A Specific Outcome Must Be Achieved

Another subtle consequence of the epic world view is that it projects the idea that on earth a specific outcome must be achieved in order to manifest God’s plan and avoid the worst possible disaster. This is a very serpentine idea that has trapped numerous spiritual people in various blind alleys so we will look at it from different angles.

Any experience can help you grow

You have free will and you have the right to have any experience possible on earth until you have had enough of it and want something higher. What determines the kind of experience you desire to have? Naturally, you cannot desire to have an experience that you cannot see as a possibility. 

Before the manipulators arrived on this planet, many of the experiences that people today take for granted simply were not available. Large scale conflict, what you today call war, had not taken place on this planet so having the experience of being a warrior or a general commanding vast armies was simply not in the field of view of human beings. They couldn’t even desire it because they couldn’t see it as a possibility.

This is where certain manipulators would take what was said earlier and say that this proves people were restricted in how they exercised their free will. The manipulators have given people greater freedom of will by showing them options they could not see on their own. 

From a certain perspective, one could even say this is correct. Why did the ascended masters allow manipulators to embody on earth? Because the inhabitants of earth had already gone into the struggle consciousness. By allowing the manipulators to embody here, the struggle would be intensified and this would have the effect that people would more quickly have had enough of the struggle.

From an overall perspective, any experience that is possible in the material universe can serve to take you to the point where you have had enough of that kind of experience and want something higher. Any experience you can have through separation can serve to take you to the point where you have had enough of the struggle and want more, therefore reaching for the Christ consciousness.

What the manipulators did was to help people see options that would limit their self-awareness even more than what human beings had envisioned themselves. The manipulators did not actually free people. They deceived them into limiting their self-awareness whereby they blindly follow the manipulators. This can also expand your self-awareness but only when you awaken from the illusion. 

In the original scenario, lifestreams would be on a path that would gradually expand their self-awareness. It was a steady upward curve where people never took a backward step. After the manipulators arrived here, most people have gone into a downward spiral of limiting their self-awareness. The downward momentum continued until people had created such an intense struggle for themselves that they could no longer stand it and cried out for deliverance. 

People have then gone through a very abrupt awakening, have asked for help and the ascended masters have given it in order to help them climb to a higher level of self-awareness. Some have then been ensnared by another serpentine illusion and have again started limiting their self-awareness. Again, they had to hit bottom before they asked for help and again the masters delivered it.

From a purely pragmatic perspective, this process can eventually lead people to have seen so much struggle that they give up the entire struggle consciousness. This will also lead to a growth in self-awareness, but it will include infinitely more suffering than the steady upward progress designed by the ascended masters. Beyond the suffering, there is also a mechanism that makes the epic dramas a very serious trap that can delay the awakening for many people.

The cost of making choices

In the original scenario, people would make choices, observe the consequences and then use their experience to make new choices. In this scenario, it never even entered their minds to consider that they might have made a wrong choice. Why would they think so when every choice led to consequences that caused them to expand their self-awareness and experience life as richer than before?

With the advent of the manipulators and their epic dramas, a new consideration was projected into the collective consciousness, namely that certain choices are right and certain choices are wrong. How was this achieved? By defining that there is a specific outcome here on earth that must come to pass according to God’s plan. 

This led to a very subtle shift in people’s approach to life. Before, people had the approach that the goal of life was the growth in self-awareness. Any choice you make leads to consequences and you learn from the consequences by evaluating: “Do I want more of this or do I want less of this?” 

The overall result is that you learn from all choices and that you expand your self-awareness. You know what works for you and what doesn’t work for you, which means you also learn who you are. We might say that people’s focus was on producing a result that reaches beyond the material world, namely growth in self-awareness.

In the scenario of the manipulators the focus of life suddenly became to produce specific results here in the material world. It was projected that producing this material result was more important than your individual growth in self-awareness. 

You should submit your individual will and growth to bringing about this collective result. There was now a new way to evaluate the consequences of your choices. It was no longer about what leads to growth, it was a matter of what was right and wrong based on the superior standard (a standard defined by the manipulators).

The arrival of the manipulators happened a long time ago. For a long time, countless people have fed their energy and attention into creating a self in the collective consciousness. This self, or beast, has become very powerful and there is now such a force directed at people that most people simply cannot see what is right and wrong about right and wrong. 

They uncritically accept that there is an overall standard for what is right and what is wrong and that such a standard was defined by God. They unknowingly submit to the beast and become blind followers of the fallen leaders. In order to rise above a certain level of Christhood, you have to come to see the fallacy of this entire mindset. 

All human beings have been affected by this self that there must be a standard for right and wrong. Many spiritual seekers have transferred that to their spiritual teaching and believe the ascended masters have defined a standard for what is right and wrong. 

What is the most subtle psychological effect of this mindset? It is that if you make certain choices, those choices were wrong. Because of the intense momentum created over time, it is very difficult to admit a mistake because most people cannot stop themselves from going into deep feelings of guilt, self-blame, fear and other negative emotions.

The subtle psychological consequence is that before the advent of the manipulators, it was very easy for people to change their choices. If a choice produced a consequence they did not want more of, they simply made a different choice, abandoning the old one. They didn’t think: “Oh, I made a mistake, I was wrong and that makes me a bad person.” They simply changed their minds and moved on.

Today, admitting that one of your choices was not the best one carries a major penalty. You made a mistake that can be wrong in an epic sense with all of the negative emotions that might produce. What is the effect? That it has now become very tempting to avoid admitting that you “were wrong,” making it much more difficult for you to change direction in life. Once you have gone into the epic mindset, it becomes very difficult to get back out.

The catch-22 of wrong choices

The epic mindset defines that certain choices are wrong in an epic way. When you go into duality, you automatically enter a struggle against other people, and this will lead you to take actions that have epic consequences. Sooner or later the struggle will make you feel so overwhelmed by negative feelings that you kill another human being in anger. 

Killing another human being is an epic act, and for most people it will lead to the inner realization that they have done something wrong. This will cause them to open themselves up to the emotional self that projects guilt and blame at them, and the result can be such an overwhelming negative feeling that they simply cannot live with it. In their extreme agony and pain, they look for a way out.

Why did you kill the other person in the first place? In many cases, this happened because people were relentlessly attacked and violated by the aggressive manipulators. One group of manipulators caused people to start killing in self-defense. The other group projected that killing is wrong, but they also offered people a way out of the guilt. Because when there is an epic goal that must be attained, then any act which accomplishes this goal becomes justifiable. 

This now leads to a consideration that new co-creators could never have come up with on their own, namely that the end can justify the means. Human beings have a sense of kinship with each other and a basic reverence for life. The manipulators have neither, and they will kill anyone standing in their way without feeling remorse over doing so. 

The manipulators forced people to go into the struggle and start killing. They then offered people a way to avoid the sense of guilt, the price being that people had to accept the epic mindset. Yes, killing is wrong, but these other people are killing our people in order to destroy God’s plan, which means it is justified for us to kill them in order to manifest the outcome God wants. We will even be rewarded for this in heaven. 

This can now suck people into a spiral of being a warrior who is seemingly always fighting on the side of good, meaning that over several lifetimes people can kill many others in war and they can themselves be killed many times. 

Killing others leads you to create karma, no matter how justified it might seem according to the standard defined by the manipulators. Participating in armed conflict and being killed will lead to trauma that creates deep scars in your psychology and misqualifies enormous amounts of energy. This brings us to the catch-22 and the question of how people might escape from this downward spiral of struggle and killing.

The essence of the epic mindset is that you can make choices that are wrong in an ultimate way. Doing this would lead to maximum emotional pain. With this in mind, what is the worst possible choice you could ever make? It would be to go into the duality consciousness and become a blind follower of the manipulators.

How could you ever escape this state? You would have to consciously admit that your choice was not one you wish to continue. The problem is that when people begin to see that the actions they have taken through the duality consciousness were not the best ones, they are still colored by the duality consciousness. This causes them to evaluate all choices based on right and wrong, meaning that if it was a mistake to go into duality, then you did something wrong and that makes you a bad person. You are then overwhelmed by intense negative feelings.

This exposes the basic strategy of the manipulators. They trick you into going into duality and enter the struggle against others. They trick you into doing things that make karma for yourself. As you have had enough of the struggle and killing and want to get out, they then project at you that if you admit how wrong you have been, it will be so painful that it will destroy you. 

They seek to keep you endlessly in the mindset of affirming the epic world view where your actions were justifiable according to some ultimate cause. They want you to believe that in a short while, good will win the ultimate victory over evil—if only you keep believing that killing is justified.

How will you ever break free of the fallen mindset? Only by consciously seeing and admitting that you no longer want to be in this frame of mind. If you cannot consciously admit this because of the pain it would cause you, then it is very tempting to take another round in the epic mindset where your actions feel justified and you can avoid the pain and the “day of reckoning.” 

What is the only possible way out? It is to acknowledge that the conscious self is responsible for entering the separate self, but it is not responsible for the actions committed by the separate self. The manipulators have attempted to block even this way out.

Does God condemn you?

It is implicit in the epic dramas that God has defined the outcome that he wants to see manifest on earth. God has therefore also defined the standard for right and wrong actions, meaning that God himself will condemn you for doing wrong actions. 

How can you accept what was said above as long as you hold on to the fallen image of the angry and judgmental god in the sky? The simple fact is that you can’t, which means you must deny what was said and take another round in the epic mindset.

Does the real God condemn you? The Creator doesn’t even see anything you do in duality. As the Bible says, his eyes cannot behold iniquity. The Creator has given you the right to go into duality, but once you do, God does not see anything you do there. 

The ascended masters do see what you do in duality, but they do not condemn you for it. They know you are acting through a separate self. They know that the conscious self can at any time see the unreality of this separate self and decide to step outside of it. 

Ss long as you are not open to escaping the separate self, the masters are not concerned about what you do because you will learn from the School of Hard Knocks. When you become open to escaping, they step in to help you. Their only concern is to get you to let go of the old sense of self and accept a self that is closer to oneness, closer to Christ consciousness. 

Once you truly let go of an old self and the consciousness it was created from, you are “blameless before God.” You have been reborn into a new self that does not even remember what the old self did. As the Bible says: “I will remember their sins no more.”

The ascended masters have no blame towards anyone and only seek to help all transcend the limited self. Due to the mechanics of the situation, you can escape a given self only by consciously coming to see its limitations and then choosing to leave them behind. 

The masters never blame you, but until you have fully let go of the fallen consciousness, you will often blame yourself. For many people this causes them to go into a twilight zone where they are asking for help, but at the same time they are seeking to hide from the masters so that they do not see their imperfections.

What caused you to lose contact with your spiritual teacher was that you sought to hide from the teacher. As long as you are seeking to hide from the ascended masters, they cannot help you fully. Why? Because they cannot help you fully see the limitations of your present sense of self, which means you cannot separate yourself from it. 

The masters are not directing blame upon you. You are projecting upon them that they blame you, and you are then seeking to hide certain things from them in order to avoid the blame that you think the masters have for those actions. This is all a projection of your own mind. 

If you could come to see this, you would make it so much easier for the masters to help you and so much easier for yourself to rise to a new level of freedom where the prince of this world no longer has anything in you. It is a basic fact that you cannot take full advantage of a true teacher as long as you seek to hide something from that teacher. It is what you are not willing to look at that keeps you imprisoned in the old self and the fallen consciousness. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.

What about the Age of Higher Awareness?

At this point, some will ask that if the ascended masters don’t have a specific outcome they want to see manifest on earth, why do the keep talking about a golden age, the Age of Higher Awareness? 

Consider the outcome that the manipulators want to see manifest. What they are projecting into the collective consciousness is that there is a fixed and unchangeable image of a perfect society, and this is what God wants to see manifest. Once this state has been achieved, the earth has become perfect and it will remain in this state forever. 

In reality, the most experienced manipulators have begun to understand that nothing can ever stand still. They have pursued the dream of creating a society in which they were the undisputed leaders whose power and privileges could never be threatened. They have often come close to creating such a society, but every time the second law of thermodynamics snatched the victory from their grasp. 

In reality, which hardly any of the manipulators have grasped, it is precisely the manipulators themselves who destroy their own perfect society. The ascended masters are not stupid so they never allow one manipulator to embody on a planet. There is always at least two manipulators with the same level of attainment, meaning they will both want ultimate power and end up in a rivalry against each other. This ensures that one manipulator cannot gain ultimate power, at least not for long. There will always be an aspiring power elite seeking to overthrow the established power elite.

There are, however, some manipulators who have realized that a static society will never be possible so they are not truly seeking it. They are only projecting that this is the goal because it fools most people on earth. As long as you are blinded by separation, a stable society will seem like a perfectly desirable and attainable goal. It is only when you have a direct experience of infinity that you realize nothing can or should stand still in the material world, as it would defeat the purpose of constant growth towards an infinite sense of self. 

The most experienced manipulators are not truly seeking a fixed society. They are seeking to maintain the struggle because they know that the dream of a perfect society is the best motivation for getting people to fight an enemy that seemingly opposes the dream. They are simply lying to people in order to keep them in the struggle and they know the goal can never be fulfilled.

The ascended masters also know that in the world of form, and especially in an unascended sphere, no static society could be achieved. The masters do have a vision of what could be achieved in the coming age, but it is not a fixed vision of a static society. 

The goal is to create a society that gives its members the maximum opportunity to raise their level of self-awareness. As some people take advantage of this and raise their consciousness, society naturally needs to change so that these people can rise even higher. 

A golden age society will be constantly transcending itself, as you have indeed seen many societies on earth change over the past century. The rate of change you see today is slow compared to what it will be in the golden age. When the Age of Higher Awareness becomes more manifest, society will change so rapidly that people will be raised to the ascension point much more quickly than today. 

When you step outside the fallen consciousness, you see as self-evident that the ascended masters do not have a fixed vision that they want to see manifest on earth. Their vision is a society that is giving its members the maximum opportunity for raising their consciousness. This means that it is never justified to use violence or force in order to manifest the golden age society. 

In the golden age an entirely new kind of technology will be released, namely a form of technology that is not based on force. Before this can happen, a critical mass of people must have risen beyond the force-based mindset of the manipulators. 

The Ascended Master Saint Germain is waiting for the best students to achieve this goal, and one purpose for giving these discourses is to help people rise above the force-based mindset and the serpentine illusion that the ends can justify the means. How long will Saint Germain have to wait for you?

What about my Life plan?

Before you come into embodiment you meet with your ascended teachers in order to formulate a plan for your next lifetime. This might specify certain things you want to accomplish during that lifetime so it would seem as if there is a goal to accomplish something in the material world. It might even specify certain things you have to do so how is this different from the epic dramas? 

Couldn’t it be part of your Life plan that you accomplish something to bring Saint Germain’s Golden Age into manifestation? Again, the epic scenario projected by the manipulators is not real. The goal they define is not the same as the goal for the golden age defined by Saint Germain. 

The crucial difference is that for an ascended master, the ends cannot justify the means, meaning they do not advocate the use of force or violence in order to accomplish a certain material goal. Of course, there are certain material goals that are part of Saint Germain’s plan for the golden age. If it is in your Life plan to help bring a certain goal into manifestation, you should indeed dedicate your life to its fulfillment. 

Many spiritual people do indeed have the goal to accomplish a particular task on earth. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you do not use force and as long as you do not become attached to the outcome. What the manipulators have done is to take advantage of your rightful longing to help bring society forward. They seek to redirect it into the epic dramas whereby you actually do not help bring society forward.

The difference is subtle. You may look at one person who accomplishes a particular goal, say bringing forth the invention of a new piece of technology. Yet the person has an impure motive and is willing to use force to get his invention developed and produced. You may then look at another person who also has the creativity of bringing forth something new but is not willing to use force and thus is not successful. Which one helped bring society forward?

The first one did manifest a physical result, but in doing so he also perpetuated the dualistic struggle. The other one did not manifest a result but did not perpetuate the struggle and did indeed free himself from the consciousness of the struggle. 

Look at Jesus’ mission 2,000 years ago. Right after his death on the cross it would seem as if he had accomplished nothing and had left no physical result behind. From a spiritual perspective his mission was a success because he qualified for my ascension, brought new ideas into the physical. 

In many cases you can fulfill your Life plan without having the physical result because that result can always be brought forth by someone else. As you get closer to your ascension, physical results become less and less important. 

Take note that Jesus gave some very radical directions: Resist not evil, turn the other cheek, forgive seventy times seven, let the dead bury their dead. These are directions for those who are close to their ascension and who want to make maximum progress towards that non-material goal. In that case, you need to demonstrate that you are free of the epic struggle, even to the point where you will not kill someone who attempts to kill you.

One of the things you have to do in order to qualify for your ascension is to balance karma. If you have made karma by engaging in the epic struggle, how can you balance that karma? Not by engaging the struggle in this lifetime. For people who are not close to their ascension, it can be appropriate to defend themselves, but for those close to the ascension this might be detrimental to their progress. You cannot be so attached to a physical result, including your physical survival, that you are willing to use force and thereby perpetuate the force-based struggle. 

In order to qualify for your ascension you have to come to a point where there is nothing you have to do on this planet and there is nothing you want to do or experience. There are indeed people in embodiment right now who could qualify for their ascensions in this lifetime. 

The only thing keeping them from accomplishing this goal is that they have not let go of the epic mindset. They feel they cannot leave this planet behind until the goal – as defined by their spiritual teaching – of defeating the enemy has been accomplished. Some of these people have completely closed their minds to the ascended masters because they use an epic illusion to refute their words. 

Stop making choices

Let us look at another subtle effect of the concept that there are right and wrong choices. In the original scenario, there was no risk associated with making choices. You simply learned from all choices and expanded your sense of self. 

With the advent of the manipulators and their standard for right and wrong choices, there is a severe emotional risk associated with making wrong choices. You can be wrong in an epic way and have to suffer the worst possible consequences, such as eternal suffering in hell.

In a sense, it is true that your choices can lead to suffering. Yet the choices that lead to suffering are the choices made from the consciousness of duality. The choices that could bring you to the extreme suffering of a hellish state of mind are the choices made from the epic consciousness of the manipulators. 

Once again, you see that the manipulators have created the problem and they now seek to offer you a solution. The solution is that you use your free will to decide that you are such an incompetent being that you could not possibly decide what constitutes right and wrong choices. 

You will give up making your own choices and follow a standard defined by those who claim they have the right and the wisdom to define this standard. You will give up making your own choices and blindly do what the manipulators tell you to do—for surely, then you could never make wrong choices.

There are two things wrong with this scenario. As explained, the safety mechanism of the cosmic mirror will return to you what you send out. When you base your choices on the standard of the manipulators, suffering will inevitably follow. 

What the manipulators will do is to offer you another epic drama that can explain away your suffering. It is not because you are blindly following the manipulators, it is because something outside yourself is making you suffer. The solution is to once again submit to a drama and start fighting the cause of your suffering. 

The other problem with the scenario is that it is contrary to the purpose of creation, which is your growth in self-awareness. You do not grow by blindly doing what other beings tell you to do. You grow by making your own choices and then consciously learning from the consequences. The epic dramas make it seem unnecessary to evaluate the consequences, as they always have an explanation that places the responsibility away from yourself.

Finally, consider how you might escape the treadmill of blindly following the blind leaders. You got on that treadmill by deciding that you would not make your own choices. How can you get off again? Only by deciding to take back your power to make your own choices. 

The epic dramas tell you that this is the worst thing you could possibly do because it would surely cause you to be condemned to hell. In reality, it is blindly following the manipulators that might take you to hell. The only possible “salvation” is to start making your own choices and ask for the guidance from the Christ consciousness. 

You now see that the manipulators first create a problem, and then they present you with an escape mechanism. When it turns out that this escape is not really an escape from suffering, they seek to block you from doing the only thing that could truly help you escape from the treadmill of the duality consciousness. 

How long will you let this continue? The ascended masters stand ready to help you at any time, but you must decide to open your mind to the truth that will set you free. Seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened for you.