We need alternative approaches in the psychological profession

The Age of Higher Awareness is not a final result, it will never be so that there comes a date where you can say now the golden age is manifest and then the ideal society will last for 1000 years or more. The Age of Higher Awareness is an ongoing process or unfolding that will last for the next 2000 years. You will see more changes in the next 2000 years than you have seen in the last 2000 years. If you look back 2000 years to the time of Jesus, you will see what immense changes have taken place in at least most societies on earth. You can, of course, find places where hardly any changes have taken place.

Nevertheless, the Age of Higher Awareness is an ongoing process, so relationships in the golden age will continue to change over time. This means one cannot expect even the more aware people to manifest golden age relationships right here and now. This is not about giving a final result that you should be living up to right now. It is not about attempting to put some goal before you that you cannot live up to. It is about giving some teachings that can help you move forward to the next stage of your personal growth, of your relationships and therefore, you can also help pull the collective consciousness up towards more golden age type relationships. But of course, in the present situation on earth, it is not possible to manifest truly golden age relationships, not even for the more aware people, although you can certainly begin to approach it.

Why is it not possible to manifest golden age relationships in the current situation on earth? If you look at most people around the world, whether they live in this culture, or that culture, a more developed culture or less developed culture, you will see there are certain universal tendencies. Most people have a certain sense of fairness, they have a certain sense that you should not be put in a situation where there are things you do not know, and because you do not know this you end up making a severe mistake. Despite the fact that you did not know exactly what you were doing, you did not know exactly what the situation was, you did not know exactly what the consequences would be, you still have to live with the consequences. Most people would say that this is unfair.

Of course, higher awareness agrees, but the stark reality of life on earth is that the vast majority of people are constantly in situations where they do not know all aspects of that situation and how it will affect them, how it will affect others and what the consequences will be. Most people live their entire lives in a very dramatic form of ignorance about basic aspects of their situation and their lives. This of course, is what higher awareness is seeking to change and have been seeking to change for a very long time, by gradually giving progressive revelation, but also by working with people in all fields of society, who are open to receiving new ideas that brings society forward.

If you look back at the last 2000 years and some of the progress that has happened, you will see that a very big factor in this progress has been increased knowledge, but not just increased knowledge, also an increased awareness, a raising of awareness. The real driving force behind progress is this increased awareness of how life works. Therefore, obviously, as we move into the Age of Higher Awareness, people’s awareness will continue to be raised and the speed at which the golden age can be manifest will be very much determined by people’s ability and willingness to raise their awareness.

Now, many people live in a very severe form of ignorance. One aspect of this form of ignorance is that they think that this increase in awareness (that they can see when they are looking back) was simply because people in past ages did not know. There were just so many things they did not know, because they had not discovered it yet. The reality, of course, is that the reason people did not know was that the manipulators did not want them to know.

Most people think that ignorance is innocent ignorance where you just do not know. But there are, of course, two forms of ignorance that are very common among most people. Most people actually have this form of ignorance where there are certain things they do not want to know, there are certain things they do not want to see. But besides that, there is the more aggressive, external form of ignorance where there are forces in this world who do not want people to know and who are actively keeping knowledge away from them. This of course, applies to all aspects of life on earth. One of the areas where people are deliberately kept in ignorance about what is their actual situation, is precisely relationships.

If we step back and look at relationships, nothing is more personal to people than their relationships, there are very few things that gets them more emotionally involved, that makes them feel more personally attached than personal relationships. In other words, what personalizes people’s lives is personal relationships, more than almost any other factor. Of course, the more personalized something is, the more personal you take it, the more serious it is for you, the more blind you are to seeing what is going on, the more difficult for you it will be to see.

Let us try to step back from the personal situation, your personal situation. Let us envision that we are stepping back, we are actually rising up from the surface of the earth. We are rising physically up through the atmosphere, we are rising up through the emotional level, we are rising up through the mental level, we are rising up through the identity level to the higher levels of the identity level. From this elevated position, we are looking down on earth as if from a great distance. We are not really at a great distance in the sense that everything looks small and it is hard to see, but we are outside of our personal perception filter that makes everything seem so important and so serious. We can see everything, but it is as if we are seeing it from a distance.

Now seeing from this distance, what do relationships on earth look like? Well, first of all, we need to look at the earth. What kind of planet are you on? This is a question that the vast majority of people in the world rarely, if ever, think to ask. “What kind of planet am I on?” Are there other kinds of planets than earth? Could it be that there are planets with vastly different conditions than what we have on earth? Most people, of course, take for granted that “earth is it” as they say. This is the only planet there is or at least the only planet they know about or want to know about. The way things are on earth are just the only way they could be. They think that the way relationships are on earth is the only way they could be. Maybe even that this is the way they should be.

Many of the more aware people are open to the possibility that there are other types of planets, there is something called natural planets. In contrast to this, earth is an unnatural planet, because earth is much more dense, much more dark, the collective consciousness on earth is lower. Therefore, as a result of this, all conditions on earth are much more difficult than they are on a natural planet that is lighter, where you do not have the resistance and the density.

Really, the reality is that earth is a very, very difficult planet to live on. It is especially a very, very difficult planet for personal relationships. When you look at life on earth (and this goes whether you are a spiritual person, or a person who is not spiritually inclined at this point), what we can say is that for all people, one of, if not the most difficult aspect of their lives, is personal relationships.

You look at many, many people and you see that from an early age, almost from infancy and forward, they are very much affected by their personal relationships, family, siblings at first, but then you start kindergarten or school. Now there are teachers and classmates. There are other family members besides your immediate family and as you go through life, you meet more and more people. You expand your circle of the people you know and interact with, which means that as you go through life, you have more and more personal relationships.

For most people, their personal relationships also tend to become more and more personal. They might become more conflict ridden, they might become more difficult. People might take these relationships more and more seriously and it becomes difficult for them to distance themselves from it long enough to ask if there is a different type of relationship than the one they have been thrust into in this lifetime.

The reason for giving you this thought is that the first step towards improving any relationship, is to distance yourself from it long enough to at least ask the question: “Could there be a different approach to this relationship than the one I have taken so far?” How can you improve or change a relationship if you cannot ask that question? If you cannot even ask the question, how can you start the process? Is there a better way? That is the first question that needs to be asked and you cannot ask that when you are so involved in a relationship, taking it so seriously that it blinds you to any alternative.

If you look at most relationships on earth, the ones that are very personal, very serious, very intense, you see that it is as if they are on a track. You can talk about a broken record that keeps going around in the same track, repeating the same line of the song and then bump… and then the verse repeats again, and so on. But you can also say that people are on a roller coaster of ups and downs, sometimes the relationship is better, sometimes it is worse, but it is still on a track that never really seems to change, that never seems to go towards a different outcome. Why is this? Why is it that people get locked on these tracks? Well, here is again where we need to talk about the ignorance that most people have.

One of the most severe forms of ignorance when it comes to personal relationships, is that most people do not grow up with an understanding of reincarnation. Therefore, they can only look at their relationships based on this lifetime. But most of the personal relationships you have did not begin with this lifetime. They go back often many, many lifetimes, sometimes even to your earliest incarnation on earth. How can you improve a relationship, if you only consider what happened in this lifetime? You may look at your interactions with a certain person in this lifetime. As an example, let us just say your mother.

You look at your relationship to your mother, from whom you were born, how she brought you up, how she treated you as an infant, how she toilet trained you (as the Freudian psychologists are so keen on looking at), what she told you about yourself, how she disciplined you, how she scolded you, how she brought you up to be a certain type of person. You look at this and you may get some hints of course, based on how she treated you, based on how you reacted to it. This may give you some idea that there are certain patterns, there are certain dynamics in your relationship. But how can you really understand the depth, the severity, the complexity and the momentum of these patterns, unless you begin to consider that perhaps they go back several, perhaps even many lifetimes. It is really only when you consider a longer time span that you can begin to understand why people are locked in their relationships, why their relationships are locked on a track.

Look at a simple fact that many people have observed in their families. You have two siblings, and almost from infancy they are in conflict with each other. Maybe they cannot live without each other, but they cannot live with each other without arguing, without teasing and without seeking to dominate. It is as if they are locked in this game from infants. If you look at traditional worldly psychology, how can you explain this? How can you explain that here are two siblings that get along just fine and here are two other siblings that are in constant conflict? How can you explain that here is one person that has one sibling that it can get along with and another sibling that it cannot get along with and this started in infancy or when they were very young? What could possibly have happened to these children when they were babies that caused this kind of conflict and animosity and inability to communicate?

When you consider reincarnation, you know of course that if these relationships go back many lifetimes, well, these two siblings could have been in conflict for literally hundreds of years in various incarnations. They have carried this with them for a very long time. Is it any wonder that they come into this embodiment with these patterns and therefore it starts when they are in the crib? They were born fighting with each other, because they were fighting with each other in their last lifetime and in their last many lifetimes together. If you do not understand this, how can you look at any of your personal relationships and really see what is going on?

The other aspect of not knowing this is of course that people become quite impatient, or they give up. Some people give up because they cannot see how they could possibly change anything. That is just the way that person is and that is just the way my relationship to that person is. They give up even trying, but others are open to the fact that perhaps the relationship could change. They read a few books on popular psychology, maybe they do various exercises or go into therapy, or whatever they do. But they think that if a pattern was created in this lifetime, it should be easy to dissolve it. When they see that after years of work, there does not seem to be any progress in their relationship, they become very impatient with the other person, with themselves and they often start blaming themselves, or they come to a point where they just give up and say: “Oh, the other person is never going to change so the relationship is never going to change”.

For you, who are the more aware people, you need to recognize here that there is a tendency that you want quick results. Now, this is of course, a tendency that is very much programmed into the collective psychology by the entire advertising industry, by businesses, but ultimately of course, by the manipulators. The psychology of instant gratification—it was there a long time ago. It started a long time ago, but was of course accelerated by the age of plastic, these little cards you have in your wallet where you can instantly buy whatever you want, and pay later. This has led to this age of instant gratification where many people expect that when they make a certain effort, when they pay the money, there should be results. The results should be guaranteed and it should be quick. Even spiritual people have been affected by this. There is a certain tendency among spiritual people to think that I should get instant results from doing a spiritual practice or studying a spiritual teaching. This is greatly reinforced by many false teachings and false gurus out there that promise their people instant results.

You need to recognize that there are false gurus out there who promise people that they have such a profound teaching, they have such a powerful spiritual technique that just a few years of practice will give these amazing results where all people’s problems will be solved. They will raise their consciousness and attain cosmic consciousness in just a few years, by closing their eyes and meditating 20 minutes morning and evening, or whatever you have out there. There is an entire industry of these false gurus who are promising instant results. Many spiritual people feel that if this really was the highest spiritual teaching and if I do apply myself to it, I should get instant results. If you do not, you either become disappointed in the outer teaching or you become disappointed in yourself, wondering what you have done wrong. But again, if you have relationships that go back centuries, how can you expect this to be dissolved in just a few years.

This is not said to discourage you. Higher awareness has given you some very powerful tools whereby you can resolve many things fairly quickly. But only when you go very, very far back in time and look at these very early experiences you had on earth. For many of the more aware people, your relationship issues started when you encountered the manipulators who attempted to destroy you for coming to earth. If you are one of the original inhabitants of the earth, your relationship issues also started when you first encountered the manipulators, where they also tried to dominate you and make you either a slave or at least not make you a threat to their dominance of earth. Either way, there are certain patterns in your relationships that go very, very far back in time. How can you expect that this is resolved very quickly?

Now, it can be resolved. Many of the more aware people have already resolved very deep issues in your relationships. Many of you can resolve these issues in the rest of this lifetime, for many of you, in less than the rest of this lifetime, but you need to have that certain patience with yourself and with the other people in your relationships that things can take time. Therefore, you need to look out for this beginning frustration that some people feel because the manipulators, will exploit this mercilessly. It is not for nothing that it has been said that discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit. When you fall prey to this double effect of first you have the projection that you should have instant gratification, and then you have the projection that if you do not get it there is something wrong and you become discouraged, then you will be attacked mercilessly by lower forces, perhaps even by other people that will be used to try to discourage you.

You need to recognize here that a personal relationship is for most people, the most difficult aspect of their lives. The most difficult thing they undertake or they take upon themselves is a personal relationship and the reason for this is very simple. Again, you need to consider reincarnation. You take worldly psychology, you look at a child, it grew up in what by most standards would be called a normal, relatively harmonious home. It has a father and a mother, they get along fairly well, they have a good economy, they live in a house and the child grows up in a stable environment. Yet the child turns out to be unable to function in life. It may have anger issues. It may have substance abuse issues. It may not have any initiative, not wanting to do anything. It may have more severe psychological issues.

If you take traditional psychology and look at many, many children in the world, and you probably know some of them yourselves, you can say that in the worldly psychology as it is today, there is no explanation for why that person should have such severe psychological issues. The person was not exposed to any trauma at any point in its life. How do you explain that people have these severe issues, some even from childhood, when they were not abused, they were not exposed to trauma? There was really no reason in this lifetime for why the child should have such a difficult psychology.

You can only understand this by looking at reincarnation and realizing that this person has not had just this lifetime to build its psychology. It has had many, many lifetimes going back hundreds and thousands of years. Then you look at planet earth, you look at what you know about history, all of the wars, all the conflicts, all of the famines, all of the poverty, all of these conditions that have existed in various societies and you are saying: “But really, we should change our definition of normal because given the reality of reincarnation, given the reality of how this planet has been for the last several hundred years, the normal human being must have a difficult psychology, because a normal human being must have been exposed to many traumatic events in past lifetimes. They received absolutely no help in past lifetimes to deal with these psychological issues, so naturally they carry them with them into this lifetime. And that is why they come in with such a difficult psychology”.

If we would recognize this in the field of psychology, then perhaps they could get help to deal with their psychology in this lifetime, but if you do not recognize this, how difficult is it to help such people? Well, those who are psychologists and who are honest will know that they are often at a loss. Naturally, psychologists are brought up in the western scientific tradition, and effect must have a cause. So here you have a client sitting in your office or lying on your couch, telling you about some issue they have. Naturally, you are saying: “This is an effect, it must have a cause, there must have been some traumatic event or trauma that happened in that person’s life. I am going to dig into that person all the way to childhood and see if there is something they have suppressed and they are not even aware of”.

The process starts unraveling, going back to early childhood, looking for anything that might even have been suppressed and there is nothing to find. There comes a point for many psychologists, when they are honest, that they say, or maybe they do not say, but at least sense and they should be saying: “I have now unraveled this person’s entire lifetime, back to birth and I do not find any traumatic experience that can be the cause for the effect I observe in the person’s psychology. What do I do now?” Well, you can either abandon the quest to find a cause and just deal with the issue as some psychologists do. Or you can say: “Well, if I cannot find a cause in this lifetime, perhaps I need to look beyond it” as some psychologists also do. This, of course, is what can and will, as we move into the Age of Higher Awareness, shift the entire field of psychology.

Certainly, one of the aspects of relationships in the Age of Higher Awareness will be a higher awareness, and this is one aspect of this higher awareness. As we move further into the golden age, there will be a growing awareness that human beings are first and foremost psychological beings. Every aspect of the life of a human being is affected by that person’s psychology. Therefore, if we are to help people with their psychology, well, we must look deeply into a person’s psychology to find the cause for the patterns, for the dysfunctions, for the traumas that we observe. As we move further into the Age of Higher Awareness, there will be a growing awareness of the reality of reincarnation, there will be a recognition of this. It will not happen in the context of a particular religion. It is not so that people in the Western world will suddenly become Hindus or Buddhists, as many Christians are projecting that if you think about reincarnation, you will become a Hindu or Buddhist. That is not the case.

What will happen is that there will be a universal awareness of the reality of reincarnation based on work with people’s psychology and based on people remembering past lives and new kinds of therapies, some already developed such as hypnotherapy, where people can uncover their past lives, at least enough to see the cause of a certain trauma, resolve that trauma and lo and behold, they are free of the trauma in their present lifetime. But this happens only because they went far enough back to uncover it and consciously work on it, thereby resolving the trauma that they did not receive in this lifetime.

One of the great shifts that will happen in the Age of Higher Awareness, and it is not so far out, is that people will overcome the “ideological mindset”, where they look at life and they say: “Here is our ideology, here is our wonderful theory of how life should work. We must find ways to confirm and validate that theory, because it must work and therefore, it must produce the results that we desire to produce”.

One of the fields that has the potential to be among the first to break through this is precisely psychology because so many psychologists have reached that point of frustration, where they have done everything within current psychological theory to help their patients, but they cannot help their patients. They must look at: “Well, is there some other modality? Is there some other approach that could help my clients overcome these deep traumas?” Even if they do not believe in reincarnation literally, they can still use a certain form of therapy and help their clients. Some psychologists have been willing to do this, they have even said: “It is not a matter of proving or disproving whether reincarnation is a reality. The only thing that matters to me right now is the practical results. Can I take my client through a series of past life regressions and help that client resolve something in their psychology? If it works, then I do not care why or how it works”.

This of course, is not the ultimate approach that will be taken in the Age of Higher Awareness. But it is an interim step that is quite acceptable. It is a practical reality of saying: “Well, if our present approach, which is an ideological approach based on an idea of how the world should work, if that present approach is not working, can we find an approach that is? Then, of course, we can help our clients and if it works, we will use it. Why shouldn’t we? If we discover some kind of natural remedy, or some kind of chemical that helps people overcome a physical disease, then obviously, we would use that remedy, even if we do not know exactly how it works, we have just observed that it works.”

What you really see here is that this shift (and it is already beginning to happen in many people) is that people take a practical, realistic approach of saying: “What can help? What works? What actually helps people?” They are willing to look beyond the confines of their present view, their present ideology, their present science, because it does not really, in the end, matter so much what is the ultimate understanding. What really matters is what works. These are people who instead of taking an ideological approach, they take a practical approach and they look at how can we help others and then we do that.

The next shift that will happen as we move a little further into the Age of Higher Awareness, is that there is a realization that human beings are first and foremost psychological beings. What does that mean? It means every aspect of people’s lives is affected by their personal psychology. Obviously, their personal relationships are affected by their personal psychology. This means that when you have a relationship between two people, or even more people, you cannot, as many relationship counselors or therapists today tend to do, look at the relationship, look at the family, look at it as a unit.

You need to actually start by looking at the individual psychologies of the people involved. What patterns do they have? There is a certain attitude that is found not only among therapists, but also among many other people. It is the attitude that when you are in a relationship with the other person and you have a tendency to become angry, then it is because the other person does something that makes you angry. You look at what is the dynamic in the relationship. What is the other person doing that makes you angry, and then you might say: “Well, could the other person change his or her behavior, so you do not become angry?” This is part of the process, but the reality is, and this is what will become more and more apparent as we move a little further into the golden age, is that your anger is not caused by the other person. Your anger is caused by patterns in your psychology that may go back many lifetimes. You may have had lifetimes with that other person. But you may not. It may actually be that the pattern of anger started independently of this person that is currently your spouse or significant other and therefore, was not caused by them.

Some therapists who are progressive, creative, forward thinking have already made this shift. The shift that will happen is that a relationship between two people is not the cause of what happens in the individual psyches of the two people. The relationship is just a catalyst that brings it out. The relationship makes visible what is in the subconscious minds of each of the two people. Therefore, in order to change the dynamic of the relationship, you must go into the individual psyche of the two people and start working there.

This is a shift that is underway, but it will gain momentum and you can help bring about that shift in momentum or you can help build and reinforce that momentum. You can do it in several ways. You can do it of course by doing energy work for this. But you can also do it by making the shift yourself by looking at your own relationships and saying: “What if my partner is not causing my reaction? What if my partner is only making visible something in my own psychology and it is that something in my psychology that causes my reaction to my partner”? Now, mind you, this is not saying here that your partner does not have psychological issues. They may very well have severe psychological issues, but that is not the issue for you. Because the issue for you, if you are the more aware people, is how do I make progress towards raising my awareness?

Many spiritual people can of course, reinforce each other’s growth and raise their consciousness together but in the end, each person rises in awareness as an individual. You alone walk through that gate to higher awareness. This means that in order to raise your awareness, you need to resolve your psychology, not your partner’s psychology, not your father’s psychology, not your mother’s psychology, not your children’s psychology. You need to resolve your psychology. If you are willing to make that shift, as of course many of you have already done, that is how you help raise the collective consciousness and bring this shift where more and more people, (because it will not be just therapists, it will also be the people who seek out therapists), will make this shift and say: “Let us just look at the individual psychology.”

The shift that will happen is actually multifaceted and it is quite profound. Instead of looking at a relationship between two people as a unit, you divide it up into two separate spheres. This should actually be very much in line with Western scientific tradition where you always seek to break things up into smaller units. But that is beside the point here. You look at the individual psychology of each person. What you often see in many relationships, at least the kinds of relationships that therapists come in contact with, is that you have two people, one is open to therapy and doing something about the relationship and the other is not, or is at least reluctant. Often, of course, it is the woman in a relationship, (if it is a man-woman relationship), who is more open to therapy than the man. It is not always the case, but often so. You have this situation where you have a tense relationship, one person wants to do something about it, goes to a counselor, but the feedback that the woman gets is that: “Well, we can only really do something if you can also get your husband to come into therapy”. Now she has to put pressure on her husband in an already tense relationship, to try to force him to do something he does not want to do. In many cases, it just creates animosity and tension that does not really lead to a positive result. There are of course exceptions to this but the tendency is there.

Once you recognize that a relationship is actually between two individual people, each with their individual psychology, then you can say: “Okay, I am one partner in a relationship. We are having some tension or some difficulties. Because of the tension, it is difficult for me to communicate with my partner, it is difficult for me to make my partner change or see the need for therapy. What can I do? Is my only option to try to force my partner?” No, your other option is to say: “What do I need to work with in my psychology? What do I need to resolve there and what if I just focus on resolving as much as I can in my individual psychology? Isn’t it possible that this will also change the dynamics of the relationship?”

Many of the aware people have made that switch. But just look out there in the world and consider how many people there are who have never even thought about this. They have never even considered this because they are so blinded by the intensity and the seriousness of their relationship that they are projecting out: “It is my partner who is this way, and therefore I have to react this way, and I cannot change unless my partner changes”. This, of course, is a lie that has been reinforced by the manipulators for a very long time, because they are always trying to get people into this situation where two people, husband and wife, are each projecting that it is the other person’s fault and they are the ones who need to change and I cannot change unless my partner changes.

Why do the manipulators do this? Because then two people are truly stuck in that pattern, how can they ever get out of it? They cannot. Because over a very long time, the manipulators have created these roles for men and women. This is another thing that means people are blindfolded when they are walking into relationships, because they do not realize how powerful are these collective patterns. You may say many people are blinded in another way because they do not realize there is something called the collective consciousness that they are part of, that they are affected by.

They do not realize that there are these patterns, matrices, in the collective consciousness that will seek to affect them individually. People do not realize that for a very long time on this planet, there has been this projection that men are dominant. Men are the more powerful, men are the ones who should be in charge and women should be in a submissive, passive role.

Well, just look at what this has led to in many different cultures. Look at the entire patriarchal culture, the patriarchal mindset, that women should know their place. Women should fulfill a certain role and be subservient to and servants of men. Is there any single idea or set of ideas that has caused more relationship problems than this idea that men should be superior to women in a relationship between two people? Already there, going back into the mists of history, you have created a very, very powerful collective matrix that affects all men and women who dare to enter a relationship. Already there, the man and a woman are locked in a certain pattern and when that pattern becomes more intense and affects both of them negatively, there is already a tension built. How can they sit down and have a neutral conversation about this when the tension is there?

It has been said before that the 2020’s is the decade of women. But you can even see that for many years, even decades, women have been more open to change. Women have often been the ones who want to try and change the nature of the relationship. But the relationship is already locked in a pattern because men are supposed to be a certain way, women are supposed to be a certain way. That means men and women are supposed to talk to each other, or not talk to each other, in a certain way. They are already locked in a pattern going back millennia.

How can a man and a woman break through this very old pattern, this very strong pattern in the collective? Well, in most cases, they cannot. In some cases they can, and it is to the credit of both the man and the woman that they have, in past lifetimes, started to question these traditional roles. In some of the more progressive countries, the relationship between men and women has changed dramatically over the last several decades and women have become more liberated or there has been more equality. There has been more equality in the mindset where men and women can talk about things that previous generations could not talk about.

There has indeed already been progress. In order to really accelerate this progress, there needs to be this recognition that a woman does not necessarily have to get her husband to go into relationship therapy in order to improve the relationship. The woman, or the man for that matter, if the reverse is the case, can say: “I will focus on my own psychology. I will look at my partner simply as an echo—as a sounding box that throws back at me what I am projecting out, even though I am not consciously aware of it.” So, I will say: “What does my reaction to my husband say about my psychology and how can I deal with that psychology, get to the bottom of it and resolve it?”

This is, quite frankly, a revolutionary shift. If women, and of course, some men, but if many women around the world, especially in the more developed countries would make this shift, it would have very dramatic effects on the collective over some time. What would happen is that these women would begin to resolve things, deep patterns in their psychology that go back lifetimes. All of a sudden, when you do not have a pattern in your psychology, you are not going to react to your husband the way you did before you resolved that pattern. What then is going to happen? Well, there are several things that can happen. One is that your husband can say: “Oh, wonderful, she is not complaining and nagging anymore, I can go on living the way I am comfortable.” Or the husband can actually change and realize: “Oh, I do not actually have to behave the way towards my wife that I saw my father behave towards my mother.” He may actually change. He may change his behavior. He may even start to look at his psychology, he might be inspired by his wife changing and say: “Wow, she really has changed. Was that really because of that therapy she was doing? What if I could change also?”

Of course, if the husband is not willing to change, what will happen then? Well, again, one of two things can happen to the woman. She can say: “Well, actually, now that I do not have this reaction to my husband, I can live with him. Our relationship is not too bad. We have children, we have responsibilities. I can live with this, at least for the time being. Maybe when the children are grown up, I will take another look”. Or the woman might say: “Yeah, now that I do not have the reaction, I can live with my husband but does that really mean I want to? Is this the kind of relationship I really want, or do I want a different kind of relationship?” If you change yourself, then either your partner will change or you will change your partner and find a partner that has more of the resolved psychology that you now have and therefore, you can have a higher form of relationship.

When this shift towards a recognition of reincarnation really gains momentum, there are many questions that can be asked about relationships. Of course, you could say that most people today are living in ignorance because they do not know about reincarnation. But what is the so-to-speak omega aspect of reincarnation? It is of course karma.

Spiritual people are all familiar with it, but look around you in most of the developed societies on earth, and they are completely oblivious to the concept of karma. You can ask yourself, “Is this really sustainable”? You have these countries that are in many ways highly developed, they have achieved amazing results compared to how they were two or three generations ago. But they are still completely ignorant of the most basic aspect of life on earth, which is that everything you do is done with energy. It qualifies energy with a certain vibration and that energy stays with you in your four lower bodies and it stays with you from lifetime to lifetime, until you do something about it.

There may be a certain physical consequence of an action you take. Say you buy a used car and they know that the engine is worn down but they do not tell you. So, you sign a contract, you sign for a loan and you are thinking you are buying a good car and you drive out of the used car lot. Three weeks later, the engine burns out and the used car salesman knew about this, but did not tell you. Here is a physical consequence and most of these developed countries would say: “Well, you should not be liable for that consequence, because you did not know—if you had known you would not have bought the car. The used car salesman should have told you and therefore should give you your money back”.

Well, these very same highly developed countries do not want their own children to know that everything they do makes karma. Karma is a consequence. Now, you may have certain things that children do that have a physical consequence. These highly developed societies, they want their children to know about the physical consequences. If you touch a hot stove, you are going to burn your fingers. If you walk out on the street without looking right and left, you might get run over by a car. These societies want their children to know all about physical consequences so they can protect themselves.

They do not want their children to know about the non-physical consequences of what they do and how it makes karma, how it qualifies energy that accumulates in their emotional bodies, their mental bodies, their identity bodies, and affects these children in very, very profound ways. It affects how they feel about themselves, how they feel about life, what they think, how clearly they are able to think, what they are able to reason about. It even affects how they see themselves.

These highly developed societies all know what Einstein said, namely that everything is energy. They do not want their own children to know the very simple fact that they have four bodies, three of them are not physical, they are what we might call energy bodies, even though the physical is, of course, also an energy body, but at least they are non-physical energy bodies. Just as toxins and chemicals and radiation and heavy metals can accumulate in the physical body, so can toxic emotions, toxic thoughts and a toxic sense of identity accumulate in the three higher bodies. The more it accumulates, the more it affects people’s feelings, thinking and how they see themselves. These highly developed societies, for some reason, do not want their children to know this. They are actually unofficially sanctioning that all of their children grow up in ignorance about one of the most basic facts of life on earth, namely that everything you do is done with energy and everything you do affects energy that will accumulate and affect you. Very simple.

This is what in the East is called karma. You could just as easily call it an ‘energy consequence’. You could call it some other fancy name you could come up with, but it does not matter. It is a reality. It is a reality that could even be made visible with technology that is already there, digital cameras hooked up to computers. But even by just talking to people, looking at people, even many psychologists could very quickly make this breakthrough of recognizing that there is an energy component to a mental condition, a psychological condition, a psychological illness. It is not difficult to look at a patient who has severe emotional trauma and see that there must be a build-up of a certain type of energy in that person’s emotional body. You can see throughout this person’s lifetime, how that build-up has become more and more intense, and the more intense it becomes, the more it cripples the person emotionally. How difficult is it to see this?

Just take what is already observed, what is already talked about by many psychologists, and just snap it into focus and realize here: “If we really want to help our patients, we need to find a way to help them overcome this buildup of emotional energy.” Or even look at the fact that certain people are locked in a pattern but they can only look at themselves, their lives and their relationships a certain way and it is because there is a certain amount of energy that has been built up in the mental body. It acts as a magnet and it magnetizes these people’s conscious minds into thinking in certain patterns. Their minds cannot think outside of that pattern because the energy has such a magnetic effect that it pulls their minds.

Or go into the identity body and realize that some people are so locked in a certain sense of identity. For example, what you call narcissists, which there is a growing awareness of in the psychological profession. Well, is it not possible to see that narcissists have a very, very locked sense of identity, not only of who they are, but who they are in relation to other people? Is it not possible that this could be because there is a certain energy that has built up in these people’s identity bodies, and they are acting like a prison where these people cannot see? They cannot step outside of that prison and look at themselves and other people and their relationship to other people in any other way. They are locked in a pattern. If we want to help these people, we have to find a way to help them deal with that buildup of energy. Is it really too much to ask?

Of course, again, some therapists have begun thinking in these terms, but it can spread like rings in the water, so that more and more people will pick up on this. Suddenly, a person who has been thinking about this for a long time, experiences a breakthrough. Now several things come together and it is just obvious that this is the way it is. With that recognition comes the willingness to try out various methods. When you see that it works, well, we may not understand exactly how it works, but it works. And that is what matters.

Within the foreseeable future, there will be a shift in the psychological profession. This is talking in broad terms, not only people who have a university degree as a psychologist, or psychiatrist, but people who are seeking to help people with their psychology in many ways. There will be a shift, where there will be the emergence of a new type of therapist, counselor, whatever you want to call it.

These are people who are open to new ideas, who are experimental and who can actually help their clients and produce results. You will see that, as there always is when these things happen, the psychological profession itself, the institutions of the profession, will ‘hunker down’ as they say, they will stick to their tried-and-true principles. They will label anything new as quackery and unscientific and they will try to suppress it. But what will happen is another revolution from below where more and more people, ordinary people so to speak, are going to say: “I don’t care what the psychological profession says. I care about results and if this person can help me, I am going to go to that person”. That is what will force the psychological profession to eventually change because they will realize that they have been sidetracked. They are marginalized. Nobody cares about them anymore, except those who are inside the circle of the ‘real’ professionals, the ‘real’ scientists.

We cannot really move into higher awareness relationships until we move into the higher awareness psychology, the higher awareness therapy. More and more people will break through, they can see it is obvious that there is a different way, there is a different approach we need, and they will be willing to experiment with it and go with it. Many people will look for alternatives. Suddenly, there will be this shift in awareness. One of the outcomes of the decade of the 2020s is that more and more women will begin to look for these alternative approaches to dealing with their own psychology and also to dealing with relationships in general.