Could God Make a Mistake?

The epic dramas have had major physical consequences on this planet, but the most devastating effect is that they present you with an enigma, a riddle that is difficult to solve. This is what causes many people to either accept the dramas and seek to outplay them or to become so overwhelmed by the dramas that they are spiritually paralyzed. Just look at the story of the temptation of Eve where Eve was cast into doubt by the serpentine logic.

The epic dramas distort the way people look at every aspect of life and they do so in a way that is very difficult for most lifestreams to deal with. New co-creators simply don’t have the self-awareness to deal with the questions posed by the epic dramas. That is why they are often paralyzed by doubt and cannot reason against the serpentine logic presented in the dramas. They have not become wise as serpents, and that makes it very difficult to become harmless as doves.

As you step onto the path to higher awareness, you must start to deal with the serpentine illusions and overcome them one by one. You must become wise as serpents while becoming completely non-violent and overcoming all desire to use force. 

In order to reach the highest level of Christhood, you must overcome each and every serpentine illusion. This truly must be done through Christ discernment that can only come from inside yourself. Your ability to reason can be a valuable tool for getting started on the process of building Christ discernment. There are some insights that will help you sharpen your reasoning ability and your discernment.

The difference between true and false teachers

As a new co-creator you have only a limited self-awareness and you are simply not ready to deal with large or cosmological questions. As you grow in self-awareness, you will expand your ability to deal with such questions. You will also be guided by your spiritual teacher to deal with each and every question related to life, God and the universe. However, take note of an important difference.

The true spiritual teacher is not in duality and has no personal need to control you or convince you that a certain viewpoint is right. Such a teacher will present you with the higher reality about a certain topic or question. He or she will start by letting you make your own decision and will then give you teachings or ask you questions aimed at guiding you towards a higher understanding. If you want an example of how a teacher might work, consider the Greek Philosopher Socrates who asked questions in order to get people to question what they took for granted.

The true teacher has no need to get you to accept any particular view because the real aim is to raise your self-awareness, which can happen only through your own internal processes. The true teacher has no agenda and simply seeks to stimulate your internal process without controlling it or working towards a particular outcome. 

Contrary to what many people believe, the aim of a true teacher is not to get you to accept certain facts or dogmas but to raise your level of self-awareness. Furthermore, the true teacher never directs any forceful or aggressive energy at you. Why is this so? Because the true teacher has personally resolved all questions and knows that God’s plan for the universe works perfectly. The teacher works within that plan and sees no need to correct it.

In contrast, the false teachers believe there is a fundamental flaw in God’s design. They have various specific ways of describing this flaw, yet the true “flaw” they do not like is that all self-aware beings were created equal, meaning that God did not put them in charge of the universe. 

The manipulators want to have special status and privileges. When they were not allowed to, they rebelled and have ever since tried to prove God wrong by getting other beings to misuse their free will. They have also tried to set themselves up in this world with the power and privileges they so strongly crave. 

As a result of this, they do have a clear agenda, and it is not to raise your self-awareness. It is to get you to unknowingly limit your self-awareness so you never manifest and express your Christhood on earth. Most major thought systems are simply a mind-control machines designed to make sure that you will never attain Christhood. 

The main mode of the false teachers is that they seek to deceive you and cast doubt upon everything. You may say that Socrates also raised doubt about everything, but the difference was in both intention and method. 

It is one thing to ask questions that make people think, it is another thing to accuse people that what they believe is wrong according to some epic standard. It is one thing to encourage people to expand their awareness, it is another to seek to get them to accept one particular viewpoint—especially when that viewpoint springs from the mind of anti-christ.

The main difference is that a true teacher is energetically non-aggressive. He or she never directs any aggressive or force-based energy at you. The true teacher gives you knowledge and insights or asks questions, but there is no lower energy that turns them into arrows that force their way into your energy field. 

In contrast, the false teachers create a psychic impulse made up of two elements. One is a particular lie based on serpentine logic, and the other is an energy impulse charged with lower emotions, such as fear, doubt, anger, blame etcetera.

The true teacher accepts your mind as your exclusive domain. The false teacher has no such respect and is constantly seeking to force its way into your mind for the purpose of causing it to become paralyzed into blind acceptance of a certain epic drama. You can actually learn to expose the false teachers by reading the vibration of the intention behind what they say or write. You can even learn to read the vibration of an idea. This is all part of Christ discernment.

Why were the manipulators allowed to embody on earth? Because a critical mass of the original inhabitants had gone into duality whereby they had become lost to the true teachers. This meant they could learn only from the School of Hard Knocks, but even this school has teachers. Only, the teachers are the manipulators who seek to force the minds of the students. 

One could say that after so many lifestreams entered duality, the ascended masters who oversee the evolutions of earth decided that if people truly wanted to learn from the School of Hard Knocks, they would allow the manipulators to embody here. The purpose was to make the knocks harder in order to shorten the time it would take before lifestreams began to question whether there might not be a higher way to learn.

One could therefore say that the manipulators are substitute teachers. Of course, they are not seeking to help you learn or raise your awareness. They are seeking to keep you under their control. 

This does not mean that you cannot learn from the false teachers. However, you will not learn as long as you are allowing them to manipulate your mind. You will learn from them only when you become aware of their existence and learn to see through the illusions they use in order to manipulate your mind. You will not learn by listening to them; you will learn only when you stop listening to them. Helping you to stop listening to the false teachers is the role of a true teacher.

Has something gone wrong with God’s design?

Mainstream Christianity presents the classical epic drama, namely that God’s plan for the salvation of the universe is threatened by the devil who is working to take all souls to hell. This would then cause God to destroy the world. In order to prevent this, God sent his only begotten son to the world and those who accept Jesus and the Christian religion will be saved. 

Jesus will, supposedly, return to earth at some future date, defeat the devil and establish God’s kingdom on earth. In order to help Jesus do this, human beings need to give God a hand in defeating the devil, which has been used to justify various violent acts, such as the Inquisition, the Crusades and others.

Let us now step back from this scenario and consider what is the – unspoken and for most people unrecognized – claim behind this epic drama. It is generally claimed by the Christian religion that God is almighty and all good. The epic scenario makes the implicit claim that this almighty and good God somehow made a mistake when he created the world. How else can you explain that souls can be lost and that the devil could take the earth to a point where God might have no other option than to destroy it?

Let us now consider a question that for many Christians would be close to blasphemy. If God really is perfect, all-powerful and all-knowing, could God actually have made a mistake? How could a supposedly perfect God create a world that is obviously so imperfect?

In order to approach this question, let us start by considering why the unspoken claim behind the epic scenario seems plausible to human beings. We first have the fact that new co-creators simply do not have the self-awareness to deal with such large-scale questions. When the manipulators first came to this planet, the co-creators who had gone into duality – and who had therefore lost the direct guidance of the ascended masters – simply did not have the wisdom to refute the claims made by the manipulators. 

As seen with Eve in the Garden, their minds were paralyzed by the serpentine logic. Another factor is that there are two groupings of manipulators. There are those who very openly and aggressively attack human beings and seek to force them into submission and brutally destroy those who will not submit. 

The brutality and viciousness displayed by the manipulators when they first embodied on earth was something that human beings had never encountered before. Although humans had gone into duality, they had never fought each other with such disrespect for life as displayed by the manipulators. 

These beings quickly set themselves up as leaders, and they caused societies to go to war against each other. Fighting on the scale of war was unprecedented on earth and it was indeed a group of manipulators who taught human beings to wage war. By observing the brutality taking place on earth, human beings were so shocked that they grappled for an explanation.

A second group of manipulators now stepped in, and they were the “wiser” ones who came up with the epic scenario in order to explain the behavior of the first group of manipulators. Indeed, the explanation was that there is a force, personified as the ultimate brutal being, who is opposing God. 

This force is influencing the people who are opposing our society, and in order to save the earth, it is necessary that we defeat the evil people. Doing this is necessary in order to fulfill God’s plan. It is mandated and justified by God that we become as brutal as our opponents, even more brutal so we can defeat them.

The effect of separation

This is a true and accurate description of why human beings started believing in the epic scenario. One group of manipulators provided the outer demonstration and another group of manipulators provided the ideological framework. 

This is not the full explanation because it leaves out the psychological component. Without understanding the psychological perspective, you will never reach personal Christhood. The reason being, of course, that everything revolves around the psychology of individual beings.

Previous discourses have given teachings about separation, and we now need to put them together. When you go into separation, it is difficult for the conscious self to experience pure awareness. You cannot experience directly that God is formless. 

As a co-creator who has not gone into separation, you constantly experience that you have to deal with a world where everything has form. You can never fully identity yourself with this world – and the outer self you have created to deal with it – because you have some sense of the formless. 

When you lose this sense of the formless, all you experience is form. It therefore becomes self-evident to the new separate you, the unconscious self, that even God must have a form. You might recall that Genesis says God created man in his image and after his likeness. 

When the unconscious self was created, it immediately started creating a God in its own image and after its own – form-based – likeness. In this respect it truly does not matter what form God takes. It is a God who has form and thus not the formless God. What is the difference? A formless God can be manipulated by the form-based self whereas the formless God can never be confined to or manipulated by anything in the world of form.

When the manipulators came to earth, human beings had various conceptions of God or gods. Most of these were what today’s religions call primitive, such as gods in nature or a God who was a kind of magician that would fulfill the wishes of those who performed certain acts (prayers, sacrifices etcetera).

What the manipulators did was to impose their own self-created image of God upon human beings, seeking to get all people to believe in their various images of a god. This god created by the manipulators had one overall characteristic, namely that he had a form that could be opposed by another form. 

It did not really matter what particular form was taken by God and his opponent, and the manipulators would use whatever a group of people already believed in. What mattered was that the new god had an opponent and therefore the world was locked in an epic struggle between good and evil. 

Before the arrival of the manipulators, this concept was completely unknown to human beings. They simply did not have the concept of a God who could be opposed by anything. Why would they have a concept of evil when they had never experienced evil?

Now back to the psychological effect. Because people had lost the direct experience of the formless, the unconscious self found it easy to accept a form-based god. This was made easier by the central feature of the consciousness of separation, namely that you refuse to accept full responsibility for yourself. 

How can you deny that you have full responsibility for your destiny? You must deny that you have free will. Why did human beings accept the image of God presented by the manipulators? Because the form-based god offers a major advantage to the unconscious self. 

The advantage is that the conscious self can remain unconscious and thus the unconscious self can remain alive. How so? Because if God has created the world and if a devil is opposing God, it follows that human beings are caught in the middle of this epic battle. Humans are largely powerless and they have little responsibility.

Those who oppose your group of people can be defined as having been taken over by the devil. This explains why they will not submit to your leader – who is representing God – and this justifies that your side kills the other side. You can now accept that you are a powerless being and blindly follow the blind leaders. 

This scenario seems completely implausible from the Christ mind. But it seems eminently plausible when seen from inside the perception filter of a separate mind. The conscious self does have the ability to step outside of it, reconnect to pure awareness and see the fallacy of the epic scenario. 

The unconscious self simply has no way to do this and thus has no defense. Those in separation cannot avoid being sucked into the epic scenario, and it is really just a matter of which group of manipulators they decide to follow.

Did God really make a mistake?

Now that we have seen why people accept the epic scenario, let us get back to the question. The purpose for the entire world of form is that the Creator wants to create beings who grow into the Creator consciousness. The Creator creates individual extensions of itself who start out with a point-like sense of self. They gradually expand that sense of self until they reach the Creator consciousness. 

What most people have not understood is that the process of expanding your self-awareness is possible only because you have free will. This is a difficult point to get, and it might require some contemplation. For starters, consider what it means to be in the Creator consciousness. 

As a Creator you can create absolutely any kind of world you can imagine. You are a completely self-sufficient and independent being, meaning that nothing restricts your imagination or your ability to choose what to create. As a Creator you have a will that is entirely free because nothing restricts or opposes it.

This does not mean that a Creator has no awareness of consequences. A Creator is fully aware that in order to create a world of form, certain choices have to be made. You cannot create a world that is everything at the same time. 

A world of form is a world where every form is set apart, and this means choices were made and these choices have consequences. Before deciding what kind of world to create, a Creator carefully considers the consequences of its design and chooses accordingly.

Why does a Creator have this awareness of consequences? Because it too started out as a self-aware being inside a world of form defined by another Creator. It worked its way up to the Creator consciousness by exercising its own will and observing the consequences of its choices. (the linear mind will ask who created the first world of form and where that first Creator came from, but that question has no answer that the linear mind can grasp. The conscious self can grasp the answer by experiencing infinite awareness in which no beginning is necessary.)

Without going into a very complex discussion, free will is necessary in order for individual beings to expand their consciousness. You grow by making choices, observing the consequences and then making new choices based on your experience. 

Once you understand this, you see that God did not make a mistake by giving individual beings free will. Free will is essential to the very purpose of creation. Without free will, creation would be pointless because robotic beings could never be raised to the awareness of a Creator.

We now see a truth that is obvious from the Christ consciousness, namely that God did not make a mistake by giving beings free will. Why does it then seem plausible to so many people that God must have made a mistake?

Understanding free will

What does it truly mean that God has given individual beings a will that is entirely free? We first have to look at the “free” aspect of free will. Only a being who has self-awareness can have any kind of will. 

The conscious self starts out with a point-like sense of self. In reality, you will always have a point-like center of your being. Why? Because truly free choices can be made only from a single point. Only when your awareness is concentrated in a single point will all avenues be open to you. 

As an, admittedly inadequate, visual illustration, imagine you are standing in the center of a large open space. Because your body is concentrated in a single location, you can turn freely and walk in any direction you choose. Now imagine that your body is nailed to a large wooden cross. Can you turn easily? Can you move in any direction you choose?

We now need to consider the connection between free will and self-awareness. We have talked about choice versus selection. Let us insert this here:

Choice versus selection

Let us try to illustrate this with a linear (thus not entirely adequate) image. The material world is finite, meaning that although you can choose to create many different selves, there is a limit to what can be created (at least on this one planet). 

Let us say that in the very beginning, the conscious self is standing in the center of a circle. As you know, the circle is a symbol for infinity because it seemingly has no beginning and no end. We can turn the circle into a symbol for the material world by dividing it into a circumference with 360 degrees or angles.

Imagine that you are standing in a single point that is the center of a circle. The circle has 360 degrees on the circumference, which means you can draw a pie-like figure where each degree forms a triangular shape. You are the conscious self in its singular or centered stage. You can choose to go into any of the 360 different kinds of selves available in your circle in order to experience what it is like to look at the material world through that self. 

Now imagine that you pick one self and the triangular shape can be compared to a road where your perspective becomes wider as you walk down it. As you react to the larger world through this particular self, you expand that self and in a sense this expands your awareness. You become more aware of what the world is like, but this happens only within the boundaries defined by this self. 

The farther you walk away from the center, the more you expand your perspective so it seems like a good thing to walk away from the center—and this is indeed what you are meant to do. You are meant to expand your awareness of the world as an intermediate step towards expanding your self-awareness.

One day you reach the circumference of the circle, and now you simply cannot expand your perspective on the world any more through this particular self. How do you grow in consciousness from this level? 

If you have not entered separation, you still know that you are a point-like self in the center of the circle. You can therefore easily turn around and look towards the center, you can instantly abandon the self you have created (letting it die or giving up this life in order to return to the center). 

You do this by saying: “I have not become this self, I am more than this self.” Once back in the center, you can choose another self and repeat the process. Once you have gone around the circle and experienced life in the material world from all 360 angles (in reality many more are possible), you can come to the conclusion: “I am more than any self in this world,” meaning you are ready to enter the process of ascending to a higher world. Your causal body will contain the experiences of seeing the world from all these different perspectives and you will have many nuances in your causal body.

Return to free will

What we can now gain from this illustration is that when a lifestream is new, it has only a limited self-awareness. You are still standing in the center of a circle, but your initial circle is very small and it does not have 360 degrees. It may only have two so what you see is that you can choose to go in one of two directions. 

We might say that instead of standing in a circle, you see yourself as standing on a road, and you can go in either one direction or the other. As you do make a choice and experience the consequences of that choice, you expand your awareness of the world, which also expands your self-awareness. The more experiences you get, the more you expand your vision and the more options you can see. The greater your circle, the more degrees it can contain and the more options you have to choose from.

We now see that when we talk about free will, we have two considerations. To give you another visual illustration, imagine you are standing in a circular room. The room has a number of doors. Obviously, the number of doors that the room can have depends on the size of the room. The greater the circumference of the circle, the more doors, meaning you have more options to choose from. 

At any given time, the circle of your self-awareness has a certain circumference, meaning you can choose from a certain amount of options. Let us say your present room has 12 doors. We can now say that ideally this means you have complete freedom to choose which one of the 12 doors you will walk through. Nothing restricts which door you choose, but, of course, your choice is not entirely free. You can only choose from the doors you can see, and thus the circumference of your self-awareness does indeed limit your free will.

Now we will give this a twist by saying that your room still has 12 doors, but some of them have been blocked from your view by screens set up in the room. Other doors have been painted red, and you have come to believe that a red door is dangerous. 

This illustrates how the manipulators are seeking to restrict your free will. They will seek to prevent you from seeing certain options and they will seek to make you believe that other options are somehow dangerous and should not be chosen. They would like you to believe you have only two options, namely to either accept their world view or to oppose it. They want you to believe that their world view is of God and that anything else is of the devil. They are the blind leaders who want you to follow them blindly.

Freedom of will and rebellion

One of the more subtle ideas floated by the manipulators is that human beings were originally created as a kind of robots who could only obey the will of an external god. The only way to gain true freedom of will is to rebel against this tyrannical god, decide that he doesn’t exist and therefore accept that you are fully capable of defining what constitutes right and wrong choices. It is even said by some that the devil was the first being who claimed his free will by rebelling against the tyrannical god in the sky. We can now see why these ideas are out of touch with reality.

There is no tyrannical god in the sky. The concept of a remote god that has a specific form is entirely the creation of the manipulators. Only a god who has form can have a will that it wants to impose upon you because only a god that has form could be threatened by anything you might do. If this god wasn’t threatened, how could it be concerned about what you do in the world of form?

You were not created to follow the will of any external authority. You were created with a point-like self that can go in any direction. The only thing that limits your options is the size of the circle of your self-awareness. As long as you freely choose among the options you can see, you will gain experience and expand your circle of awareness, thereby expanding your options. The Creator wants you to choose freely among your options and thereby expand your options, continuing to do so until you reach the Creator consciousness.

What is really behind this claim? The manipulators want to be as the tyrannical god they have created. In defining this all-powerful god, they have defined the kind of power they want here on earth. They seek to get that power by getting all people to follow them blindly. They are the ones who want to control your will, and they even project that you will gain freedom only by submitting to them. What does it mean to make truly free choices? Two conditions must be fulfilled:

  • You have a clear and unrestricted vision of all options available to you.
  • You have full understanding of the consequences of each option.

How do you fulfill these conditions? Ultimately, only by attaining the Christ consciousness. The central concern about free will is this: Will a choice you make right now limit the choices you can make in the future?

Ponder this carefully. The reality is that God has given you a will that is entirely free and only dependent on your self-awareness. Because your will is free, you can exercise it in two ways:

  • You can make choices that expand your sense of self. This means that any choice you make will help you see more options and give you more choices in the future.
  • You can make choices that limit your sense of self. This means any choice will decrease the options you can see and give you less options in the future.

Attaining the Christ consciousness means that you realize you are a spiritual being. This means you are a formless being who cannot be limited by any form in the material world. In order to act within the world of form, you have created a form-based self. You can at any time chose to transcend your current sense of self. 

What the manipulators want you to believe is that you can make certain choices that can never be undone. You can use your free will to make a choice that takes away your free will. Once you have made that choice, you are trapped forever, unless you follow the only way out as the manipulators have defined it.

In reality, the conscious self is who it is. You can choose to step into a certain self and see the world through it, and this will indeed help you expand your self-awareness. You can even choose to step into a separate self and thereby forget that you are a formless being. 

Regardless of how you see yourself right now, you have not become that self. You are still the point-like being that descended. You can at any time return to your center and thereby step outside any self created in this world.

This is the reality given to you by the formless God and taught by its representatives, the ascended masters. The manipulators want to get you to step into a self they have created and then they want you to believe you can never step out of it. The epic dramas are the weapon they use to trap you in a form-based self. 

Did God make a mistake? No, the manipulators made a mistake by rebelling against God’s design. They could do this because they have free will. They claim God made a mistake by giving beings free will, but they will not give up their own free will. They want you to give up your free will and follow them blindly. How long will you let this continue? When will you reclaim your freedom of will, decide to walk away from your limited self and follow the Living Christ into an unlimited self?