Exposing subconscious selves

This section contains a large amount of teachings designed to help you come to see some of your subconscious selves. You will find teachings about the general illusions behind selves and more specific games and dramas played by the selves.

These teachings are not so much designed to give you intellectual understanding as to give you Aha experiences that help you see your personal selves. This can best be achieved if you read the teachings in a contemplative mode instead of rushing through them.

The connection between ego and subconscious selves
What is the connection between popular teachings about the ego and HAP’s concept of subconscious selves?

How to get started on overcoming the selves
Practical guidelines for starting the process of seeing and overcoming subconscious selves.

SECTION: The illusions of the subconscious selves

This section describes the main illusions that all subconscious selves are based on.

SECTION: The games of subconscious selves

This section describes some of the many games that have the effect of keeping your attention focused on the dualistic vision of the subconscious selves.

SECTION: Dramas of the selves

This section describes the epic dramas created by manipulators in order to prevent you from reaching the higher levels of the path.