What HAP is and what it is not.

When you look at the world, it is obvious that world views, belief systems or thought systems, have often been the source of conflict between people. One could argue that most conflicts spring from the need to defend our world view in order to defend our sense of equilibrium.

There are many examples of a state of war between different world views, and the cause is a simple psychological mechanism. Human beings are driven to establish the highest possible sense of security, and what better way to achieve this than to develop and adopt the ultimate world view that has the highest possible authority and truth?

Unfortunately, people cannot seem to agree on what is the ultimate world view. In fact, there is usually at least two groups of people who claim to have the ultimate world view. And since both of them cannot be right, there must be conflict between them.

HAP is not based on a desire to define the ultimate world view. This presents somewhat of a dilemma.

Your present Life Experience is to a high degree based on your present world view. The only way for HAP to help you improve your Life Experience is to present you with knowledge that goes beyond your world view. This will inevitably be seen as a threat to those who are convinced they have the ultimate world view. Meaning, they will attempt to label HAP with whatever labels they use to discourage their members from questioning the world view.

Every world view that has attracted a large number of followers has become very protective of itself, and it has created various measures to discourage people from questioning the world view. This can be the threat of burning in a fiery hell—forever. Or it can be the threat of being sent to a labor camp in Siberia.

It can also be to apply certain labels to anything that seems to question the world view, and here are some common ones:

  • It’s a cult (whatever a cult is).
  • It’s just out to get your money.
  • It wants to turn you into a mindless follower of some guru.
  • It’s a false teaching, and believing it is dangerous.

Many more could be mentioned, but let us instead consider what HAP is not:

  • HAP is not an attempt to define some ultimate world view that claims to have an absolute authority.
  • HAP does not want you to believe anything you read on this website.
  • HAP isn’t designed to make money. All the material on this website is given away for free.
  • HAP is not dangerous because expanding your awareness cannot be dangerous. It can be perceived as dangerous by a subconscious program designed to defend your equilibrium, but that doesn’t make it dangerous.

So then, what is HAP:

  • Have is designed to help you raise your awareness.
  • When you raise your awareness, you come to see something that you cannot see with your present level of awareness.
  • Seeing this new perspective is not a matter of believing something you have been told from without. It is a matter of having an inner experience that makes it obvious. They say seeing is believing, but seeing with higher awareness is more than believing.
  • HAP is a collection of insights and tools that are designed to put you in charge of your own psyche.
  • HAP does not force you to conform to any rules, guru or organization. It sets you free to make your own choices, only you are making them from higher level of awareness.
  • Ultimately, you can reach levels of awareness that set you free form all forms of human suffering, thereby unlocking your higher creative potential.
  • If you truly make use of HAP, you will reach a level of awareness where you no longer need HAP.

As an analogy, consider that you are walking in a forest and come across an observation tower. The tower has a number of platforms, and for each platform you gain a higher perspective, you see something you could not see from below. Eventually, you rise above the forest and can now see a landscape that was always there, but that was hidden when you could not see the forest for the trees.

HAP does not in any way claim this process of raising your awareness can happen instantly. On the contrary, it can and must happen gradually.

The reason is that you still need a sense of equilibrium. If you raise your awareness too far beyond your present world view, it can disturb your sense of equilibrium, and this is not what HAP is designed to do.

HAP is designed to help you rise so gradually that you have time to build a new sense of equilibrium for each time you go to a higher level. The teachings of HAP are designed for different levels of awareness, so you gradually become able to see the validity of higher teachings.

This means you do not have to accept all of the ideas presented on this website at once. It is better to study the website until you feel you have what you need in order to work on specific issues you are facing right now.

You can then use this knowledge and perhaps study other teachings as well. When you have worked through the issue, you can come back and look for the next level up.

Some of the knowledge presented here will be far beyond your present world view. If you feel a very strong reaction from your subconscious programs, the best response is to neither accept nor reject the new information. You can “put it on the shelf” and postpone the decision to accept or reject until later, when you have more time to process the information.

Another response is to consider the knowledge not in terms of truth but in terms of usefulness. HAP is not designed to present you with the ultimate truth. It is designed hot help you gradually raise your awareness. So the question for you could be: “Whether this knowledge is ultimately true or not, let me investigate whether it can help me raise my consciousness.”

HAP is based on the realization that people are very different and come from different backgrounds. Therefore, it is impossible to create one system of knowledge that can help every person.

There is no attempt to put any pressure on you to accept what HAP tells you. The only concern here is: Does HAP help you or does it not?

As long as you find something helpful, go on. If you find nothing helpful, you can safely ignore HAP since there will be no adverse consequences of doing so. The only consequence is that your present Life Experience will continue until you find something else that shifts it.

Incidentally, it might be useful to consider How people shift their Life Experience.