Responsibility Games

The selves will never take responsibility for anything. This doesn’t mean that people blinded by their selves wont take responsibility for anything. In their never-ending pursuit of seeking to avoid accountability, the selves will indeed seek to make you refuse to take responsibility for anything. 

If that doesn’t work, the selves will gladly seek to make you take responsibility for things for which you are not responsible. It will seek to make you take on more and more responsibility until you think you are responsible for saving the world. This is commonly called a savior complex.

Why the selves cannot take responsibility

Why wont the selves ever take responsibility for anything? Why wont the selves ever stop and say: “It was my fault?” How could they?

The selves are created out of duality, which always has two opposing polarities. When the conscious self creates the selves, you do not create one self, you create two selves. The two original selves that form the core of your personal selves have since morphed into a multitude of other selves. Which one of them is responsible for a particular action? 

For each action there is not just one self involved. The selves form a hierarchy, so for a particular action, there is a line of selves that all form part of the basis for responding. Which one of them should be held accountable? None of them made the decision and none of them were the sole foundation for the decision so how could any of them be said to be responsible? 

There are examples of people forming a mob and the group now acts as one entity. How do you single one person out from a mob and say that he or she is solely responsible? Even if you could eliminate all other selves and get down to the two original ones, how could one of them be said to be responsible? Why this one and not the other one?

However, when you go to a deeper level, you see that the selves cannot take responsibility because they do not have self-awareness. This is a subtle point that it will be difficult for many students to get, but it is still important to ponder it. 

There is an inherent danger in describing the selves. Due to the mechanics of language, it is necessary to name something in order to talk about it. In naming something “the selves” it is easy to give the impression that this is now like a living entity that exists inside your mind, your subconscious mind. 

When we talk about a self, it can sound like we are talking about an entity that is like a person but with no physical body. After all, we do say that the selves are seeking to deceive and manipulate you and that they seek to stay hidden from you.

Again, we come to a subtle distinction. The more sophisticated selves do indeed have a rudimentary form of consciousness. This does not mean they are like persons. How do we make the distinction? As one example, take animals. An animal in nature has a certain state of consciousness and it is able to observe its environment and respond to stimuli. Scientists normally say that an animal responds based on instinct instead of conscious, reasoned decisions. 

Many people will, of course, dispute this because they have pets that they feel have a distinct personality. However, animals that come in close contact with humans are often more sophisticated because they can have an individual spirit rather than being part of a group soul.

As another example, consider the debate about whether it will one day be possible for scientists to build a computer that has the same level of consciousness as a human. There are indeed many people who go through an entire lifetime functioning largely as a computer, meaning every aspect of their lives is determined by the selves in their subconscious minds. These people never actually make a conscious, reasoned decision. 

From this perspective, it would be possible to build a computer that could function the same way as many people. What scientists will never be able to do is build a computer that has the higher potential of a human being, namely that of being self-aware. A computer can only act on its programming. It may be able to change its programming in response to its environment, but it will never be able to make a conscious, free choice. 

An individual self is like an individual computer program. The original selves, or the ego, can be compared to the operating system, meaning the overall program that defines the environment or interface of the computer. You may create a program that sorts the emails you receive, throwing some of them away and giving others a special status. If an email gets thrown in the Spam folder, can you say that the program is responsible for doing this? The program simply did what it was programmed to do and had no choice in the matter so how can it be said to be responsible?

Even the selves cannot be said to be responsible because the selves do not make choices—they makes selections. Take note of the difference. You have, over many lifetimes, created an array of selves  that are designed to deal with specific situations. 

As a general example, say someone blames you for being wrong. You then have a self that immediately – and often without you making a conscious choice – starts defending yourself by seeking to refute what the other person is saying. You might also have a self that starts attacking the other person, seeking to make him seem wrong in some way that justifies you ignoring what he is saying.

How did these two selves spring into action? They did so because the core selves activated them. The core selves did not look at the situation and make a conscious, reasoned choice about how to respond. They simply looked at the situation, determined that it was an attack, and then selected which self should be activated in order to deal with the situation. 

The core selves did not create the selves; they simply selected from an array of previously created selves. You see then that the selves cannot make choices; they can only make selections. Which now makes us realize that responsibility can be assigned only to a being that is capable of making choices rather than selections.

Making choices

As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Meaning that until the student is ready, the teacher cannot appear. These discourses are not meant for everyone because most people are not ready for them. Who are they meant for? They are meant for people who have come to the point where they consciously pursue spiritual growth. What is the end goal of spiritual growth? It is self-mastery, which means that you have followed the call to “have dominion” over the earth. 

In Genesis it is said that God created people in his image and likeness and sent them into the world with the command to “multiply and have dominion.” This means that you multiply and expand your sense of self until you are able to take dominion over the material realm. 

What does it mean to have dominion? Many spiritual students think it means to have the power of mind over matter so you can manifest things out of thin air or perform the miracles that Jesus performed. While this may be part of having dominion, the core is that you have complete control over your own mind so you can choose your response to any situation rather than letting the situation determine your reaction and response.

The entire purpose for the material universe is to serve as an educational device to help self-aware beings grow in consciousness. How does the material world do this? It does so by presenting you with a very complex environment, and because you are in a physical body, you will have to respond to that environment in some way. The question now becomes how you respond. Your response will be determined exclusively by your reaction to any given situation. Do you make a free choice or do you let the core selves select from an array of predefined selves  whose responses can be predicted?

Let us make a distinction between your response, which is the physical action you take, and your reaction, which is how you experience the situation inside your own mind (what you think and feel about it). The court systems of the world will say that you are responsible for your actions. This is correct, but how do you take control over your actions? Only by taking control over your re-actions. How do you take control over your reactions? By making choices instead of selections.

Say you encounter a situation where you are walking down the street at night and someone comes running towards you with an instrument in his hand that is glittering as if it was made of metal. Do you perceive this as a threat, go into fear and either flee or seek to fight what you see as an attacker? 

Or can you – in a split second – step outside the situation and respond from a higher perspective? Can you respond with love rather than fear? Can you make a creative decision rather than responding with fight or flight? You now see that the common concept of fight or flight describes the polarity of two opposing selves. Yet the principle applies to every aspect of human psychology.

Most people spend their entire lives responding to situations that life throws at them. They respond by selecting from an array of predefined options. These options are a mixture of what has been defined for them as they were growing up and what they carry with them from past lives. People have in past lives created a large number of selves  and during their upbringing they either reinforced these selves or created new selves. 

In every situation they encounter, they react by letting their core selves select which self is going to handle the situation. Their actions simply follow from the self’s reaction to the situation. They are not making a conscious, reasoned or creative choice but simply allowing their response to be determined by predefined selves.

This is not said in order to blame people. When a new lifestream first takes embodiment in an environment as complex as earth, you will not have the self-awareness necessary to make conscious, creative choices. It is virtually inevitable that new lifestreams create core selves and an array of specific selves. 

As a lifestream matures and begins to reach for self-mastery, it is absolutely necessary that you claim your ability to stop making selections and to start making real choices. Which part of you can do this? The selves will never be able to do so. Only the conscious self can do this.

Understanding the conscious self

Why is the conscious self able to make choices rather than selections? Because the conscious self is created as pure awareness, meaning the conscious self has no individuality. This means that the conscious self is not what you normally call a person that has a personality or individuality.

Again, the mechanics of language will make this sound like a contradiction. We have seen that the conscious self is an individualized extension of the Creator’s being and of your higher self. We are also saying that the conscious self has no individuality. How can you deal with this seeming contradiction?

You cannot deal with it through the human intellect; you can deal with it only by actually experiencing yourself as pure awareness. Perhaps you have had this experience, perhaps not. If not, you can use specific tools in order to purify your consciousness to the point where it will happen naturally.

If you have had some glimpse of pure awareness, you will know that it is possible for you to be aware without being aware of anything. You are conscious, but you have no thoughts and no sense impressions. This experience can take two basic forms. 

You can experience yourself as a point or you can experience yourself as being everywhere. The common thread is that you experience an awareness that is beyond the material universe, as the material world is by definition finite. That which is finite is neither a single point nor omnipresence. 

Because the conscious self has no individuality, it is not a finite but an infinite being. The conscious self can step into a finite identity and forget it is an infinite being, but it can never lose its ability to step outside the finite identity and once again experience its own infinity. 

You may have heard scientists say that before the Big Bang all matter and energy was compressed into a singularity. Unfortunately, scientists find it difficult to describe what a singularity is. What they can say is that it is like a single point that has no extension in space. This gives us an important clue because if a point has no extension in space, it means there can be no division within it. There is no extension in space so there is no room to create a division into two or more separate parts.

This is how the conscious self starts its existence. It is a singularity. It exists as a point-like self, a sense that is aware that: “I am here.” It does not have the sense “I am this” or “I am that.” It has a sense that “I am” and it has a sense of being a single point. 

The task of the conscious self is to expand its self-awareness until it reaches a state of experiencing: “I am everywhere in higher awareness.” In order to go from here to there – in order to go from one form of infinity to another form of infinity – the conscious self must go through the finite world.

In the finite world, everything has an extension in space. This means that there is room for a division within it, which makes it possible that it can have characteristics that set “this thing” apart from any other thing. The conscious self takes embodiment by creating a self that has extension in space and has what seems like an individuality. The conscious self is creating a self through which it can express itself in the material world.

The task of the conscious self at this point is to gradually create a wider and wider sense of self. In the ideal scenario, it is possible for the conscious self to create this self without losing its awareness that it is still a point-like being. It knows that it has created a self and stepped into it but that it has not become that self. It is more than its self. 

As the conscious self creates many different and gradually more sophisticated selves, it begins to realize that it is more than any self that it could possibly create in the material world. This is when it can begin the process of Christhood leading to the ascension. 

This is also when the conscious self begins to experience infinity as omnipresence instead of a singularity. The ascension is a process where you move beyond seeing yourself as a point and beyond seeing yourself as a self with extension in space to seeing yourself as an omnipresent self. As a newly ascended master you will have a sense of omnipresence but not the fullness of it. You then start gradually intensifying the omnipresence until you reach the ultimate stage, namely the Creator consciousness.

Going into separation and the duality consciousness is not necessary in order to complete the process of growth in self-awareness. It is a possible stage towards that growth, and once you awaken from it, you will indeed have grown. 

What happens when you go into separation is that you forget your point-like sense of self and come to experience that you are a self with an extension in space. You are defined by individual characteristics and your survival depends on them. 

In order to secure that survival, it seems there is only one way, namely to take your individual characteristics as far as they can be taken in space. You must take them so far that they can control any circumstance that you could encounter in the material world.

Choice versus selection

Let us try to illustrate this with a linear (thus not entirely adequate) image. The material world is finite, meaning that although you can choose to create many different selves, there is a limit to what can be created (at least on this one planet). 

Let us say that in the very beginning, the conscious self is standing in the center of a circle. As you know, the circle is a symbol for infinity because it seemingly has no beginning and no end. We can turn the circle into a symbol for the material world by dividing it into a circumference with 360 degrees or angles.

Imagine that you are standing in a single point that is the center of a circle. The circle has 360 degrees on the circumference, which means you can draw a pie-like figure where each degree forms a triangular shape. You are the conscious self in its singular or centered stage. You can choose to go into any of the 360 different kinds of selves available in your circle in order to experience what it is like to look at the material world through that self. 

Now imagine that you pick one self and the triangular shape can be compared to a road where your perspective becomes wider as you walk down it. As you react to the larger world through this particular self, you expand that self and in a sense this expands your awareness. You become more aware of what the world is like, but this happens only within the boundaries defined by this self. 

The farther you walk away from the center, the more you expand your perspective so it seems like a good thing to walk away from the center—and this is indeed what you are meant to do. You are meant to expand your awareness of the world as an intermediate step towards expanding your self-awareness.

One day you reach the circumference of the circle, and now you simply cannot expand your perspective on the world any more through this particular self. How do you grow in consciousness from this level? 

If you have not entered separation, you still know that you are a point-like self in the center of the circle. You can easily turn around and look towards the center, you can instantly abandon the self you have created (letting it die or giving up this life in order to return to the center). You do this by saying: “I have not become this self, I am more than this self.” 

Once back in the center, you can choose another self and repeat the process. Once you have gone around the circle and experienced life in the material world from all 360 angles (in reality many more are possible), you can come to the conclusion: “I am more than any self in this world,” meaning you are ready to enter the process of ascending to a higher world. Your causal body will contain the experiences of seeing the world from all these different perspectives and you will have many nuances in your causal body.

Separation and the use of force

If you go into separation, you likewise pick a specific self and you go towards the outer boundary of that self, that slice of the pie. In separation, you have forgotten your center, and you cannot turn towards the center, let alone return to it. 

You do experience that you have reached the outer limits for how far you can go with that self, but you are not able to see that you can return to center and pick another self. You still have the drive to expand your consciousness, but now your only option is to think that you can do this only by expanding this one self. 

How can you expand the one self when you have reached the circumference of the circle? You can do so by breaking down the separation between your slice of the pie and the one next to it. Your separate self takes over the territory of what it sees as another separate self and overpowers it. 

This requires you to fight all of the people who have also come to the outer limits of their slice of the pie, and it requires you to subdue all the ones who are not yet as extreme as you are. This inevitably makes your life a perpetual struggle.

Take note of the distinction. In the first scenario, you start by getting to experience everything within one slice of the pie. You then experience everything within another slice of the pie, meaning you have a more nuanced experience. 

We can say that you color the first slice with one color, then move on and color the next slice with another color. Eventually you have gone around the circle and colored every slice with a different color, experiencing all of the different colors available on earth. You have now had the fullness of experiences that the learning environment of earth has to offer.

In the second scenario you also color the first slice with a particular color. In seeking to break down the barrier to the next slice, you color that slice with the same color as the first, only it becomes a shade more intense and slightly altered by the other color. You can also go around the circle this way, coloring each slice with a more intense shade until you have filled in the entire circle. You will then also have reached the limits for what you can experience on earth and you will feel that this planet is restricting you.

In the first scenario, you have experienced the fullness of the color palette available on earth so you are now able to choose to ascend to a world that has even more colors than on earth. In the second scenario, you have experienced earth only through the shades of one color. Your only option is to descend into a world that has different shadings of that color than what is found on earth, meaning a world with a more limited color palette. 

It is possible that after having gone around the circle of earth (or even before), you can awaken from separation and remember your center. You can then also transcend the earth by giving up the separate self. You will still not have experienced the full color palette of earth, which means you might want to go back or at least fill in the holes from the ascended realm.

If you do not awaken, you will descend to a world that is more limited than earth, and this can continue until your options are reduced to just one that simply becomes more and more intense until you can no longer stand it and cry out for deliverance. Deliverance will be offered to you, but deliverance can be delivered only through your own choices.

Choice and selection revisited

This returns us to the topic of choice versus selection. When you have not forgotten your center, you have a real choice. You can become aware that you have had enough of seeing the world through a particular self. You can return to the center, and now you can make a choice between each of the remaining slices of the pie. In the center, any option is open to you and you are free to choose.

When you are in separation, you reach the circumference of the circle, but you are not aware of the choice to return to center. You are not actually seeing that you are limited by your self. Instead, you think you are limited by the two selves, the two slices of the pie, on each side of your slice. 

You start fighting them, seeking to subdue them through force, forcing your color upon them and the people who have chosen those kinds of selves. Once you conquer those two slices, you will feel limited by the two next ones, and so on until you have conquered the whole circle.

Where does this process take place? It takes place entirely within your own mind. You are not actually conquering the world. You are simply eliminating all different colors from your field of view. Instead of seeing the circle as having 360 degrees that are all equally valid, you see one color as the only right one and you seek to force that color to overlay and block out all the other options. 

You may be successful in making a lot of other people agree with you and engage in the process of blocking out a certain slice of the pie from the collective consciousness. Theoretically, it could happen that the inhabitants of an entire planet blocked out all other options but one. As soon as that would happen, the planet would self-destruct.

Elevating one option to the status of superiority takes away your ability to make real choices. When you encounter other people with a different perspective on life, you no longer have the option of saying: “Hey, these people seem to have an interesting life experience, I wonder what that would be like? Could it possibly enrich my own life experience?” 

The greater purpose of having people with many different perspectives on the same planet is that it makes it harder for everyone to believe that there is only one right way to experience life, and this reduces the risk that the inhabitants will go into the separate scenario. It gives everyone the chance to see that there are many different perspectives and that knowing more than one enriches your life experience.

When you are in separation, you will see the other people as a threat, and you will not be able to make the creative choice: “Hey, I would like to experience that perspective also.” Instead, you will only see a selection of options for how you can defend yourself from the threatening perspective and perhaps even destroy that perspective and the people who are in it. These many options have been cleverly created by the manipulators after they came to this planet, and we will talk more about them in the next section. 

When you have forgotten your center, you can see only the options created through the mind of duality. You may select one of these, but this is not making a real choice. A creative choice can only be made from the center of the Christ consciousness, which sees oneness beyond diversity.

What exactly is your responsibility?

Having set a fruitful foundation, let us now return to the topic of responsibility. You have a dual responsibility on this planet. First, you are responsible for experiencing the world and responding to it. You do this by making a free choice to enter one slice of the pie and experience the world through it. Your other responsibility is to retain a connection to your center so you never forget that you are an infinite being experiencing the finite world and not a finite being who is a product of the finite world.

Although the courts of the world will say you are responsible for your actions, you are first and foremost responsible for your state of mind. We might say that you are responsible for making choices in such a way that one choice does not take away your freedom to make other choices. You are responsible for retaining your ability to make creative choices, choices that are centered in the oneness of the Christ consciousness.

On a planet as dense as earth, it is almost inevitable that you lose the Christ awareness and become blinded by separation. There is no reason to blame yourself for this. This also means that when you discover the spiritual path and consciously decide that you want to walk it, you need to recognize that your primary responsibility is to reclaim your ability to make free choices. 

That means you must acquire the ability to discern based on the Christ consciousness. This is the only way you can reclaim your ability to make conscious choices, rather than making the unconscious selections between different selves.

You are indeed an individualized being. You have a point-like sense of self and it is this self that can make choices. All true choices are made from the undivided center. You have created a self that has an extension in space, yet this self does not make choices; it simply makes selections. It cannot define the options; it can only select from predefined options.

Your primary responsibility is to take command over your own mind, your own state of mind. The spiritual path is not a process of spiritualizing or perfecting the separate self. It is a process of gradually dismantling it, letting it die, until you have lost your life in order to follow Christ to the center of being.

Take note of the important conclusion. You are an individualized being. You are responsible for your individual lifestream and nothing else on this planet. You are responsible for making free, conscious choices from the center of your being. 

You are not responsible for the choices made by any other being on this planet or anywhere else in the material universe. You are responsible for making your own choices and not for making choices for other beings. That is their responsibility. As self-awareness is point-like, responsibility is likewise point-like.

Why people do not take responsibility

We can now see why people fail to take responsibility for their situation. When you see life through the filter of a number of selves, you cannot take responsibility. The arrow of responsibility – in order to be effective – must point towards a single point. “YES! I am responsible.” 

If you see yourself as a diffuse or divided being (a being that has an extension in space) where exactly should responsibility be placed? The selves have so many divisions that there is never a single point where to place responsibility and thus people refuse to take responsibility.

This is, of course, a difficult proposition. It is deeply ingrained in the collective psyche that there are causes and there are effects. When you take an action with your physical body, it will have an effect and you – as a body – will be said to be responsible for that effect. 

If you – as a psychological being – do not have a center, how can you accept that you are responsible? You very easily get sucked into the myriad games, invented by the selves and the manipulators, of deflecting responsibility. 

From this has been created an almost innumerable amount of selves that are programmed to deflect responsibility away from yourself. Every effect must have a cause, and if the cause is not you, then the cause must be somewhere else—meaning it must be someone else. If you are not responsible, someone else must be.

As a spiritual seeker, you will already have overcome some of this tendency to deflect responsibility away from yourself. You have learned to take some responsibility for your actions and you have learned to discipline your actions. As a sincere spiritual seeker there are some actions you would never even consider taking because they simply do not fit with your self-image. The same, of course, holds true for many other people on earth, some being religious and some not being outwardly spiritual.

The more subtle, and for a spiritual seeker more dangerous, responsibility games do not have to do with your actions. Instead, these games are centered around beliefs and attitudes to life.

To be or not to be responsible

Again, let us look at the court systems of the modern, democratic world. It is a principle of democracy that people have as much freedom as possible, including the freedom of speech. In order for you to have freedom of speech, you must have freedom to think. 

What you do not have in a democracy is freedom of action. A democracy sets rules for how people live together, meaning no individual has a right to take actions that harm other individuals. A democracy is – ideally – reluctant to get into people’s heads and tell them what to think and how to approach life. It is generally held that you can think and feel whatever you like as long as you are able to refrain from actions that harm others.

What this points to is exactly what we have seen above, namely that you are an individual being and your primary responsibility is your own state of mind. It is also held by the court systems that you are – generally – not responsible for the actions or the state of mind of other individuals. This is where we need to make another subtle distinction.

When you live together with other people – as a couple, a family, a village or an entire planet – each individual contributes to the overall environment. The environment on earth has four levels, namely identity, mental, emotional and physical. The environment in which you live is largely produced by what each individual has put into it, accumulated over time. 

From this perspective, other people’s sense of identity, their thoughts and feelings do have a direct impact on the environment in which you live. It is very tempting to adopt the attitude that the only way to improve your living environment is to change the minds of other people. This can then lead people into an innumerable amount of games designed to make you feel responsible for changing the state of mind of other people.

There are many people who feel it is vitally important – even of epic importance – to convert other people to their particular religion. There are people who feel it is vitally important to get people to abandon all religion. There are people who feel it is vitally important to convert other people to their political persuasion. There are people who direct all of their energies and attention towards changing the minds of other people in other ways, even by using the teachings given by the ascended masters.

Let us build on what was given earlier and cut to the chase. Only the “man” who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven. You entered the material world as a point-like being and you will exit it only as a point-like being. Your ascension is an individual event. It does not in any way, shape or form depend on the choices made by any other individual being. It depends exclusively on your choices, and your choices depend exclusively on your state of mind.

There is what seems like a contradiction here. Many people on this planet are completely consumed by their own self-interest. They do not consider what consequences their lifestyle has for other people or the environment, let alone for the collective consciousness. 

As you begin to awaken from this selfishness and become open to the spiritual path, you will go through a phase where you take more and more responsibility: “No, I can’t do this because it destroys the environment. No, I can’t buy this because it was made in a sweatshop. No, I can’t do this because it produces negative energy.” 

As you become increasingly aware that even your state of mind has an effect on the total environment on earth, you begin to accept more and more responsibility. You also become increasingly aware of how interconnected everything is and you become aware of many problems and threats that the more selfish people never consider. 

It is very easy to reason that as you are changing your state of mind, the only way to solve some of the major problems you now see on earth is that other people do the same. This is where many well-meaning spiritual people get sucked into the more subtle responsibility games. 

We will talk more about this in the next section, but for now consider the following. The earth is a very complex learning environment, meaning that it is designed to accommodate a broad range of students. This is not hard to see when you consider the range of people’s level of consciousness. There are 360 slices of the pie, but then there are people who have gone into separation and used any of those degrees to create a separate self.

Let us now make a clear distinction between the ideal scenario and the current situation. As you raise your spiritual awareness, you begin to have an intuitive sense of how planet earth could be according to its highest potential. You also become more aware of how far away it currently is. 

The crucial distinction you need to make here is that planet earth is not currently meant to outpicture its highest potential. It is meant to be a kind of half-way house for lifestreams who are beginning to move out of separation but have not yet done so. 

You then need to realize that people can move out of separation only through their own choices. Before they can make a real choice to move back towards the center, they often need to go all the way to the extreme boundaries of a particular slice of the pie. 

They even sometimes need to break down the barriers between the slices and seek to conquer the earth through one sense of self. This is currently allowed on earth and it is indeed within the overall plan of the ascended masters that the earth functions in this capacity.

God has given all beings free will. Earth is currently a holding place for many beings who have used their free will to go into separation. It is allowed that they outplay their separate selves until they have taken them so far to the extreme that they can no longer stand themselves, making a real choice to change. You have gone through the exact same process and you have done so in your own way and according to your own time schedule. Does it not stand to reason that you have an obligation to let other people do the same?

Be an example

If you do not like current conditions on earth, you have two options. One is that you can focus all of your attention on making your ascension so you can get out of here. If you are to ever make your ascension, you will do so only as an individual being. This means you must take full responsibility for yourself and abandon all sense of responsibility for others. 

It may seem like making your ascension is the ultimate form of selfishness, and in a sense it is. As Jesus said: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” When you make your ascension, you create such a powerful momentum that it lifts the consciousness of the entire planet and this is an invaluable contribution to raising the whole. Take note that it is done by changing your own mind and giving up all attempts to change the minds of other people.

As a sincere spiritual seeker, you are constantly working towards the point where you can qualify for your ascension. Can’t you do something in the meantime that will also help raise the whole? You are in a sense doing something by raising your consciousness. 

What you can also do is to be an example of how a person with a higher level of consciousness deals with the intricacies of everyday life in its current form. You see the difference? Many spiritual seekers almost refuse to engage in everyday life because they see it as not spiritual. It is possible to see every aspect of life as spiritual and to give an example of how you can deal with everyday life from a more spiritual form of awareness. 

The difference is fundamental. Many spiritual people have been sucked into the games of seeking to influence other people’s state of mind and get them to make more spiritual choices. This is a direct violation of the Law of Free Will, which is the most important law for the material universe. 

The alternative is to become a living example and demonstrate that a more spiritual awareness can lead to a richer everyday life. Thereby, you will show people that there is an alternative to separation and this will inspire some people to change their minds through making creative choices.

Let me make a clear statement. Any time – any time – you seek to directly influence other people’s state of mind, you are acting from the selves and you are sucked into one of the games created by the manipulators. 

You will not – not ever – change this planet by seeking to change the minds and choices of other people. You will do so only by changing your own mind. Jesus said to let your light shine before men so they can see that this light is not coming from the material world. It is coming from the spiritual world because you have chosen to become an open door for the infinite in the finite world. By seeing that you have done so, some will realize that what one has done, all can do. This is all you can do and should try to do on this planet.

Accept what is your personal responsibility and abandon all sense of responsibility for others.