Secret of Life

This section describes the secret key to changing your life, but which really should have been taught to all of us in Kindergarten.

The secret to changing your life
Learn the one secret that is the foundation for any effort to change your Life Experience.

Perception is not a passive process
We have all been brought up to see perception as a passive process where we receive impressions from the outside. This is not how perception works in the subconscious mind, and knowing this is essential for changing your Life Experience.

How subconscious selves affect perception
The dilemma of growth is that in order to expand your awareness, you need new ideas. Yet your subconscious selves are programmed to cause you to reject ideas beyond your current world view.

Your subconscious selves form a perception filter
Your subconscious selves literally seek to filter out the very ideas that can help you grow. Knowing this is the key to changing your life.

Selves based on the  inferiority Рsuperiority dynamic
Selves come in pairs, and there are many of them, but one of the most important ones to know is the inferiority-superiority pair because they can block your acceptance of new ideas.