The Age of Higher Awareness website often mentions manipulators as having an influence on the world, and they also seek to influence your personal psyche. What exactly is a manipulator?

The addictive and aggressive entities described in this section are not self-aware. They have a rudimentary consciousness that gives them a survival instinct and a drive to grow, but they cannot change the programming or thought matrix upon which they are based. For example, the smoking entity cannot one day decide to become an alcohol entity.

A manipulator is a self-aware being, a co-creator, who has decided to take its own free will to such an unbalanced extreme that is deliberately seeking to influence or destroy the free will of other self-aware beings. A manipulator has descended or fallen to the lowest levels of consciousness among the 144 levels possible on earth.  

The origin of manipulators is a very complex topic that is described in depth on another website. LINK HAP will deal with the topic of manipulators only from the perspective of how they influence your psyche and how you can free yourself from this influence.

Manipulators are what psychologists describe as narcissists, psychopath and sociopath (or a combination of all three). Obvious examples from history are leaders who were willing to kill millions of people, such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. Other examples are serial killers of leaders of crime syndicates. 

Yet some manipulators are not commonly recognized as being evil. Some manipulators are not willing to kill people, or use physical force to control or suppress them. Instead, they seek to influence people through deception

Some have even been seen as important leaders, such as kings, emperors, Popes, politicians, industrialists, financiers, philosophers, writers, religious leaders or scientists. Common for them is that they have an agenda and that they are absolutely convinced that they are right. They usually have the epic mindset and believe the ends can justify the means, even if the means are non-violent.

Manipulators in the emotional, mental and identity realms

Many people are becoming increasingly aware of narcissists and their influence on society. Yet manipulators in physical embodiment are only the tip of the iceberg. There are manipulators in the three higher levels, and they often control the manipulators in physical embodiment. Let us look at the three levels:

  • Manipulators in the emotional realm often have an agenda of feeling powerful. They get this from taking over the minds of people in embodiment, for example getting them to create war and chaos.
  • Manipulators in the mental realm often have an agenda of feeling intellectually superior. Thus, they seek to control people in embodiment through religions, thought systems or doubt. They often seek to set themselves up as teachers who claim to have a positive purpose, but since they are trapped in the duality consciousness, they become false teachers. 
  • Manipulators in the identity realm often have an agenda of feeling superior to human beings, to other manipulators or even to the ascended masters and God. Some of them seek to control people’s sense of identity through any kind of division, such as sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, etcetera. Some of them even have an agenda of proving it was wrong to give co-creators free will. They seek to get people to misuse their free will in any way possible to create chaos. Such manipulators think they know better than God how the universe should be run. They also seek to become false teachers.

What you can du about manipulators

Why do you need to know about this? Well, the manipulators in all realms seek to control humankind and keep people trapped at a lower level of consciousness. Their overall concern is to prevent people from discovering the path to higher awareness, to keep them from walking the path and to keep them from demonstrating publicly that the path exists and works. 

The manipulators feel threatened by anyone who discovers and walks the path of higher awareness. This is demonstrated by the way they had Jesus killed, and even by how people with spiritual beliefs are often portrayed in modern media (crazy followers of a cult leader). They are especially 

threatened by those who demonstrate the higher levels of awareness, such as Christhood.

This means that when you discover the path, you will bee seen as a threat to manipulators at all three levels. Thus, they will do anything they can to oppose your progress, and unless you know about this, you simply cannot rise beyond a certain level of the path.

Again, the ascended masters are the beings assigned to help you make progress on the path, and they do have the power to protect you and set your free from the influence of the manipulators. 

Again, the manipulators do not respect your free will, but the ascended masters do. Thus, you must invoke the assistance of the masters. Yet you must also uncover the personal selves that give the manipulators an inroad into your mind. You must come to consciously see the beliefs and then replace them with a higher understanding. The ascended masters can help you do this, both in terms of higher energy and insights, but they will not do it for you.

Many sincere seekers have made progress on the path for a time, only then to come to a stop. The reason is that because they do not know about the manipulators and their influence, they cannot free themselves from certain illusions and thus cannot go to higher levels of consciousness.

There are some people who will say that they have been on the spiritual path for a long time, and they have never been concerned about manipulators or other dark forces. In fact, some will say that by putting your attention on such forces, you give them power. So because these people have never put their attention on dark forces, they have not given them power. 

This is akin to saying that you should not put your attention on bacteria and just live as if they did not exist. You simply know about bacteria and take certain practical precautions, but then you don’t go around thinking about it or fearing them. You can deal with manipulators the same way. You need to learn how they influence you and take certain precautions, and then you don’t pay much attention to them.

Unfortunately, there are some seekers who have, without being conscious of this, “made a deal with the devil.” These seekers have, often in a past life, been attacked by the manipulators and they found it very unpleasant. They have then decided to not go beyond a certain level of the path, meaning they are no longer a threat to the manipulators. 

And then, the manipulators will indeed leave such people alone, meaning they will feel that they are very spiritual people and that they are never influenced by dark forces. They may even claim to be spiritual teachers who tell their followers to ignore all talk of dark forces. The manipulators will do anything to prevent you from rising to the higher levels of the path. If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone—but only because they see you are not growing and thus not a threat to them, regardless of how spiritual you think you are. 

HAP promotes a balanced approach to collective entities and manipulators: 

  • You need need to know that they exist because this makes it possible for you to consciously decide that you will free yourself from their deception and manipulation. If you do not make this conscious decision, you are continuing to give them an inroad into your subconscious mind.
  • You need to establish a working relationship with the ascended masters, so you invoke their protection of your energy field and the transformation of fear-based energies that have accumulated in your field. Once you experience the power of the ascended masters, you can overcome all fear. of lower forces. 
  • You need to become wise as serpents in the sense that you begin to see some of the illusions used by the manipulators to deceive people.
  • You need to work on exposing and overcoming the subconscious selves that give the manipulators an inroad into your consciousness. 

More practical directions will be given throughout the HAP website. 

The connection between manipulators and entities

The manipulators are more aware than collective entities, meaning they have a more clear agenda. One can discuss whether a manipulator is truly self-aware because such a being has created so many subconscious selves that its mind had very little opening for higher awareness. Thus, it is extremely difficult for a manipulator to come to see and acknowledge the need to change itself. The conscious self of the manipulator finds it very difficult to step outside its sense of identity.

Nevertheless, for the purposes of the present discussion, the manipulators have an agenda, and they often use collective entities to carry it out. Some collective entities have been created by humankind, such as the smoking entity. Other have been created by the manipulators, such as the war entity.

If a person is firmly in the grips of an addictive entity, the manipulators don’t need to worry about such a person, as it cannot become a threat. Most people on earth are affected and pacified by one or more either addictive entities or aggressive entities (or both). Thus, the manipulators feel they have most people under their control.

Once a certain mass of collective entities have been created, they form a self-reinforcing effect, and the manipulators can in a sense step back and watch event unfold. As an entity receives more and more energy from people, it becomes able to pull more people into its vortex, and this creates even more chaos. The manipulators could simply watch and let the chaos unfold.

Manipulators and ascended masters

Of course, the manipulators cannot do this because they are driven to expand their power and sense of superiority. They are also aware of the existence of ascended masters who seek to work with people in order to manifest the Age of Higher Awareness. The manipulators feel threatened by this and must constantly seek to prevent people from attuning to the ascended masters.

As demonstrated on the Age of Higher Awareness website, Planet Earth is in an upward spiral and is moving towards a golden age. This is happening because more and more people have had enough of the chaos on earth and have decided they want something more. The ascended masters have then offered people new ideas (even if people know nothing about ascended masters), and this has brought society forward.

Knowing this can be of great importance for sincere seekers because it explains many of the questions that society cannot answer. Many of these questions are described on the Age of Higher Awareness website. What is important here is that if you are open to this website, it is most likely because you already have some awareness of the potential to bring forth a better age.

Before you came into this embodiment, you made a Life plan, and it involved finding the teachings of the ascended masters. You most likely made it part of your Life plan to consciousness work with the ascended masters to help advance the Age of Higher Awareness. The HAP website is designed to help you overcome all of the psychological limitations that prevent you from fulfilling the highest potential for your Life plan. 

The manipulators and collective entities cannot in themselves sabotage your Life plan, but they do not have to. Your subconscious selves are what work against your Life plan. Thus, the only way to fulfill your Life plan and express your highest potential is to learn how to overcome these internal limitations. This is what HAP is all about.