The secret to changing your life

We will now discuss the essential secret to changing your psychology. There is really nothing mysterious about this, but since none of us were taught this in Kindergarten (as we should have been) it is a secret for most people. For the same reason, what you will learn here might at first seem very different from the way you were brought up to think your mind works.

Here is what we have seen so far:

  • Everything is energy.
  • Energy comes from the quantum field or the realm of higher awareness.
  • There is a stream of energy that flows from higher awareness into the four levels of the material universe, which happens as the energy is lowered in vibration to the four octaves of the world.
  • The base energy gradually takes on more and more detailed forms, until it manifests what we perceive as physical forms, such as our bodies and the entire planet.
  • Energy takes on specific forms because it is acted upon by conscious minds.
  • Our identity, mental, emotional and physical minds are conduits for a stream of energy coming from our higher selves.
  • As the energy streams through the four levels of the mind, it is lowered in vibration and takes on the forms of the structures or programs we have in the four levels of our minds.

Now comes the essential insight:

  • You are a conscious being, even a self-conscious being.
  • Everything you do, including thoughts and feelings, is done with energy.
  • Energy is a mechanical “thing” that cannot take on form by itself.
  • What causes the energy to take on specific forms is your consciousness.
  • A being with self-awareness has the ability to imagine a form that is not yet manifest and then decide that it will manifest it by superimposing a mental image upon the energy. For example, you can imagine a house, draw a detailed blueprint and then build the house.
  • Whatever you create, you are using consciousness, meaning your creation is endowed with consciousness. You are so to speak projecting some consciousness into whatever you create. This is most easy to see with a subconscious program.
  • This projection of consciousness makes any structure you create in your subconscious mind more than a normal computer program.

We have seen that as you learn to do certain tasks, you create a program in the subconscious mind. An obvious example is learning how to ride a bicycle. Yet learning to ride a bicycle is not just a physical task. There might be some intense feelings involved with riding a bike, or the fear of falling down. There may be some thoughts about why you want to ride a bicycle and why you enjoy it (or ´don’t enjoy it). Riding a bicycle can even give you a sense of identity as a person who is a bicycle-rider.

What you are really doing is creating a conscious entity or being in your subconscious mind. HAP will refer to such a being as a self.

Why is this so critically important? For these reasons:

  • The self is not self-aware, but it has a form of consciousness. This can be compared to the artificial intelligence or AI programs used on computers.
  • The program can adapt to circumstances and it can learn to anticipate how you “should” respond.
  • The program cannot itself make decisions, but it can select from a range of options which decisions you “should” make in a given situation.
  • Because you created the self, the self can influence your conscious mind. It can project thoughts into your mental mind and feelings into your emotional mind.

Again, why is this so critically important? Because such a self is like having a little being inside your mind that is seeking to influence you and RESIST YOUR GROWTH.

This self is NOT you. This self is NOT self-aware, meaning it cannot really chose. It selects the response to a situation based on what you have done in the past. It can NOT chose a different situation than what you have done in the past.

You may have heard the following saying by Albert Einstein:

If you continue to do the same thing, but expect different results, you are insane. 

This is a quirky way of saying that if you keep throwing a rock up in the air, but you expect that one day  it will not fall down, then you are insane.

In other words, if you continue to allow your subconscious selves to run your life, but you expect that one day something will magically change, then you are insane.

Once created, a self can only continue to carry out its programming. The self CANNOT CHANGE ITSELF.

YOU can change yourself, but you can ONLY do so by realizing that it is the selves that make you what you are now. In other words, as you go through life, you create subconscious selves to deal with certain situations, but once you create them, they sink below the level of conscious awareness.

You are not aware that you have these selves or how they influence you. Instead, you think the selves ARE you, that they are what make up your personality.

The self will resist your growth

It may sound as if these selves are passively resisting any change in your life, but that is not the case. When you start the process of changing your psyche, your subconscious selves WILL ACTIVELY RESIST YOUR EFFORTS TO CHANGE.

This is the essential insight that is the difference between those who are successful in changing their psyches and improving their Life Experience and those who are not.

A subconscious self has these characteristics:

  • It has a survival instinct, it does not want to die or become obsolete, meaning it wants you to continue doing what created the self.
  • It has a drive to grow and make itself stronger. Therefore, it wants you to continue qualifying energy through the self so the self can grow stronger (the more energy accumulated in the self, the stronger of a pull the self has on your conscious mind).
  • It cannot change the basic belief upon which it was created, and thus it will actively resist that you change this belief.

Let us make this less abstract through an example. Say that as a child you were exposed to an older child who teased you. You felt powerless to stop the older child, so you became angry. Over time, this created a self that has several levels:

  • At the identity level, the self is based on the belief: “I am powerless in certain situations.”
  • At the mental level, there is a belief that this is unfair, that you are a victim who cannot defend itself. There might be thoughts about how you can change other people or the world around you, but there is no thought about changing the self.
  • At the emotional level is a belief that it is acceptable to be angry in such situations and that there is no other way to react.

Most people created such a self during childhood, and most people never overcome it. They continue to react to some situations through this self, meaning that as adults they react like children.

At each of the three levels, energy has been qualified through the self, and this energy has accumulated. For example, anger energy has accumulated in the emotional body, and this reinforces the self. The effect of the accumulated energy is threefold:

  • It forms a kind of fog that makes it difficult for your conscious mind to see the self.
  • It forms a pull on your conscious mind, making you more prone to become angry.
  • If you start looking at your reaction, you first encounter the anger energy in your emotional body and this is very unpleasant. Most people never go any further.

The key insight here is that the self resides below the level of conscious awareness. It knows that you can at any time decide to look at the decision that created the self, to pull it into your conscious awareness. And once you are consciously aware of the decision and how it limits you, you have the power to change it.



HAP will of course show you how to deal with all of these issues and overcome these selves one by one. As you go through this process, you will gradually:

  • Be able to take command over your actions and your reactions.
  • Be able to fundamentally improve how you experience life, even how you experience yourself.
  • Be able to feel calm and have inner peace
  • Be able to  think clearly so you can make better decisions.
  • Be able to make free choices about how you respond to situations that now trigger a programmed response from a self.

In order to start the process of freeing your conscious self from the subconscious selves, you need to understand how the selves affect your perception. Perception is not a passive process.