mind more than a giant machine. 

In other words, the world started in some form of consciousness that is beyond what we human beings can fathom. Out of this higher awareness was first fashioned energy of a very high vibration. This energy was then lowered into succeeding levels or octaves of vibration that could be fashioned into what we call physical matter and the forms we see around us. 

This means that although the world is created from energy, it is created by mind. It is mind that causes energy to take on specific forms. This is not saying the human mind created the world, but that a mind of higher capacity than ours did so. The world is given form by higher awareness.

We now see that there are levels of vibration that make up the world, and this means there could be levels of the human mind. This existence of levels of the mind is one of the foundational ideas behind HAP.

The four levels of energy

We will start at the lowest level, namely the energies that make up the physical body. We have talked about a magnet having an invisible energy field around it, and so does your physical body.

For thousands of years, certain mystical or spiritual teachings, and some eastern medical teachings, have talked about such an energy field, or aura. Today, this energy field can be measured with scientific instruments, and it can be made visible through the use of digital cameras and computers. 

This may not yet be mainstream science, but it is not beyond scientific observations to say that the psyche is an energy field that exists around the physical body and is connected to the body. This means the psyche can be affected by the body and brain, but also that the psyche can affect the body and brain. Medical scientists have for a long time known that there is a psychological component to many diseases, calling them psychosomatic.

HAP is based on dividing this energy field into four levels, realms or octaves, because each has a certain spectrum of energies or vibrations:


The lowest or most dense level of the mind (in terms of vibrations) is what we will call the physical mind. This is the mind that is directly connected to the body, and its primary function is to run the body. This is the mind you program when you learn how to ride a bicycle or perform many other mechanical acts. You can attain some conscious control over this mind, but most of its function is not something we need to be consciously aware of, such as beating the heart. 

Most of the contents of the physical mind is something we inherit with the physical body, so it is indeed heavily influenced by our genetic make-up. This is why scientists are correct in saying that the physical mind has an influence on our psyches. However, they are not correct in saying the physical mind is produced by the brain. The physical mind is deeply affected by the brain because its task is to run the body, and every function of the body is controlled through the brain. The physical mind is so intertwined with the brain that most scientists currently cannot tell where one begins and the other ends.


The next level up is the emotional mind, which, as the name says, is the mind where your emotions take place. Because the emotional mind is so close to the physical mind, it is easily affected by the physical mind and the physical body. It also has a profound influence on the physical body. For example, if your emotional mind contains an accumulation of certain energies, your body will feel more tired or even manifest a physical disease.

The emotional body can be compared to water, because it is easily stirred up, as we can all observe happens to our emotions. On the other hand, in its natural condition, the emotional body quickly calms down again. You will notice that if you throw a rock in a pond, the water is stirred up, but after a short while, it returns to its calm state and there is no trace left of the disturbance. This is how our emotional minds are designed to function. So how come so many people carry certain emotions with them over time and it even feels like the emotions become more and more intense? This will be explained shortly.

The emotional mind is designed to provide the energy for the actions we take, and that is why emotions are easily stirred up, allowing us to take action very quickly. Yet once the action is taken, there is no longer any point in having the intense emotions, which is why the emotional mind is designed to calm down as quickly as it is stirred. When the emotions do not calm down, this is part of what causes stress.


As we rise to the next level, we reach the mental mind, which is obviously the realm of thoughts, including intellectual or analytical activity, even some forms of logical reasoning. The emotions are designed to quickly rise and quickly disappear. Thoughts have a more enduring quality, and the mental mind is designed to store thoughts over time. For example, once you have accepted a certain belief, you will carry it with you until you consciously change it. You can accept a belief in childhood and carry it with you for the rest of this lifetime.

The mental mind is also designed to organize thoughts and beliefs, and it does so much like an old-fashioned filing cabinet, where there are different drawers that contain folders, and the folders are labeled according to content. Obviously, the mental mind is more like a computer, which can have a program called a database. This has electronic file folders that organize information.

When you are faced with a particular situation, the situation will activate the database program, which will then search its file folders in order to find anything related to similar situations from your past. Your mental mind will then present you with options for dealing with the situation.

If the situation requires a quick response, the mental mind might present your conscious mind with just one option. If there is a longer time-frame, the mental mind might present you with several options and the arguments for or against them. This explains why it is sometimes difficult to make up your mind.

Take note that the mental mind does not and cannot think creatively. It can only present you with a selection of what it already in its database. So if you never look at the contents of the mental database, you might only have limited options to choose from. This can explain why there are certain problems you seemingly cannot solve, or why you often find yourself in similar situations.


The highest level of the mind in terms of vibrations is the level of identity, which is obviously where your sense of who you are is located. We can say that the mental mind is the one focused on how to do things, whereas the identity mind is focused on what to do.

For example, the identity mind might contain the identity that a person is a warrior, meaning that the person is likely to always respond to situations with fighting (physically or psychologically). So the fight response is determined at the identity level, and the mental mind then selects the practical aspects of how to fight in a given situation But the mental mind of such a person may contain no alternatives to fighting.

Although the mental mind is harder to change than the emotional, it is still fairly easy to come to see a wrong belief and change it. Yet changing something at the identity level is much harder than changing your beliefs. Your identity mind is the one that goes farthest back in time. As a child you take many things into your identity mind from your family and culture, and these can require quite an effort to change. Yet it is if course possible to change this, and HAP will show you how.

As a summary, we can say that as people go through life, they will often change their feelings, they will more rarely change their beliefs and many people will never change the identity they were programmed to accept as they were growing up. However, the people who are successful in changing their own psyches and taking command over their lives are the ones who learn how to change all three levels. HAP will of course show you how to do this.

The four levels of the world

The information about the four levels of the mind becomes more useful when it is put together with the awareness that there are also four levels of the world. The world we live in has four levels of vibration, corresponding to the physical, emotional, mental and identity realms.

Obviously, the level with the lowest vibration corresponds to what we can detect with the physical senses. Scientific instruments have already detected vibrations that we cannot detect with our senses. These other levels correspond to the emotional, mental and identity levels of our minds.

When we realize that our minds are energy fields and that the world is made of energy fields, we can begin to contemplate that there is a connection between our minds and the world we  live in. This is important for several reasons:

  • We are not separate beings living in a hostile world. We are in a very direct way connected to the world around us, as native people and mystics have been saying for thousands of years.
  • We have individual minds, but in the emotional, mental and identity levels of the world, there is room for a collective energy field, a collective mind.
  • A group of people, even humanity as a whole, form a collective mind that naturally affects the individual minds of all members of the group.
  • This collective mind can in various ways influence the world around us, so it is not only through physical pollution that we can have a negative influence on our environment.
  • In order to raise your individual consciousness, you need to free yourself from the “gravitational” pull of the collective consciousness.
  • Once you do raise your mind beyond the collective, you can pull up on the collective mind and help people see what they cannot see now. This is the real way to change society.

We can also use the idea of the four levels to gain a deeper understanding of how the world is created. This can most easily be explained by looking at the physical body.

We were all brought up with an inadequate understanding of who the physical body comes into being, namely as a process over which we have no influence. Therefore, if our bodies are prone to certain physical diseases, there is nothing we can do about it. Yet the body is created in four stages:

  • At the level of your identity mind there is a blueprint for the design of your particular physical body. At this level, the blueprint is not very specific, but it does set the overall parameters for your body. We can say that out of the many different ways to design a body, certain characteristics are selected, such as skin color, body type and so on. This is the foundation for building your body.
  • At the mental level, the blueprint is more specific, even down to minute details, such as the shape of your nose. Yet this detailed blueprint is made within the parameters defined at the identity level. The mental level cannot override the identity level.
  • At the emotional level, the blueprint is given movement and energy to push it into he physical. Yet the emotions cannot change what is defined at the two higher levels.
  • At the physical level, the blueprint is superimposed upon your cells and they take on the physical forms defined in the non-physical blueprint. Your entire body is made up of trillions of cells (scientists can’t agree on the actual number), but they all start out alike. The identical cells then differentiate depending on where in the body they find their place. What causes the cells to differentiate and organize into your incredibly complex body is the blueprint from the emotional, mental and identity minds. In other words, you body’s particular characteristics is a product of the three higher levels of your mind

Among other things, this model opens up new opportunities for healing physical diseases. It becomes clear, that no disease is entirely physical; it has an emotional, mental and identity component. These components exist in the energy field of the mind, meaning they can be changed as all other energy waves and fields. HAP will give you tools that can be used to heal the physiological components of physical disease.

Much more will be said about this in other sections. We will now look at some of the practical aspects of the mind being an energy field. It is very helpful to understand a little bit about the mechanical properties of energy waves and fields. How the mind’s energy field functions.