Does the Christ Have Opinions?

Consider whether a Christed being has human opinions. You have likely been brought up to think you need to have opinions about everything, including political issues, religious issues and how other people live their lives. 

Many spiritual seekers have experienced that as they discovered the path they became aware of a lot of issues that most “normal” people do not even think about. This has caused many sincere spiritual seekers to formulate a set of opinions beyond what most people have. Many even think that having these opinions and holding on to them is part of their spiritual growth. Why did Jesus tell people not to judge after appearances?

It is indeed a subtle effect of the epic dramas that you need to formulate an opinion about everything you encounter in life. What is an opinion? It is often a black-and-white judgment based on a very one-sided view of the issue or of other people. It causes people to judge an issue based on limited knowledge, and once the judgment is formed, the selves think it is a matter of life or death never to change it or have it proven wrong.

What is the effect of this? It causes people to identify themselves with their opinions. In reality, you are the conscious self and you are pure awareness. Pure awareness is beyond any human opinion or judgment. 

A human opinion is formed in the outer self, but the conscious self does not become the outer self and thus it does not become the opinions of the outer self. It is not a matter of life or death for the conscious self if an opinion is proven wrong. It is only a matter of life and death for the self who was formed to defend that opinion. Do you really want to have your conscious attention eaten up by an inconsequential effort to defend the opinions of selves that have no real life in them?

The quest never to be wrong

Another effect of the epic dramas is that they project that it is epically important for a human being to have the right opinions. Being wrong is disastrous in an epic way so it is essential that you are never proven wrong. What does it mean to never be proven wrong? It means that one of your opinions is never proven wrong. 

What is the characteristic of the duality consciousness? It always has two opposing polarities. This means that any opinion which is formulated based on the duality consciousness will have an opposite. As long as an opinion has an opposite, it can always be proven wrong. 

When you adopt a dualistic opinion, you are actually allowing a self to enter your soul vehicle. There will always be another self which has the opposite opinion of the one you adopted. You cannot avoid being affected by the conflict between these two selves.

The manipulators have managed to trick most people into a never-ending game of seeking to never be proven wrong by defending your opinions. It is inevitable that some other people will have adopted the exact opposite of your opinion so your opinion will always be threatened by its opposite. You now have to prove that the opinions of other people are wrong in order to defend your own opinion. 

As a quick look at history will prove, there is literally no end to this game. It will consume your attention right up until the conscious self awakens and becomes wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Meaning that you see the fallacy of needing to have opinions and you give up all desire to be proven right among men, seeking instead to be right with God. 

The manipulators have created a very aggressive force that does attack anyone who dares to express Christhood in this world. Most of the lifestreams who have the potential to manifest Christhood at this time came to earth in order to help raise this planet beyond the fallen consciousness. 

When you first came here, the manipulators knew you were a threat to their control so they attacked you viciously. Their aim was to in any way possible prove you wrong by criticizing you, ridiculing you and putting you down. They would literally do anything – including lying in all kinds of ways – in order to prove you wrong. 

What was their purpose? It was to get you to feel that in order to prove that they were wrong for making you look wrong, you had to engage in an effort to prove them wrong. The violent manipulators pull you into a dualistic game by presenting you with a situation where it seems like you have to kill them in order to prevent them from killing you. 

The deceptive manipulators seek to pull you into the game of proving them wrong in order to avoid having them prove you wrong. If you fall for this deception, you are now caught in a drama to prove others wrong rather than being an open door for the light from your higher self The light can indeed raise the world whereas proving others wrong will never raise the world.

In duality every opinion has an opposite, meaning there is no final argument, there is no absolute truth. You will not promote the growth of the earth by proving the devil wrong. You will promote the growth of this planet only by raising yourself above the entire dualistic game of proving one dualistic illusion right by proving another dualistic illusion wrong. When you have pulled that beam from your own eye, you will then see clearly and can now seek to help others do the same.

Witnessing versus opinions

Is this saying that the Christ never has opinions? That is exactly what it is saying. The Christ mind is beyond duality and thus holds no dualistic opinions. Does that mean a Christed being should keep his or her mouth shut and never engage in any kind of debate? It does not, as you will see demonstrated by Jesus 2,000 years ago. 

It does mean that you do not engage in a debate on the terms for the debate defined by the manipulators. What are those terms? That any statement must be right or wrong according to some standard in this world, a standard defined by the duality consciousness. The effect being that you engage in the debate for the purpose of proving right one idea and proving wrong any opposing idea. You may even take pleasure in raising yourself by proving other people wrong.

Many people have adopted a very judgmental attitude towards other people based on opinions. They have identified themselves based on their opinions and they identify others based on their opinions. Everything now happens at the level of opinions, which is a very superficial level. 

Many religious people are extremely judgmental towards the members of other religions. Many political people are judgmental towards members of other political persuasions. Even many atheists are quick to point out the fallacy of religious persecution while being extremely judgmental of religious people. 

What is lost in this game of judgment? What is lost is the humanity that can form the basis of mutual respect between people. When you judge someone else, you do not truly see them as other human beings. 

The Nazis judged the Jews based on an absolutist standard, meaning that in the eyes of believers in Nazi ideology, the Jews had lost their humanity. That is why some Germans could do to the Jews what they could never have done to members of their own group. 

Judgment makes you believe that some people are fundamentally different from you. Perhaps God created them different or nature made them different, but they are so different that normal humanitarian concerns do not apply to them. You feel no kinship with the people you judge, and thus you can do to them what you could never do to those of your own kin.

Beyond this, the judgment games obscure the basic reality of life, namely that all life is one. This is a reality that can be seen only with the Christ mind, and the judgment games take you completely out of the Christ mind. 

If the Christ mind has no opinions, how does it look at life? It simply witnesses what it sees without judging it in any way. The Christ mind is in oneness with God and all life. It can instantly feel whether an idea or action is coming from oneness or from separation. It instantly recognizes what comes from separation but it still does not judge it. 

It might indeed seek to express a different perspective, perhaps by witnessing to a higher reality or by making people aware that one or both opinions in a debate are out of touch with reality. It may even challenge people’s opinions or behavior but it never does so in order to put people down. 

It does so in order to free them from illusions and help them see the reality that they are all part of the Body of God. The Christ mind may seek to help you see that your opinion is not the highest possible, but it never seeks to prove you wrong. It knows you are more than your opinions and it seeks to help you reconnect to that fact.

Opinions versus reality

Take note of the fundamental difference between opinions and the witnessing of the Christ mind. Opinions exist in the human self, which is by nature separated from oneness. When you look at life through the filter of the human self, there is a gap, a separation between you, the subject, and the object you are observing. 

You can never overcome that gap except when the conscious self steps outside the human self and reconnects to pure awareness. Once you are reconnected to your higher self, you can look at life on earth as your higher self looks at it, meaning you can see the underlying oneness between all appearances on earth.

When you judge after appearances, you judge based on the illusion that different forms are separate. When you see with the clarity of the Christ mind, you see the underlying oneness behind all appearances. That is why Jesus told people not to judge after appearances. 

The Christ mind is what the ancients called “gnosis,” and, as mentioned, it means oneness between the knower and the known. It happens when the conscious self returns to pure awareness whereby the separation between subject and object is dissolved. 

Imagine that you are watching the performance of a puppet theater. The human self is like watching the performance without any awareness that there is anything behind the screen. You think the puppets are real and you might become very judgmental towards the villain. 

The Christ mind sees behind the screen and sees that the puppets are controlled by people and that what the puppets do on the stage has no ultimate reality or consequence. The person controlling the villain is not a bad person but is simply playing a role, a role that he can step out of at any time.

When you look at life on earth through the filter of the human mind, you think people are separated and that some people really are bad, judged by their actions or opinions. The Christ mind sees that every human being has a conscious self that is still pure awareness and is part of the Body of God. 

It also sees that a person’s opinions and actions are controlled by selves that have no ultimate reality and thus have no ultimate consequence for the fate of the world. The Christ also sees that even if a person is now fully identified with the human self, the conscious self can at any time step out of that and reconnect to who it really is.

Proving others wrong

This leads to a fundamental difference in approach. Most human beings have bought into another illusion created by the manipulators. This illusion says that you have to free people from their erroneous ways. 

The way to do this is to prove their opinions and beliefs to be wrong in an absolute way. The underlying assumption is that if you prove an opinion wrong, the person will see how right you are and will then snap out of his or her identification with the opinion.

Based on what has been explained about selves, you can now begin to see the fallacy of this approach. Why is the other person holding a given opinion? Because he has accepted into his soul vehicle the self that is programmed to promote and defend that opinion. The person is now looking at life through that self and literally cannot see anything beyond what the self is letting through. 

Why do you hold a certain opinion and why do other people hold opposite opinions? Most people have fallen for the fallen illusion that you are not holding an opinion but have the absolute truth. The deeper reality is that you are holding your opinion because you have accepted the self that is the polar opposite of the other person’s self.

When you argue with the other person, you are presenting a view of the issue that is colored by your selves, meaning they have filtered out any contrary evidence. You are completely convinced that what you are saying is a higher truth. When the other person hears what you are saying, it will be filtered through his selves, and they will filter out or invalidate all contrary evidence. What you say seems completely valid to you because it is filtered by your selves. The same words seem completely invalid to the other person because it is filtered by his selves. 

There literally will never be a meeting of the minds because the two selves are programmed to prevent this. The arguments you come up with based on your self will never convince the other self. Neither self is self-conscious so they cannot step back and change their opinion.

The net result is that you feel the other person is rejecting your arguments and even rejecting you. This leads you to respond with negative feelings that you might even direct at the other person in order to make him feel bad so he will accept what you are saying. 

The other person might respond by directing negative feelings at you, and the two of you now form the beginning of a negative spiral that can become increasingly intense over time. You can see such negative spirals block the communication between people, from married couples to business associates, political figures and even nations and civilizations. 

A loving approach

What confuses the issue is that it is sometimes possible to convince another person that you are right and that he needs to change his opinion. This does not happen through selves. If another person changes his opinion, it is because his conscious self has managed to step outside of the selves and get in touch with his basic humanity. From this inner connection – however it is perceived by the person – it is indeed possible to change your opinion. It is never possible as long as you are fully identified with a self.

This gives you a new perspective. Many people, even many spiritual people, take a sense of pride in being good at convincing other people. The people who take pride in convincing others are often fully identified with a certain self and they are interacting with other people through that self. The people who are convinced are more in touch with their own humanity, and that is why they are willing to change their opinions. This is not true for all cases, but it is true for some and it should give you pause if you take pride in convincing others.

Here is another perspective. What is the real way to get another person to let go of a limiting opinion? It is to seek to help the other person reconnect to his or her basic humanity, the sense of pure awareness. This is not achieved by proving wrong the other person’s opinion but by making him or her realize that you love and respect them regardless of their opinions. 

What will it take for you to perform this service to life? It will take that you have first reconnected to your own basic humanity by overcoming your identification with your opinions. You must first pull the self from your own eye before you can help another person do the same. 

These teachings can awaken spiritual people to their highest potential on earth, namely to be an open door for the higher self. By engaging in personal and public debates from the oneness of the Christ mind, even a relatively small number of people can be successful in changing the tone and focus of public debate. Truly, anyone who will make an effort to go through this shift will feel that his or her efforts will be greatly multiplied by the momentum of the ascended masters.

The epic dramas make you think you are or have to be God, meaning you have to know everything and provide everything yourself. They even make you think that you have to be the Christ, and for most people this seems very difficult. They see a gap between themselves and Christhood and the gap remains no matter what they do. 

The trick is to realize that the conscious self can of its own self do nothing. It is pure awareness and cannot act in this world. It can act either through an outer self that it has created or it can act by letting the higher self be the doer through its open door.

The key to fulfilling your mission is to realize that you can never do so as a separate self. You can do so only when you realize that you are a co-creator and that the higher self is the true doer. Your role is to be the open door, and in order to be open, you need to dismantle the outer self that stands in the way of the higher self expressing itself freely through you. Only in oneness with your higher self will you feel fullness and completeness. The separate self will forever give you emptiness, no matter how much power it attains in this world.

Free will once again

Go back to the description of how people argue with each other through opposing selves and build a negative spiral that takes over their relationship. The epic mindset makes use of the frustration many people feel by arguing that this proves that free will was a mistake. 

After all, since you have the absolute truth, it is only in the other person’s best interest that he comes to accept your truth. It would obviously be best if you had the power to force his will into accepting what is best for him. It is necessary or better to take away or restrict free will so that the epic goal of saving people and the world can be fulfilled. This would also prevent people from making the kind of choices from which there is – claims the manipulators – no way back. Is it not better to take away people’s free will before they make choices that lead to the destruction of the entire planet?

Why take away free will when free will allows you to make a choice that takes you completely beyond any choice made in the past? The magic of free will is that there is no choice you could possibly make that cannot be erased by another choice. As long as you know your will is free, you can undo any past choice. Nothing is permanent and nothing can hold you back.

The only problem with free will is that the manipulators have managed to make people believe it is not truly free. You think you are limited by your own past choices, that you could have done something so bad that you can never rise above it. You cannot simply make a new choice that erases past choices.

The magic of the Christ consciousness is that when you do make a choice from the Christ mind, it will indeed completely erase a choice made from the mind of anti-christ. This is the true meaning of Christ as the redeemer who removes the sins of the world. 

What removes your sins is not Christ as an external savior. It is when the Christ becomes internal and you make the choice to rise above the consciousness in which you chose to sin. It is when you make a Christic choice that your sins will be white as wool instead of red as scarlet.

Again, the manipulators only want you to restrict your free will because that is the only way they can control you. The Christ knows that regardless of the choices you have made in the past, regardless of how terrible the consequences have been here on earth, you can at any time make a choice that will raise yourself above your past choices. The Christ is in complete acceptance of free will as the only way for self-aware beings to raise their self-awareness. 

You may in the past have chosen to accept the illusions of the manipulators. Nothing in the present prevents you from awakening to the reality of what you have done and then changing it with a choice based on the Christ mind. 

The manipulators and your own selves will try to make you believe that admitting you have made dualistic choices in the past will cause you unbearable pain. Only the selves can feel this pain. The conscious self feels no pain when it reconnects to pure awareness. 

The reality is that seeing the limitations of a past choice will instantly set you free from that choice. Why is this so? How can you come to see the limitations of a choice based on duality? Surely, the mind of anti-christ cannot show you those limitations. Only the mind of Christ can show you the limitations, and once you connect to the mind of Christ, you will be free from your past choices. 

Wont you invite the Christ mind into your being and allow it to wash white all of your past choices? This is the ultimate use of free will for a human being. Only when you become the bride of Christ will you reclaim your freedom of will.