Claiming Your Innocence

The most subtle and thus potentially most devastating effect of the epic dramas is that they rob you of your innocence. If you try to center your attention in your heart, you will notice that deep within your being is the sense that you have lost something, perhaps even a sense of irretrievable loss. 

That sense of loss comes from the fact that the conscious self can never quite forget that it has lost the most precious gift with which it came into this world. We might call it innocence, but can also call it pure awareness, an awareness that is not colored by the value-laden polarities of the mind of anti-christ.

Most of the people who will be open to this teaching are those who did not come into being as new co-creators on planet earth. You have come from other planets or from other realms and you have descended to earth on what we might call a rescue mission. Even using the word “rescue mission” is dangerous because it so easily ties in to the epic mindset.

Christ and judgment

Consider how Jesus’ coming to this earth has been presented as the most epic act ever, namely the descent of the only son of God on the ultimate rescue mission to wrestle the world from the hands of the devil and prevent all people from being condemned to an eternity in hell. In reality, this was not at all the purpose for Jesus’ coming, and the reason was explained in the previous discourses: Free will is the ultimate law.

The manipulators are the ones who want to force the free will of human beings. Those who represent Christ will never seek to force people’s free will, for they know it is only through making choices that people grow, and growth in self-awareness is the purpose of the universe. Christed beings might challenge people to let go of beliefs and attitudes that restrict their free will, making it less than free, but even this is not done through force.

All that a Christed beings ever does or will do is to be who it is. As a Christed being, you are the open door for your higher self. You no longer have an outer self which evaluates what should or should not be done based on some standard or the conditions found on earth. You are letting your higher self shine its light wherever it listeth and you have no opinion or judgment about what should come from the higher self. 

Neither do you have any opinion or judgment about how other people should react or how they do react. You are not adapting the light to them deliberately based on a mental image, although the expression of light will be somewhat influenced by the fact that you have grown up in a certain culture and you express yourself in the conceptual language of that culture.

This is innocence. You do not judge what comes from the higher self. You do not judge what other people should do with it. You do not judge what they actually do and then let your outer mind set up restrictions for how the light should be expressed in the future. You are allowing the higher self – who has the infinitely broader perspective from the spiritual realm – to judge what it sends forth. You allow the higher self to judge what happens here on earth. 

Jesus said that the father judges no man but has committed all judgment to the son. He also called the higher self “father.” However, Jesus used the word “father” to refer to both the Creator and your higher self. The son is the Christ mind, and the Creator has given it to that mind to judge. 

The higher self uses the Christ mind in order to “judge” what you encounter on earth. When the conscious self fulfills its role of being the open door (and nothing more), you no longer have an outer self that judges what you encounter on earth. You remain centered in pure awareness and you simply observe, you witness what is happening without judging. You have no human opinions or expectations—and thus no pain or suffering. Every situation is new and you meet it with a clean state of mind. You have become as a little child.

The higher self does “judge” but it does not do so based on the dualistic standard of the manipulators. You can experience the evaluation of your higher self, but you can do so only when you have systematically let the human self die. If you have not done so, you will – often without being aware of what you are doing – impose subtle judgments from the human mind upon the higher self. 

You will have a subtle desire for what the higher self should or should not express through you. You will also want the higher self (or the ascended masters or God) to validate and confirm the judgments of your selves. The ascended masters will never do this, but there are plenty of false teachers who will validate any judgment of your selves. 

Those who attain Christhood may indeed serve to bring forth a judgment of the manipulators so that these beings can no longer embody on earth. This judgment is not brought about by you forming an evaluation with the human mind and then thinking God will validate your view of another person. The judgment of Christ is brought about when you attain innocence and allow your higher self to express light that the manipulators then reject or put down. It is in this act of rejecting the light of Christ that the manipulators are judged. 

There is a vital difference. The manipulators are not judged based on choices you make. They are judged based on choices they make. You are simply being the open door for the light that “forces” them to choose this day whom they will serve.

As a Christed being you never force the will of other people, you never force them to make a specific choice. You are simply an open door for the light of the higher self, and when this light is expressed on earth, no one (especially not the manipulators) can ignore it. They must either accept or reject the light, and their choice is their judgment. 

According to the Law of Free Will, you do not have the right to force anyone from the mind of anti-christ. You do have the right to force someone to react to the light of Christ being expressed through you. The reason being that the choices of other people to go into the mind of anti-christ can never override or set aside your right to go into the mind of Christ and becoming an open door for that mind to shine its light into the dark dungeons of earth.

The importance of innocence

Everything said about the selves and everything said about epic dramas have led up to this point. There is a need to claim your ability to be in embodiment on earth while being in complete innocence. 

Many spiritual people are motivated by dreams of acquiring special powers that will enable them to win a victory for the light and perhaps even destroy the forces of darkness. The ultimate power is the light of the Christ mind. This light can stream through you only when you become a completely open door. When you rise to the higher levels of the spiritual path, you need to make this your conscious goal and put away childish things.

You become an open door only by claiming your innocence, namely the ability to be confronted with all that the forces of anti-christ, the manipulators and human beings can throw at you and yet remaining in pure awareness. You are not disturbed by anything and you do not react to anything from the human mind. You remain centered in simply witnessing and then allowing your higher self to decide how to respond. 

You now see that there are two levels of innocence. When a new co-creator first descends into embodiment, it has innocence but it also has a point-like self-awareness. Your task is to expand the sphere of your self-awareness by becoming aware of more and more of what is manifest in the unascended sphere where you embody. In the ideal scenario, you will do this while retaining and even expanding your connection to your higher self. You will become more aware while actually becoming more innocent.

It is possible to go through the process of growth without ever encountering manipulators. You will be confronted with the initiations of the separate consciousness, but if you do not become lost in it, you will never have to embody on a planet where manipulators embody. 

Obviously, you do find yourself in embodiment on a planet where there are manipulators. You may have come here because you were deceived by the manipulators to go into duality. You may have volunteered to embody here in order to provide a counter-balance to the manipulators. Either way, the result is the same. In past lifetimes, you did become blinded by the fallen consciousness, as has happened to all who have ever embodied on this planet.

Regardless of how it happened, the reality is that you have been deeply affected by the fallen consciousness. Your task as a spiritual student and as a Christed being in the making is to claim a new form of innocence. 

In the original innocence you do not have an awareness of manipulators and their mindset. On earth your challenge is to claim a state of innocence that does include the awareness of the manipulators and all that has been manifested out of the consciousness of anti-christ. 

Your challenge is to become wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Your challenge is to be aware of the manipulators and what they have done on this planet so you can serve as an instrument for exposing it. At the same time you must attain a state of innocence in which you do not react to the manipulators by becoming pulled into the epic mindset and the epic battle.

Christhood requires awareness and innocence

There are many people on earth today who have increased their awareness of what is happening behind the facade. Some have studied so-called conspiracy theories and some have studied spiritual teachings, including the teachings of the ascended masters. Many people have expanded their awareness, either of the existence of manipulators or at least of what has been done to manipulate humankind. In itself, this is not Christhood. 

It has the potential to become Christhood, but it can do so only when these people claim the new form of innocence while retaining their awareness. Becoming aware of the manipulators and what they have done is a necessary first step. 

As you begin to expand your awareness and come to know what most “normal” people do not or will not know, you will go through a period where you become disturbed, even frightened. The purpose of the teachings on non-duality is to help you move through that phase as quickly as possible.

When you continue to expand your awareness, including your self-awareness, you see that the manipulators might seem powerful on earth, but their power is a house built on sand. They have power only through the mind of anti-christ, meaning their power is based on an illusion. 

Their power is not real and its appearance has no more power than what human beings give to it, either through physical submission or by submitting to the illusions. When you see this, you see that nothing on earth is ultimately real and nothing has power over the conscious self. Then why be afraid of the manipulators, who truly have no more power over you than what you give them? 

How do you give them power? Partly by being unaware of their actions or by being deceived. Have you not now expanded your awareness so you are aware of many of their lies? What is missing is that you expand your awareness so you become aware of their unreality whereby you can finally pull yourself out of the epic mindset and the belief that you have to adapt to them, even that you have to adapt the expression of your light to them. When you become both wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove, that is when the manipulators will truly have no power over you. 

Knowing everything that is wrong on earth while remaining blinded by the epic mindset is not Christhood. Christhood is when you can stand trial before the manipulators in their self-defined courts and not defend yourself but allow them to bring about their own judgment.

Expressing your light

If you have a dark room, how do you get rid of the darkness? No matter how much you know about the darkness, you still cannot remove it. There is a subtle belief that if you give people the full knowledge of how they are being manipulated by the manipulators, then they will automatically wake up and throw off the yoke. This is not so.

Imagine people who have grown up in a dark cave and have never seen the light. You can tell them everything that is wrong with the darkness and you can tell them about the light, but none of this will have an ultimate effect. How does knowing about the darkness help you remove the darkness?

What must you do to remove the darkness from the cave? You must open up a doorway so that light from outside the cave can shine into it. When people have lived their whole lives, even many lifetimes, in the darkness of the mind of anti-christ, they simply don’t have a frame of reference for seeing what it really is. The moment a light shines into their cave, they no longer intellectually understand the darkness, they actually see the darkness for the first time. 

The condition on earth today is that the vast majority of human beings have never seen anything outside the mind of anti-christ, which means they simply do not see it. Only when you see a ray of the Christ light, will you be able to see the mind of anti-christ. Only then will you be able to see it as something that is not natural, something that is not real, something that is not necessary.

The real way to be the Christ in action is not to simply expose the problems with the darkness. It is indeed important to expose problems, but it will ultimately come to naught unless there is also an expression of the Christ light. This will increase the level of light in the cave of the collective consciousness. This will enable people to see something they cannot see today. 

You can indeed increase your awareness of the darkness, but this is not Christhood. Only when you also become an open door for the light, will you be the Christ in action. How do you become an open door for the light? By claiming the new form of innocence that does not come from ignorance about the manipulators. It comes from knowing about them and also knowing their unreality. 

By knowing their unreality, you can come to see that the expression of your light and creativity should never be adapted to the conditions that the manipulators have defined here on earth. The light is real but the conditions are unreal. 

Do not let that which is real adapt to that which is unreal, for it ties you to unreality. The manipulators have managed to rob most people of their innocence, and they have done this by making them believe that their creative expression should – indeed, must – be adapted to the standard defined by the manipulators. 

Most people have been tricked into letting the manipulators become their frame of reference. In reality, your only frame of reference should be your higher self. The representatives of Christ have only one aim, namely to help you free yourself from the yoke of the selves and the serpentine illusions so you can reclaim your innocence. 

As long as your frame of reference is something on earth, your happiness and inner peace will be dependent upon something on earth—where everything is dominated by duality and everything has an opposite. When your frame of reference is beyond earth, your inner state will depend on the unchanging peace and joy of your higher self. That is when you attain conscious innocence. Claim that innocence and then let your light shine upon all.