The path of higher awareness has 144 levels

By observing human beings, both today and in history, it is easy to see that there are different types of behavior:

  • On one end of the scale, we have people who are completely insensitive to the suffering they inflict upon others. This may be leaders of nations or empires, serial killers or sadists who enjoy inflicting suffering upon others.
  • On the other end of the scale, we find people who are altruistic and spend a lifetime seeking to help others, even raise their society or humanity as a whole.
  • In between we find what is often called normal human beings who have some self-centered tendencies but are not directly harming others. There is quite a range of behaviors from more selfish to less selfish.

What explains these differences? HAP is based on the realization that we are psychological beings, therefore the explanation for the different behaviors is that human beings are at different levels of consciousness. A narcissist is simply at a lower level of consciousness than an altruistic person, a criminal is at a lower level than a normal person.

This makes it possible to create a scale from lower to higher levels of consciousness. HAP teaches that there are 144 different levels of consciousness possible for a human being. They range from the lowest, most selfish state of consciousness to the highest, most altruistic state.

All human beings are somewhere on this scale, and we have the ability to go up or down on the scale:

  • If we consistently make selfish choices, we will lower our consciousness and thus descend towards the lowest levels of awareness. This often happens without people being conscious of what they are doing.
  • If we consistently make less selfish choices, we will rise towards the higher levels. This can also happen without people being conscious of what they are doing. Many so-called normal people are engaged in this raising of awareness without being aware of it.
  • The third option is that we become aware of the potential to raise our consciousness and make a conscious effort to walk a systematic path towards higher levels of awareness. Throughout history, many people have walked this path, and there are many ways to describe it. HAP offers one way to describe this path and does not claim it is the only or ultimate description.

The explanatory power of HAP

Why is it important to know about the levels of consciousness? First of all, because it has the power to explain many things that baffle people. This will later be expanded upon, but here is just a short glimpse.


Why is there evil in the world? This is a question asked by many people, and HAP explains it by saying that evil acts spring from the lowest levels of consciousness. People who are at these low levels are not fundamentally different from the rest of us, but they have created so many subconscious selves that they are completely blinded by the perception filter created by the selves.

They have created selves that can justify any action, even killing 6 million people in concentration camps. This also explains why it is so difficult to make these people see what they are doing. As you go towards the lowest level, you become more and more convinced that you are right in some epic way. You create subconscious selves aimed at defending the belief that you are right, and these selves block people from seeing how selfish they have become. They instead think they are working selflessly on some epically important goal, whether it is purifying the human race, spreading communism or spreading Christianity.

Special people

Throughout history, there have been claims that some people have been at a higher level of consciousness than normal human beings. Examples are the Buddha and Jesus and both have been idolized by some of their followers to be so special that they seem to be fundamentally different from the rest of us, for example because of special circumstances around their birth.

HAP teaches that such people have reached the highest levels of awareness possible for human beings. They are not different from us, they actually demonstrate the potential that all of us have. The Buddha and Jesus are meant to serve as examples of what happens as we walk the path of higher awareness.

Purpose of life

On a more personal level, knowing about the levels of awareness can give you a new sense of purpose. Many people have wondered about the purpose of life, and one way to describe it is to say that the Earth is an educational institution.

However, we are not here to learn as we do in school by acquiring intellectual knowledge. We are here to learn how to raise our awareness until we can pass the final exam and move on to another realm that does not have the suffering and problems seen on earth.

Human interactions

As another example, knowing the levels of awareness sheds new light on human interactions. All human interactions are determined by the level of consciousness of the people.

If you consistently run into a certain type of people, it is because there is some self in your subconscious mind that corresponds to the selves in such people’s minds. This means that if you overcome the selves in your mind, you will either stop attracting such people or you will learn to deal with them in a more constructive way. In other words, by raising your level of awareness, your relationships will fundamentally change.

Your physical situation

Even your physical situation is linked to your level of awareness. You were born in a certain situation because it corresponds to something in your subconscious mind.

The purpose of being born there is to make it more visible to you, so that you can make an effort to raise your awareness to a higher level. Once you raise your consciousness, either your physical situation will change, or you will find a more constructive way to deal with it.

These are just some of the things that can be explained by considering the levels of human awareness.

Three stages of awareness

HAP teaches that there are three main stages among the 144 levels of human consciousness. The neutral stage is at the 48th level of consciousness. This is the level where you are not particularly selfish, but you are focused on yourself as an individual being. You have a relatively low awareness of the world but are focused on your personal situation. You are not at this stage aggressive towards others.

The choice we have is whether to go up or down from the 48th level. Those who go below, become increasingly selfish and there are plenty of examples of what this can lead to.

People who go above the 48th level seek to raise their awareness, whether they are conscious of this or not. This can lead them to the 96th level, which is  crucial turning point. This is where you transcend the focus on self and start becoming increasingly altruistic, meaning that instead or raising yourself as an individual, you seek to raise the whole.

Let us take a closer look at the three stages.

Going below the 48th level of consciousness

People who go below the 48th level do so by creating selves that are selfish. There are several ways to describe such selves, but one basic way is to say that a selfish self violates the Golden Rule. Such selves are based on a belief that justifies why you can do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.

These selves either see it as inevitable, as justified or even as a sign of your superiority. These selves often use a world view to justify selfish actions and make it seem like they serve some greater goal. For example, Christian crusaders followed a religion based on the Golden Rule and even the Old Testament command “Thou shalt not kill.” Yet they still felt it was justified that they killed Muslims and even thought they would be rewarded in heaven for doing so.

Going below the 48th level of consciousness is also a path, but it is a path to lower levels of awareness. It can only lead to more and more tension because a self that violates the Golden Rule will always feel threatened.

How do you justify doing to others what you don’t want them to do to you? By going into a special state of consciousness dominated by dualistic polarities. This duality consciousness makes everything relative.

Therefore, even the non-relative Golden Rule can be made relative to your definition. When you define that spreading Christianity is epically important, you can define it as right to violate the Golden Rule when it is done for this just cause.

This duality consciousness will be described in depth later, because understanding how it distorts everything is key to overcoming these selfish selves.

From the 48th to the 96th level

People who are below the 48th level are very affected by the family, society and culture in which they grew up. They often find it difficult to break free from conventions and traditions, unless they go to the very lowest levels and become complete egomaniacs.

Walking the path from the 48th level is first a process of freeing yourselves from the feelings, beliefs and sense of identity that you were brought up to have. You are so to speak raising yourself above the collective consciousness of your family and society.

As you keep going up, you start building a stronger sense of individuality. You become more aware of who you want to be and you start creating a more distinct personality. Thus, when you reach the 96th level, you have built a stronger personality that has served you well as a vehicle for rising to this level.

At the 96th level

At the 96th level you face a crucial test. You have two options:

  • You can continue to build upon and strengthen the individuality that brought you to this level.
  • You can realize that this individuality cannot take you higher, and thus you need to actually start dismantling it and reaching for a higher individuality.

If you are not willing to let go of your individuality, you will start descending towards the lowest levels. This is what has happened to many of the people who are narcissists or megalomaniacs.

They are so attached to their outer personality that they will not give it up but want to continue to refine and expand it. For example, some of them want to become more powerful in terms of controlling others or their outer situation.

As you rise towards the 96th level, you will expand your intuition. Intuition is really the ability of the conscious self to tune in to your higher self. By using your intuition, you can begin to see that the individuality that took you to the 96th level is still created in reaction to conditions in the world.

This is only an outer personality. Your real individuality is anchored in your higher self. At first, you will see this higher individuality only in glimpses because the selves that make up your outer personality will block your conscious self from seeing it clearly. Yet as you engage in the path of overcoming these selves, your real individuality will start to shine through.

This will give you a sense of inner peace because you know who you are. It will increase your creative powers, making it possible for you to change both your outer situation and master your own mind. You will also become gradually less disturbed by anything happening in the world. And you will expand your sense that your life has a purpose, even that you can do something to help improve conditions on earth.

Above the 96th level

Going above the 96th level is a level of the path that is above what is often called self-improvement or personal growth. It is working towards the highest levels of consciousness possible for a human being on earth.

Walking this path is a lifetime commitment that requires you to be willing to look at anything in your subconscious mind. This level of the path requires you to overcome the illusions that have kept individual sand societies, even the entire human race, trapped for thousands of years. Yet this is of course possible, and HAP will help you well on your way.

The secret to walking the path

The essential key to walking the path towards higher levels of awareness is the teaching about the subconscious selves. For each of the 144 levels of awareness there is a self that will seek to keep people at that level.

Freeing yourself from this self will require you to see through the illusion upon which the self was created. This can be done without you being consciously aware of what you are doing.

By becoming conscious of the path and the need to see through these illusions, you can make it so much easier for yourself to make progress towards higher levels. Showing you this conscious path is of course what HAP is all about.