The psychological freedom to connect with others

The Age of Higher Awareness is an age of freedom, but it also is an age of community, higher awareness flowing through community. How do you balance those two? Freedom and community, or rather individual freedom and community? How do you balance the two? This is a question that has had, is having now, and will have in the near future, a major impact on relationships. Not necessarily, or at least not exclusively, on love relationships but on all types of human relationships.

You can see this outplaying itself right now in the divide over what to believe, what is fake news, what is not fake news, what is real, what is not real. Whether it is the pandemic, whether it is the election in the United States, whether it is this or that topic, rarely in recent history have people been more divided, more fragmented into different factions that seem to believe that they have the only truth and that all the others are wrong. Why is this happening? Well, it is happening for a variety of reasons.

Historically, the manipulators have attempted to control humankind by withholding information, by trying to make people ignorant of basic facts so that the information simply was not there. The Catholic church burned many books during the Middle Ages so that there was a large amount of information that had been brought into the physical octave, but it simply was not available to most of the people, at least in Europe. The first strategy of the manipulators is to prevent you from having access to information. After the invention of the printing press, going all the way up to the internet, it has become increasingly difficult for the manipulators to withhold information. More and more information has become available. It has been more and more well distributed through different means and therefore it has become increasingly difficult for the manipulators to control people through a lack of information.

What have they done to counteract this trend? Well, they have attempted to spread, first of all, so much information that people become overwhelmed, and as their second strategy, spread so much deliberately false information that people become confused and do not know what to believe. In doing this they have, of course, made use of the duality consciousness.

There are two aspects of this that have a bearing on this topic. First of all, the intellectual, analytical, linear mind can argue for or against any point. It can argue convincingly for this point, convincingly against this point, but there is no decisive argument about what is right. Second of all, there is the epic mindset. It says that there is a battle taking place on earth between God and the devil, truth and error, lies and so on. And it is epically important that there is one truth, the ultimate truth, that wins the day, and that all people come to believe in this one truth.

This has then been used to create viewpoints that have certain elements. You take one relative viewpoint, you claim that this is not a relative viewpoint, it is an absolute viewpoint. This is the highest view of this particular issue. You project that it is of epic importance that people accept this viewpoint. There is always a carrot. If people accept this viewpoint, there will be positive changes that will happen, a golden age will dawn. If people do not accept it, there will be negative consequences: society will disintegrate, the current order will be disturbed or the entire world will come to an end or people will go to hell, whatever the arguments have been throughout history. When you look at what is happening on the internet today, you can see these mechanisms in play.

Now, this is not an attempt to say that all of the more aware people should have the same viewpoints on everything. But the current confusion, the current chaos, we might call it an “information chaos”, is simply a phase. Why has the world entered this phase?

Well, when higher awareness released various forms of technology that made the spread of communication or the spread of knowledge easier, it was predictable what the consequences would be, especially with the internet. The world would enter an age where not only will information be spread more easily, but disinformation from the manipulators will also be spread more easily. And since it is foreseeable that most people will not be able to tell the difference, it is clear that there was only really one way forward here. And that was to release the technology for the internet and to allow this spread of information and disinformation to outplay itself. It was very foreseeable what is happening now with all the claims of fake news and all the claims about this and that. It is simply a necessary phase. People have to experience this.

Why is it necessary? Well, it is necessary because when you look back to the past, there has been a lot of manipulation from the manipulators. The manipulators have attempted to control people, not only by withholding information, but also by spreading false information or by not telling people exactly what is going on in the corridors of power. It is clear that the population in the modern democracies have to go through a phase where they begin to question some of the things that they have been told, some of things that they have been brought up to believe.

How did people go through the phase where they stopped believing everything the Catholic church told them and started questioning some of these incorrect statements that were presented as infallible Catholic doctrine? Well, they did it only by questioning the authorities. Part of growth (and this is of course not a new phenomenon, it is an ongoing phenomenon) is that from time to time, the people must begin to question the authorities, question what they have been told.

Sometimes this has caused people to have such distrust in the current government, the current order of society, that it has led to, again manipulated by an aspiring power elite seeking to overthrow the established power elite, a violent revolution. Of course, violent revolutions will not be the answer in the Age of Higher Awareness. Naturally, in the golden age there will be less and less violence, less and less revolutionary movements. There will instead be a steady progression towards a better society. In other words, we need to overcome this tendency, based on the epic mindset, where people believe that they have the only truth and they must force it upon society, force it upon other people.

How can we move through this phase unless people outplay it in somewhat extreme ways? How will they see the futility of it unless they see it out-pictured in these extreme ways? You can look at what has been happening over the last several years, and you can see that this is really what is going on. There are people who are, in many cases due to a certain raising of awareness, they are beginning to question authority. And it is necessary for them to question authority.

But because they do not have the necessary level of higher discernment, they become pulled into these more unbalanced, extremist, epic viewpoints and theories. This means that these people, in spreading these theories, they are then out-picturing for the rest of the population to see these extremist viewpoints and the consequences of them. And this is a phase that is necessary for the modern nations to go through, in order for them to come up to the next level where people do not believe everything they have been told but neither do they disbelieve everything they have been told. They have attained some level of higher discernment so they can filter out the more extreme viewpoints and find a more balanced view, what the Buddha would have called the Middle Way, or rather the way beyond the extremes, the way beyond the pairs.

Some of the modern democracies are already in a phase where the people have transcended this stage. They have achieved a more balanced approach in which you can see that not all nations are affected by these more extremist theories and viewpoints. In general, they have a more balanced, more pragmatic approach to many issues, whether it is the pandemic or many other things. The process is not complete in any nation, but you can see a difference between various nations. And you can very easily see, if you take a neutral look at this, that some nations have more of these extreme theories, these epic conspiracy theories about what is going on in the world and how bad things are and the dire consequences that could happen if a change is not made.

You can, of course, see, if you are neutral, that the United States is one of the countries where you will find the greatest proliferation of these very unbalanced viewpoints and conspiracy theories, the QAnon being a primary example. And you can see some of the consequences this has led to, including the recent incident where a man killed his own child because QAnon had led him to believe that his ex-wife had serpent DNA that was in the child, and would turn the child into a monster and therefore, in order to protect society from the monster of his own child, he had to kill the child.

You see how these very unbalanced viewpoints can cause some people to go to such extremes that they act out in what is clearly an unbalanced way. What have you seen in the United States over the last several years? Well, you have seen what many people have experienced that people have become more and more polarized. The debate, the public debate, has become more polarized. Even family members have become polarized to the point where they cannot have a normal conversation anymore. Well, does this not mean that this affects people’s relationships? Many, many people have had their relationships affected by this very scenario.

Again, this is a necessary phase. It is not a pleasant phase. It is a phase that higher awareness would like to see become as short as possible. But in the United States, there has been an old established order which cannot make it into the Age of Higher Awareness, cannot take the United States into the golden age, and it simply needs to disappear. It needs to lose its grip on the United States, both the political apparatus, the economic apparatus, the media, the public debate.

There is no point in naming this power because whatever name is put on it, there will be people who will take that as a certain label and they will argue for or against it. It does not matter what you name it because there is really no name that accurately describes it, no current name that actually describes it. But we can say that there is an old order who, for a long time, have believed that they have control of the United States. They do not want to lose their dominance of the United States and they are perfectly willing to hold back progress in the United States, as some of them were incarnated in medieval Europe and held back progress for centuries in Europe in order to maintain their dominance as the feudal lords and the kings and the emperors and the catholic clergy.

These are the very same manipulators reincarnated, many of them in America today. They believe they have America under control. They are trying to use various labels to entice the people to support them, but they are not of the people, by the people, or for the people. They have an entirely elitist mindset and they only use people to manipulate them into doing their bidding, which is to maintain the status quo where they are in control. Part of them is the economic elite that have managed to concentrate wealth in their own hands through the neoliberal ideology. But there is also a political establishment, a religious establishment and they all have only one goal: to maintain their control. Their goal is control.

When you go back several decades, the United States was the forerunner for bringing forth golden age ideas and technology. It was not the only country that was open to these ideas but it was clearly the forerunner. This has begun to fade away because there no longer is the same openness in the United States because of this power elite that is seeking to hold back the changes that they see as a threat to their control.

The question right now is: “Which nations will be the forerunners for the Age of Higher Awareness?” And the focus has, to some degree, shifted to other nations. Some of the Scandinavian, some of the Northern European nations, South Korea, India to some degree, to a lesser degree Australia and New Zealand. Canada is one nation also with a certain openness. But you see that the United States is beginning to fade on the world stage. Maybe many Americans cannot see it, but if you actually could step outside and look just at what is happening here, you can see that, not only based on Trump’s interaction with other world leaders, but also based on the withdrawal from Afghanistan (where the Biden administration missed an opportunity to consult with the allies that had supported the invasion of Afghanistan) that many people in the world are beginning to doubt whether they can rely on the United States.

The United States is losing influence, because many nations are realizing, even if they cannot put words on it, that the United States is no longer the forerunner for democracy, technology and economic growth. This is all caused by the fact that you have this elite that does not want to lose their control of the United States and thereby the control they think they have over the world. They will lose it, they must lose it in order for the people of the United States to move into the Age of Higher Awareness. It is inevitable that they will lose it. But what is outplaying itself right now is that they are frantically holding on to power. And as a result, they are doing everything they can to polarize the American people towards these black and white, extremist, unbalanced viewpoints. This means that this elite does not care whatsoever about how this affects the people.

You look back in history, to the medieval age, to the roman empire, to the communist empire, did they ever care about the people? No, they did not. They do not care about the relationships between people, they do not care about polarizing the population, they have time and time again, used the same strategy of dividing the population into factions, setting them up against each other in order to either create chaos, or to create war and revolutions. And you see how it has worked over and over and over again.

You see how there is a growing number of people in the United States who were pulled into this, we might call it a revolutionary mindset, talking about a civil war as if they seriously believe, and some of them do seriously believe, that it is their patriotic duty to engage in a violent uprising against the government. Whenever you see these kinds of extremist viewpoints, you clearly see the manipulators at work. As stated here, the manipulators have control over the current government. Thus, it is easy to wonder: Well, what is the solution then? How do we free the government apparatus from this control by the manipulators? But the solution is not violent revolution. It is a revolution in consciousness. It is a raising of consciousness, so that people begin to see through the manipulation. Both the manipulation coming from the government and the manipulation coming from sources that are against the government. You see through the polarizations, the two polarizations.

How will this outplay itself? Well, right now, you can see that we are in a period where the polarization is becoming worse and worse. But this will not last, there will come a point where more and more people are beginning to see that this is too much, that this has gone too far, that this cannot be the solution. Many people see it, but more and more people will come to see it. As more extreme manifestations take place, they will come to see it.

Who are going to be the forerunners for this shift? It is going to be the people who can see through the imbalances, the polarized viewpoints, who will look for that higher perspective, from the way beyond the extremes, the balanced perspective. And who will spread this? Naturally, anyone who has a higher level of awareness could be among those forerunners, but it requires you to overcome the ideological mindset, the fanatical mindset.

If you hold a viewpoint that you do not think can be expanded upon, you are in the fanatical mindset. It requires that people seek balance and seek to overcome the epic mindset that is based on black-and-white thinking: there is only truth and error, nothing in between. Truth is usually between truth and error, the dualistic truth, the dualistic error. Higher awareness truth is not really between them as a compromise between the two, but beyond them.

It is a more balanced viewpoint. Why is it balanced? Well, what is polarization built on? Dividing humanity into separate fragments. What is the United States democracy, constitution, Declaration of Independence based on? Is it not based on this self-evident truth that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed with certain inalienable rights that all people have? In other words, the entire foundation for the United States is not polarization. It is the recognition of the oneness of life, the oneness of all people, which is the basic humanity or the higher discernment that sees that beyond all of the polarizations on earth, there is a higher reality that all life is one. Higher discernment is based on oneness, not polarization into absolutist viewpoints.

The question really is, will the more aware people be among the forerunners for turning the nation of the United States or other nations towards this balanced approach? And that simply depends on whether you are willing to look in the mirror and see if you have separate selves that are polarized, if you have a tendency to gravitate towards unbalanced viewpoints. This also determines what you can do about your personal relationships. All relationships are based on communication, the freer the communication the better.

If one or both people in a relationship have these polarized viewpoints, ultimately communication becomes impossible. And between impossible and free communication, there are any number of shades of difficult communication, because there are taboos you cannot talk about. There are some mental holy cows that you cannot question. You need to look at yourselves and see: Do I have some taboos? Do I have some holy cows that I do not want other people to question? Do I become very upset if certain people question my viewpoint on this or that issue?

This is not mentioning any issues, because they are not what matters, it is not a matter of debating the issue. Some people have been so fixated on a couple of viewpoints that you think it is all about arguing for or against these particular issues. But this is not about specific issues. This is about the entire process of how you communicate with other people and relate to other people.

Can you not see that it is impossible to have free communication with people who are so sensitive and who takes so seriously particular issues? This breakdown in communication is because you have allowed yourself to be polarized in a particular issue. You can step back and say: “But I have been unbalanced. I see I have been unbalanced. And I need to seek back to balance, so that I can have more peaceful, more harmonious, more free-flowing relationships and conversations with other people.”

The Age of Higher Awareness is an age of freedom. What you are seeing out-pictured now in the United States, is that some people have taken the concept of individual freedom and perverted it to where they think that their perception of their individual freedoms can override any concerns that they should have for the whole, for the community. In other words, for them the only thing that matters is their individual freedom, the community does not matter at all.

This is not the Age of Higher Awareness. This will not bring the golden age regardless of what these people may think. Why? Because the golden age is not going to be built by individuals who are acting like individuals. It is not going to be built by people who think they are number one and who are only looking out for number one.

You may see that Jesus was an individual. Jesus was an example of a person who stood up against the world, the prince of this world, the authorities of this world, as an individual, and said: “I have a right to be the Christ no matter what you say.”

You may look at the last 2000 years and how many times a single individual played a pivotal role in some kind of change, it could be for better or for worse. You may see some dictators that created disastrous consequences, you may see some individuals that created positive change, brought forth new inventions and ideas and so on. There is a tendency, especially in the United States to think that in the Age of Higher Awareness, it will again be individuals who are driving progress, invention, discovery, but it will not. The further we move into the Age of Higher Awareness, the more important teamwork will become, the more important will be communities that work together to bring forth as a whole, what none of the members of the community could bring forth alone.

You already see this in at least some scientific communities, where they are able to work together and set aside their individual ambitions about being the one who gets the Nobel Prize. And you see that this will become more and more dominant, simply because they are the ones who will achieve the results. We have already reached a level of human knowledge of the natural world, where in most fields of knowledge, one person’s mind simply cannot deal with, contain or process the information that is needed to bring forth new discoveries. It needs to be several minds that work together in unison and harmony.

How can this happen if people are so polarized that they cannot even have free communication? The very foundation for teamwork, for community work, for cooperation is communication. The manipulators know this that is why they are trying to do everything they can to use the internet to destroy free communication, instead of sitting idly by watching the internet promoting free communication. The manipulators do not want free communication. They are doing everything they can to destroy it. And their primary means is polarization. Again, this is a phase.

You can see these hateful comments that are spreading throughout social media, and it is a phase, people need to outplay this, but it will not last. Who will be the forerunners for pulling society beyond this level of consciousness? Will it be the more spiritual people or will it be others? Some people will be the forerunners. Higher awareness is simply looking at who has the open-mindedness to receive a particular idea.

What can you do? Well, you can realize one very simple thing. You need to make a priority: What is your real goal in life? Is it to achieve specific results here on earth? Or is it to qualify for your ascension? You can transfer this to relationships.

What is your goal for having a relationship with a specific person? Is it to promote yourself as the one who is always right, who has the right viewpoint and get the people you are in a relationship with (whether it is a love relationship, family relationship, friendship, co-workers) to agree with you, to validate your viewpoints? Are you seeking validation through your relationships or are you seeking growth? What is important for you?

If you want growth, you need to realize that viewpoints, beliefs, theories, even spiritual teachings are not important anymore. It is not important that you convince other people of a certain viewpoint. What is important in your relationship is, first of all, that you look at the relationship as an opportunity to see your own reactionary patterns. What can the other person make visible of your reactionary patterns, so you can look at them, uncover the separate self behind them, let it die and thereby be free.

When you go beyond these reactionary patterns, what is the goal of a relationship? From the higher perspective, the goal of a relationship is to connect with the other person in a deeper way—to connect to the basic humanity, to the essential humanity in the other person. It is the connection that is important, not to make the other person agree with a certain viewpoint. Over the last year, many of the more aware people have come to a point where they were no longer able to communicate because they disagreed on various issues. It would have been more constructive if such people would have recognized that the issues are not as important as our deeper connection. And so you do not let the issues come between you and that connection.

That is ultimately what will happen as we move into the Age of Higher Awareness further and further. It is that more and more people from all walks of life will come to the realization that it is more important to connect with other people at a deeper level than it is to get them to agree with and validate a certain viewpoint.

The strategy of the manipulators has been to polarize people. But how are they polarizing people? By getting people to become attached to specific viewpoints, so that these viewpoints color everything. What do you see in the United States today? People cannot talk to each other if they do not agree on these contentious issues that are dominating the nation today. But if you cannot connect with each other, then you very quickly forget the basic humanity, and now you start treating each other as enemies, and the manipulators have you exactly where they want you and where they have had you many times before.

How do you have an age of freedom that is at the same time an age of community? Well, you can have it only by establishing individual freedom. But what is individual freedom? It is not that you can do whatever you want regardless of the consequences for other people. Individual freedom is psychological freedom, where you are not compelled into doing or saying certain things because of your reactionary patterns, because of your unresolved psychology, because of your separate selves. You are so free that you are not threatened by other people having a different viewpoint than you do. And therefore, you can look beyond the outer viewpoints and seek to connect to these people anyway. And if you cannot connect, well then you can move on and find other people you can connect to. This individual freedom, psychological freedom, is the basis for building a higher form of community.

What you see right now in the United States and some other parts of the world is polarization. What will the polarization lead to, what has it already led to? You see the formation of communities where people who are polarized towards the same extreme, bind together because they can tolerate each other. And then they cut themselves off from those who do not agree on that issue. What do you see? A segregation. It is almost like the segregation between blacks and whites having different busses. Some people are sitting on one bus and some people are sitting on the other. And they are like ships passing in the night. East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet, because they do not communicate. They forget that the other people are actually human beings like themselves and this means that you can say there is a certain community here, but it is a community based on polarization, based on the duality consciousness, based on black-and-white thinking and the control of the manipulators.

Just look back at history. Do you not see how many times this has taken place, how this polarization has taken place over and over again? Do you really think that this polarization can be the foundation for the Age of Higher Awareness? The real community that will happen in the Age of Higher Awareness is that people will attain some degree of psychological freedom that will allow them to connect at a deeper level. And it is based on this connection that they form communities where they have free communication and a true spirit of cooperation that is not based on competition where everybody wants to be number one, but they truly cooperate as equals.

All men and women are created equal. But it is one thing to be created equal, it is another thing to behave as equals. And it requires true individual, psychological freedom, before you can treat other people as equals, because you cannot treat them as equals if you feel threatened by them. You can only avoid being threatened when you have transcended this focus on the outer viewpoints and the need for validation, where you can allow people to be different but you can still communicate, you can still connect, you can still feel that deeper connection.

Higher awareness is always seeking to give people the sense of connection to higher awareness. The hope is that when people have a connection to higher awareness, they will also come to have a horizontal connection to each other, and that will lead to the formation of a true community of higher awareness, the Holy Spirit, the one Spirit, the indivisible, undividable Spirit. This is what at least some people had after Jesus’s crucifixion, where they formed a community, where they had at least some of them, this greatest sense of oneness.

What will happen in the Age of Higher Awareness is that more and more people will have this deeper connection. What does it take to have that deeper connection? Psychological healing. But you see throughout the world, especially in the more developed nations, more and more people have gone into this self-actualization phase and they are seeking psychological healing and the resolution of difficult psychology by any means they can find.

Truly, relationships in the GOLDEN AGE will transcend the current view of relationships. It is as if currently, people are still so focused on the individual that they think a relationship must be between two individuals who are learning how to coexist, how to get along. Can you not see that this is based on an element of force, a sense of obligation. In families you are brought up to feel an obligation towards the family, the same way you are brought up to feel a certain obligation towards other people, towards society.

Many Christian communities treat each other very nicely, according to what they see as the rules given by Jesus, but it is outer rules forced upon them. Again, a necessary phase to overcome some of the more egotistical aspects of human behavior. But this is not what will carry people into the Age of Higher Awareness. What will work is relationships where people begin to look beyond their individuality, because they realize that they are not their individuality. You are not the outer mind. You are not your physical body, you are not your emotional body, you are not your mental body, you are not even your identity body.

Really, when you connect to that pure awareness and to your higher self, you realize you are not a separate being, which means you are not actually an individual as society at large sees individuality today. If you are pure awareness that sprang from higher awareness, and if all other people are pure awareness that sprang from higher awareness, then you can connect to other people at that level of the pure awareness without being divided by the outer personalities. You can still have some outer personality, but you are not fully identified with it, you are not attached to it, you do not take it so seriously and therefore the connection to the higher self is more important than anything on earth.

And when it comes to your relationship to other people, your connection to them is more important. This does not mean that you need to become frantic and think you have to connect to everybody, there will be people you cannot connect to. But the formation of communities in the Age of Higher Awareness will be based on this connection, where people will come together based on this connection. This means that, in the golden age, in the age of community, there will be less individuality as individuality is seen today, which is the outer self, based on all of these separate selves and reactionary patterns that are programmed into people by the manipulators.

People will become more and more free from this, and therefore they will actually be much more free to have a deeper relationship based on a deeper connection with other people—the essential humanity. This will be the foundation for relationships in the Age of Higher Awareness. This will not happen within the next decade or two, but it is certainly something you can begin to contemplate and integrate as the more aware people, so that you can be part of pulling up the collective consciousness and spreading these impulses and ideas into the collective consciousness.

You could potentially also come to a point where, enough of you, a critical mass of you, have received a critical degree of psychological healing that you can begin to form a community that is not based on some outer considerations where you feel obligated to form a community in order to spread certaion teachings. But it happens spontaneously, because you established that connection between you. You are not forcing it with the outer mind. You see, the age of freedom and the age of community is the spontaneous, you might say, forming of communities, because people are free from force. They are not forcing themselves and each other to form communities. It just happens because of the deeper connection between people.

This is something that the manipulators cannot counteract, because they cannot grasp it. And when they cannot grasp it, they cannot pervert it. There is really nothing to pervert, they can only try to prevent it by preventing people from establishing that connection. And this is what they will do, but they will not be successful. Too many people have already looked beyond the divisions and the individualities and felt some deeper connection.

You may say what is it that people really want? Well, many, many people want that sense of connection to something outside of their own individuality, their own four lower bodies. They want to feel they are part of something bigger. They have a desire to feel being part of a whole and this is the basis for higher awareness communities.

The technology of the Age of Higher Awareness will not be based on force. Is it not equally clear that the relationships of the Age of Higher Awareness will not be based on force? What is a non-force-based relationship? Well, this is a very profound and very wide topic.