Psychological blindness – the main challenge presented by subconscious selves

When you normally think of a person who is blind, you think of a person who cannot see anything. Yet psychological blindness is a condition where people are indeed conscious and their physical senses are functioning. Yet they have conditions in their minds that prevent them from “seeing” in their minds. They either cannot grasp certain concepts or ideas or they cannot accept them as real.

Many of the people who are psychologically blind are completely convinced that they are religious or spiritual people. A substantial portion of them can be found in Christian churches every Sunday. Others belong to the orthodox branches of other world religions and some of them belong to various spiritual or New Age movements. Common for all of these people is that they are completely convinced that they belong to the only true religion or that they are following the highest possible guru or spiritual teaching. 

These people are completely convinced that they will be saved, ascend, enter Nirvana, attain eternal life or however they define the final outcome of their religious efforts. In reality, this belief is based on an illusion created by the subconscious selves. The selves have, so to speak, put a veil over these people’s eyes, causing them to see a distorted vision. 

As mentioned before, if a baby had a pair of yellow contact lenses put on shortly after birth, the child would grow up seeing everything through the yellow lenses, thus thinking the sky is green. The child would have no reason to question whether its view of “reality” is accurate, thus being completely convinced that the sky really is green. 

This is essentially how the selves have distorted the psychological vision of every human being on this planet. Every person has grown up with a distorted view of “reality,” but most people have never seen an alternative and thus have no reason to question their world view. They have no frame of reference for questioning the reality of what they see.

The essential problem with the selves

As an example of psychological blindness, many people consider themselves very religious or spiritual, being completely convinced that they will be saved, yet in reality they are following a path that can never lead to salvation. The reason being that this false path is created by the selves, and thus it cannot lead you beyond the illusion of the selves.

The selves have created an illusion, namely that you can be saved without overcoming the selves, without doing the hard and unpleasant task of looking at the beam in your own eye.

The essence of psychological blindness is an unwillingness to change. However, a psychologically blind person never realizes that he or she is unwilling to change. The reason being that such people always accept the illusions of their selves, meaning that they firmly believe they do not have to change. 

They base this belief on the fact that they belong to the only true spiritual/religious movement and – because they fulfill certain outer requirements – they are guaranteed to be saved. When you believe your salvation is guaranteed, why would you have to change? 

Your only way out

There is a way out of the illusions created by the subconscious selves, and we might say that it is a safety mechanism built into the design of the universe. In order to discover this way out, you have to reach beyond the veil of illusions created by the selves. The only way to do that is to establish a contact between your conscious mind and a mind that is above and beyond the selves. That mind can be called by many names, and HAP calls it higher awareness.

Higher awareness is a state of consciousness that is beyond the subconscious selves. Only when you make contact with this state of mind, only when you allow it to enter your consciousness, can you free yourself from the veil of illusions created by the selves. The reason is that higher awareness is the only mind that can see the reality that cannot be distorted by the lower mind.

Only higher awareness can give you a sense of co-measurement that will empower you to see through the illusions created by the selves. How can you contact higher awareness? You already have the ability to do so. This ability is the ability of the conscious self to step outside of your normal sense of self, as described earlier. LINK

The basic illusion of the selves

The basic problem with the selves is that they distort your inner vision so that you cannot perceive the reality that is beyond and cannot be distorted by the selves, by your perception filter. LINK. The essence of higher awareness is that it is always one with reality, and thus through higher awareness you can experience – directly – the One Reality, the One Truth.

Higher awareness perceives the Living Truth, and it realizes that this truth is constantly growing, expanding and transcending itself. Because higher awareness is experiencing this Living Truth, it has no need for a description of truth. As explained before, LINK there is a difference between a description of truth and truth itself. 

Imagine that you had never tasted an apple. You have heard people talk about apples, you have seen them on television and you have read about them. What you have received from these sources are only descriptions. Some of them may be very vivid descriptions of the delicious taste of an apple, and if they are really good they might make your mouth water. No matter how good the descriptions are, they are not the same as the actual taste of an apple. 

Not even the best description can make you taste an apple; no description is a substitute for the direct experience. Once you hold an apple in your hand and take a bite, the need for a description fades away. Why would you still read a book describing the taste of an apple when you can just as easily take a bite of the real thing?

This is the central problem with the selves. The first self was born when you, meaning the conscious self, separated yourself from your higher self. The selves was born out of a division between yourself and your higher self. Over time you became so blinded by the selves and their illusions that you no longer have the conscious experience of your higher self. Instead of experiencing the higher truth truth directly, you have come to rely on descriptions in the form of religious and spiritual teachings.

The central problem you face as a person walking the path is that you need to get back to a sense of oneness with your higher self. For unless you have this sense of oneness, how could you possibly ascend to the realm of higher awareness? To do this, you must get back to the state of innocence in which you can directly experience your higher self so that you no longer need any description. 

After you lost the direct contact with your higher self, the selves created an – almost – infinite number of substitutes. Because the selves cannot experience reality directly, they have created descriptions of that reality. No matter how good these descriptions might be, they can never replace the direct experience. Unfortunately, the selves cannot fathom this truth, and thus they believe that their description is as good as the real thing—they believe the description is the real thing.

The central problem with the selves is that they have substituted the reality of higher awareness with a description, yet they believe that if you keep following the description, you will eventually enter a state of higher awareness. Billions of people see themselves as being very religious and they are convinced that they will be saved. Yet you cannot enter higher awareness while being in the same state of mind that separated you from higher awareness in the first place. 

The Bible, the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita, the Dhammapada, the Tao Te Ching and the teachings of the ascended masters are all descriptions of truth, but they are not the Living Spirit of higher awareness. If the selves manage to convince you that following one of these teachings will get you to higher awareness without giving up the selves, then you have fallen prey to the central illusion of the selves. 

Since this was the illusion that caused you to perceive that you are separated from higher awareness, it cannot bring you back to oneness with your higher self. You will never see the sky as blue as long as you are wearing the colored glasses.