Addictive psychic entities

We have discussed in detail how we create subconscious selves in our own minds. These selves are invisible entities that live in our energy fields and they can affect our conscious minds. Once created, they have a survival instinct, so they want us to keep doing the same thing. They also have a drive to grow, so they want us to do more of the same thing. 

This gradually builds a momentum that can influence or eventually overpower our conscious minds, making it difficult for us to willfully choose not to do what the selves want us to do. As an example, this is the hidden mechanism behind addictions. 

There is a subconscious self that a person has created by smoking. The self can exist only because it receives energy from the person, and thus the self wants the person to continue smoking. 

The self can create a maelstrom of energy in the emotional mind that gives the person a craving to smoke. It can project thoughts into the mental mind, so the person has a justification for continuing to smoke. If the person tries to quit smoking, the self or entity will seek to sabotage the effort and pull the person back into the addiction.

This is still on the personal level, and such selves exist in your personal energy field. Yet is your personal energy field an island?

The collective energy field

We live in a world where everything is energy. Energy is the underlying reality behind matter. Your physical body has an energy field around it, but the body does not produce the field. In fact, the physical body is itself an energy field that is the densest part of your total energy field.

As we have discussed, our world is created by a flow of energy from the quantum field that is lowered into vibration. It is first lowered to the identity level, where there is a certain thought matrix that is superimposed upon the pure energy, causing it to take on form. 

The energy is then lowered to the mental level, where a more detailed blueprint causes it to take on a more specific form. It is then lowered to the emotional level, where it takes on a more dense form and receives a certain momentum that propels it into the physical level, where it manifests as our bodies.

Naturally, the same is the case for the entire planet. The physical Earth is simply the densest part of an energy field that has an emotional, mental and identity level. This means there is an energy field around the entire planet.

As we have seen, energy can accumulate in your personal energy field, and the same can happen in the planetary energy field. Where does this energy come from? It comes from the minds of human beings because we are co-creators. The planet was originally created by the ascended masters, and we have altered the original blueprint by projecting upon it from our minds (conscious and subconscious).

Science has actually measured the existence of a collective energy field or a collective mind. The Human Consciousness Project  has measured the impact of certain events that capture the attention of large numbers of people.

This collective consciousness has a similar effect on our psyches as the force of gravity has on our physical bodies. It pulls on our minds to comply with the collective consciousness of our family, race, sex, ethnic group, culture, etcetera. We literally grow up inside a collective energy field, and we take in many influences from this field. 

What are such influences? Well, everything we do creates a self or entity in our personal energy fields. Thus, everything done by a group of people creates a collective self or entity in the collective field. Even humankind as a whole has created a number of such psychic entities.

We have discussed how there is a level of the path where we have to pull ourselves above the influence from the collective consciousness. Yet the collective entities can be difficult to see because we have been brought up to take them for granted or even see them as beneficial. Thus, in order to get started on psychic self-defense, we will look at some entities that have a more noticeable impact on our psyches.

Entities behind addictions

Breathing in smoke is not pleasant and your body will instinctively pull you away from doing it. So voluntarily sucking smoke into your lungs is not a natural thing. 

This means that in order to start smoking, you have to go against your body’s programming, and you can do this only by creating a self that overrides the physical body. This self exists in the emotional, mental and identity minds, and for smokers it has become strong enough to overpower the conscious mind and the programming in the physical body.

Now consider that many people have been smoking for a long time. They have used the mind’s ability to formulate a certain matrix and to infuse it with consciousness, thereby creating a collective entity related to smoking. 

This entity exists in the collective field, and its strength depends on how much energy people have given to it over the centuries. Given how many people have been smoking, it is obviously much more powerful than any self in a personal energy field.

The consequence of this is that as you grow up, you will at some point encounter people who smoke, either in person or on Television. As your young and inquisitive mind investigates this surprising phenomenon, what exactly happens?

What happens is that the collective smoking entity will use your attention on smoking to project energy and ideas into your personal energy field. There will be emotional energy, aimed at making you feel smoking is cool and giving you a desire to try it. There will be thoughts aimed at counteracting any arguments that smoking is dangerous to your health. There will be a sense of identity that smokers are special people who are more cool than others.

This projection is strong because the collective smoking entity has been reinforced by millions of people over a long period of time. Why do some people start to smoke? Because their personal energy fields are invaded and overpowered by the collective smoking entity. Why do others refuse to smoke? Because their energy fields are not open to this invasive force.

Naturally, by becoming aware of this phenomenon, you can learn to protect your energy field from such collective entities. And you can also learn how to free yourself from them, if you have already been influenced by them.

Take note that such entities are an aggressive force that seeks to influence every human being. In some cultures there is the concept of a “rite of passage” that all young people go through on the road to adulthood. 

Part of this rite of passage is that children are exposed to a large number of these addictive entities. Growing up is like running though a gauntlet where the addictive entities are seeking to sink their claws into your energy field. 

Obviously, if you had known about this, it would have be easier for you to protect yourself. Yet since you were never taught this, you might have been more open than you otherwise would have been. 

Of course, collective entities are made of lower energies, meaning that you can learn to overcome them. This involves invoking higher energies to transform the lower energies, and it involves coming to see the personal selves that made you vulnerable to the collective entities.

A collective entity can be very powerful, but it still cannot force itself into your energy field. There must be some self in you that makes you open to the projections from the collective entity. Such a self might have been created in a previous lifetime.

Only by uncovering such selves and dismissing them, will you be completely free from an addiction. Yet by going through this process, you can indeed free yourself completely from any addiction, and HAP will show you how.

Psychic addictions

Normally, when you hear the word “addiction,” you probably think about a physical addiction. Yet there are many more types of addictions that are not physical. For example, some people are addicted to responding with anger to almost any situation. So we need to add the concept of a psychic addiction.

A physical addiction is obviously where you find it difficult to stop yourself from doing a certain physical activity. A psychic addiction is where you find it difficult to stop yourself from engaging in emotional or mental patterns, even patterns at the level of your identity. 

There is a clear compulsion behind any addiction, meaning there is a psychic force propelling you towards repeating the pattern. This force can be so strong that it is difficult for you to consciously choose not to engage. This is what psychologists call Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

One of the easiest forms of psychic addiction to see is the addiction to anger. For some people, even the slightest provocation triggers them to become so angry that they lose the ability to respond is other ways. They cannot choose to respond differently because their subconscious selves make them open to the collective anger entity, and this overpowers their conscious will.

There are naturally many forms of psychic addictions, and some can be very subtle. In many cultures such addictions are considered normal. For example, in many cultures people are highly critical either of all other people or of specific groups of other people. 

One example is the judgmental attitude towards people who don’t share the main group’s religious beliefs. Some fundamentalist Christians have a compulsive need to judge and criticize members of other religions. Some scientific materialists have a compulsion to criticize all religious people. 

Many people cannot stop themselves from constantly talking about specific other people, such as a spouse, family members, neighbours or another group of people who are too different from themselves. This is a form of psychic addiction. 

An entity blinds people to reason

Obviously, the main effect of an addictive entity is that it makes people addicted to a certain activity. Yet another main effect is that it blinds the person to any arguments that show the negative effects of the activity.

Many alcoholics are surrounded by people who can see that they are alcoholics and who can see the devastating effects of drinking. Yet the alcoholics themselves often will not acknowledge that they have a problem, or they will not be open to seeing how their addiction affects themselves and others.

The reason is that the entity is projecting thoughts into these people’s mental minds that give them an excuse or validation for why they can continue to drink or why it isn’t a problem. In a sense, when you are trying to reason with such a person, you are not actually talking to a human being. You are talking to the entity, and it simply cannot be reasoned with because it cannot overcome its programming.

The smoking entity cannot come to understand why smoking is bad, since the smoking entity only exists and survives because a person smokes. It is like trying to convince a lion that it should not eat meat, or trying to talk a computer into not following its programming. 

This helps you understand why you cannot help people who are addicted by reasoning with them. It also helps to see that you can indeed help such people by learning how to invoke the assistance of the ascended masters. The masters can consume the fear-based energy that makes up the entity, and when the energy no longer pulls on a person’s mind, he or she can come to see what is blocked by the energy.