The World Might End

If you have ever been exposed to what is called “high-pressure” sales methods, you will know the psychological mechanism. The goal is to create a sense of urgency, meaning that you have to buy now or lose a unique opportunity that will never come back. 

As mentioned before, the goal is to get you to make rash decisions that you would never make if you took time to step back and look at the situation from a larger perspective. The sense of urgency narrows your perspective, gives you tunnel vision and forces you to focus on the need to make a decision right now, meaning you must make it with the information you have available now, the information presented to you by the sales person.

The manipulators invented this tactic and they use it effectively through the epic dramas. One of the subtle ideas projected into the collective consciousness is that the earth might be destroyed or that it could be taken over by the devil. What worse threat is imaginable for human beings? What could create a greater sense of urgency? What better way to force people to make rash decisions based on incomplete knowledge, the knowledge presented by the manipulators with no external frame of reference?

Could the earth be destroyed?

There is some reality to the claim that a planet could be destroyed. This has happened to a number of planets and some of the manipulators who have embodied on earth have experienced it first-hand. From that perspective, one could say they are right in warning human beings that this is a possibility. 

The problem is that it is only a possibility because of the presence of the manipulators. It only becomes a realistic possibility when a critical number of human beings blindly follow the manipulators and engage in the epic struggle against other human beings. 

It now becomes obvious that the manipulators are using the threat of the destruction of the earth in order to create urgency and get people to fight each other. They are not seeking to warn people out of the goodness of their hearts. They are seeking to manipulate people through fear, and some of them believe they can avoid having the earth be destroyed. Some of them feel no reverence for the earth as a planet and don’t care if it is destroyed. Some would even gain a sense of power from destroying (another) planet.

From the ascended perspective, Planet Earth has recently crossed an important dividing line and it is no longer a possibility that this planet could be destroyed or could self-destruct. This is caused by the fact that a critical number of people in embodiment have risen above the epic mindset to such a degree that certain manipulators have been taken from the planet. There is no longer any manipulator in embodiment with the momentum of evil that could bring the earth to the point of destruction.

When people begin to awaken to the spiritual path, they will of necessity expand their awareness of many topics that most people ignore. This will cause spiritual seekers to take prophecy seriously, and many have been sucked into a fear-based spiral, making a variety of unbalanced decisions. The net effect being that many of the people who were on the brink of awakening have actually been pulled even deeper into the epic mindset.

The need for balance

It is absolutely necessary that the people who can manifest higher awareness become consciously aware of the epic dramas and begin to rise above them. It is this awakening process that has brought us to the point where the earth cannot be destroyed. It is only the continuation of this process that will bring the earth to the point were all manipulators have been removed and the Age of Higher Awareness will be manifest.

The more aware people need to take a balanced approach and let go of the fear that the earth could be destroyed so you rise above the epic dramas and the sense of urgency that you must destroy some form of evil in order to prevent a calamity. You need to not swing to the other extreme and stop your efforts to raise your consciousness. 

Certain manipulators have been removed from the earth, but not all manipulators have been removed. The fact that the entire planet cannot be destroyed does not mean that the remaining manipulators could not still wreak quite a bit of havoc. Some of them know their time is short and they are determined to do as much damage as they can as their final hurrah on this planet. Again, you do not counter-act this by fighting these manipulators but by continuing to raise your consciousness above the epic mindset.

There comes a point on the path of Christhood where you cannot go higher unless you recognize the existence of the manipulators and begin to consciously see through their deception. There also comes a point where you cannot go higher until you consciously acknowledge the need to rise above all desire to fight or oppose the manipulators. 

You literally must stop resisting evil, and you must do so out of a conscious, inner recognition of why it is essential to stop resisting evil. You can awaken and know that the manipulators can no longer deceive you because you are wise as a serpent. They can no longer get you to fight them because you have become harmless as a dove. This balance is indeed the higher levels of Christhood.

Could your soul be lost?

Another aspect of the epic mindset is the claim that souls could be lost, including yourself. The lie that has been projected by the manipulators for a very long time is that souls were created in a state of imperfection and thus they need to be saved. Again, there is some truth to this but the manipulators have perverted it as they do with everything.

Your lifestream originated with your higher self. The self formed an extension of itself and sent it into this world. This extension is the conscious self, which is pure awareness. What this means is that the conscious self has no inherent characteristics. Your divine individuality is anchored in your higher self and can be expressed through the conscious self. 

The wisdom of this is that neither the conscious self nor your true individuality can be destroyed by anything that happens to you in the material world. The manipulators literally can never attain power over your higher self, and they only have power over the conscious self as long as you identify with the outer self—what most people call the soul.

The soul was created by you in response to the conditions you encountered in the material world. The soul is made from the energies in the four levels of the material world so it can be damaged or destroyed by these energies. 

The soul is designed to respond to the material world, meaning it has – over many lifetimes – acquired a certain individuality and personality. This is not your higher individuality but an individuality created as a reaction to the material world. If this individuality was lost, you would lose nothing and would even gain the awareness of your higher individuality that is right now obscured by the human self.

Take note of an essential fact. Even though your soul is made from the energies in this world, your soul truly is not only energy. In order to grasp this, consider an image projected onto a wall by a slide projector. Your soul is a set of images held in the four levels of your lower mind, and these images cause energy to take on a certain form. 

The images are not permanent but are constantly being projected onto the base energy. If an image in the mind was changed, one or all of your four lower bodies would change instantly. That is why it was possible for Jesus to generate an instant healing of people’s physical bodies, and such healing is possible for you as well.

Most people have allowed their selves to form and project the images that define their souls. It is possible for the conscious self to take back its responsibility for defining the images of your soul. Doing this consciously is what the path to Christhood is all about. 

Right now, your selves are to some degree defining your soul images. They can only see the conditions in the material universe so they have no way to defend themselves against the lies of the manipulators. Each self in your being is defined based on a specific lie; it is defined in response to this lie. The selves are therefore open doors whereby the prince of this world has something in you whereby he can control you. 

Your soul is made from the energies and the images of this world, meaning it is a tool that the manipulators can use to control the conscious self. They can do so as long as the conscious self refuses to be conscious. You can – at any time – take back your responsibility to be conscious and thereby take command over your life. 

As explained in an earlier discourse, there are certain decisions that can be made only by the conscious self. The devil does not have the power to destroy your soul—only the conscious self has the power to do this. That is why the manipulators must deceive you.

Why manipulators use deception

Ask yourself why the serpent in the Garden of Eden had to deceive Eve instead of simply overpowering her? It is because the violent manipulators do not have the power to destroy your soul. They can indeed attack and kill your physical body, but this does not destroy your soul. It does, however, force you to react to their attacks, and this is where the deceptive manipulators come in. 

They seek to deceive you into reacting to the violent manipulators through the consciousness of duality, instead of reconnecting to your higher self and letting the reaction come from there. The overall lie of the manipulators is that when you are in physical embodiment, you must react to them and you must do so through the outer self, the soul.

The path to Christhood is not a process of perfecting your soul so it can gain entry into heaven. Jesus told Nicodemus that only the “man” who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven. That “man” is the conscious self and the soul must simply be allowed to die in order for you to follow Christ into the ascended state. 

This can be confusing at first because so many spiritual teachings talk about souls being saved or ascending. That is why it is important to have the teachings about the conscious self as a part of your being that cannot be destroyed and thus can escape any and all schemes thought up by the manipulators. The conscious self becomes free from these schemes by dismissing each of the selves in your soul vehicle, eventually giving up the last ghost or self.

Let us return to the original premise that the soul can be lost. We now see that the soul can be lost in the sense that it can gradually come to be made up of so many lower energies and selves that it can no longer embody in a physical body on earth but gravitates to a lower realm, even a realm similar to the fiery hell seen by various people through the ages. 

Contrary to what the manipulators project, this does not happen by the devil forcefully taking over your soul. It happens only because the conscious self refuses to be conscious and thus allows the selves to control your life. The devil can indeed force the selves into a progressively lower state of consciousness. This process is never irreversible and the conscious self can at any time awaken and take back control.

True salvation

The claim that the soul can be lost is used primarily as another scare tactic. The claim is that there is a real threat that the devil could take over your soul, but there is a defense against this threat. That defense is to follow the path to salvation defined by the manipulators. 

How could your soul be lost? Only if you blindly followed the manipulators. Their overall goal is to get you to follow them blindly. They use the scare tactic as a way to get you to follow them blindly while thinking this will guarantee your salvation. Obviously, it can never work.

What is the true path to salvation or rather the ascension? It is to realize that the conscious self descended as pure awareness. In order to interact with the physical body and the material world, the conscious self gradually built a very complex soul vehicle. 

This vehicle was first based on a limited self-awareness and a limited awareness of the material world. It gradually became expanded but at some point a shift occurred when you decided to experiment with the consciousness of separation. 

This caused the soul vehicle to become very complex with a multitude of selves designed to deal with a variety of situations, especially the challenges presented by the manipulators. This soul vehicle is now so complex and “sophisticated” that it literally believes it has a life of its own. 

The selves are convinced that they are real beings and that they can one day make the soul so “spiritual” that it will be accepted into heaven. This is a complete illusion. Only the conscious self can ascend, and it can do so only when it again becomes pure awareness. How can this happen? Only by the conscious self becoming conscious, seeing why it created a certain self and then consciously letting it die.

The process of the ascension is not a process of perfecting the soul. It is a process of systematically dismantling the soul until the conscious self again sees itself as pure awareness. The conscious self now becomes an open door for the higher self because it has realized that: “I can of mine own self do nothing. It is the father within me who doeth the work.” 

The soul cannot be perfected, it must be allowed to die so that the conscious self can be reborn into accepting its immortal nature. This happens when the conscious self accepts that nothing in this world has changed or corrupted the conscious self.

The lie of irreparable damage

Another subtle idea projected through the epic dramas is that you could do or experience something in this world so terrible that it would damage you so severely that the damage could never be undone. This is a very deceptive lie that has been projected into the collective consciousness in many subtle ways. One of the more obvious ones is the concept of original sin, which even says that God created you in an imperfect state. 

The real effect of this lie is to pacify you because it seems as if you do not have the power to free yourself from what has happened in the past. You could choose to go into a situation but you cannot choose to get out of it. 

You can now see why this is a lie. In a sense we can say that the soul vehicle can be damaged beyond repair. It is possible to create so many selves that are warring each other, each one being so wounded by the warring, that it is virtually impossible to heal it again. This is what some manipulators have done.

To help you understand this, consider the physical body. It can be wounded but many wounds can be healed by the body itself. The soul vehicle also has a certain ability to heal itself, which is why most people have experienced that time will heal the effects of a traumatic experience. It can be viable to pursue soul healing, or soul retrieval, as a way to get back some sense of wholeness.

In the long run, no amount of soul healing will secure your ascension. Soul healing can pave the way for the conscious self awakening to the fact that it has the ability to overcome a past trauma not simply by healing the soul but by giving up the wounded aspect of the soul. 

The soul can be so severely wounded that it cannot repair itself. The only way out of this kind of trauma is for the conscious self to look at the situation and begin to dismiss the selves that cause the wound in the soul. The wounded soul cannot be healed, but it can be allowed to die and then the conscious self will be free of the effects of the wound.

You now see that there is always a way out of any situation you have experienced. You can always rise above your past, as long as you are willing to let go of the soul parts that were damaged in the past. You do this partly by coming to see the illusion that created specific selves and then dismissing the illusion through the Christ mind. 

You also do it by invoking spiritual light to transmute the energies that formed the soul. Once you have rebalanced the energies and dismissed the illusions, that part of the soul will have died and the damage has been erased as if it never existed. Truly, it never did exist anywhere but in your own soul vehicle. It had no objective existence in God, which is why God has said: “I will remember their sins no more.”