Expanding your time horizon

As mentioned before, you have been brought up to believe in several illusions. There is particularly one illusion that will make it more difficult for you to walk the path. It is the illusion that you have lived for only the very short time interval of your present lifetime.

As we have discussed, the world is made from energy, and energy has different levels of vibration. We can create a scale from lower to higher vibrations, and it has two distinct realms:

  • There is a realm of lower vibrations that make up the material universe in which we live. This realm has the four levels described earlier, from physical to emotional, mental and identity.
  • There is a realm of higher vibrations, which HAP names as the realm of higher awareness. This realm is the source of our world, because our world is created and upheld by a stream of higher energy that is lowered in vibration. This higher realm cannot be affected by anything from the lower realm.

Talking about a higher realm sounds like what traditional religions call heaven. It is important to avoid taking some of these religious mental images and projecting them upon the realm of higher awareness.

If you look at the Old Testament description of God, you will see that this God is basically a narcissist or a megalomaniac who wants everyone to obey and worship him. The Old Testament God bears a striking resemblance to certain tyrants who have held leadership positions throughout history and are seen even today.

There is a line in Genesis where it says that God created man in his own image and likeness. Yet the Old Testament God is actually man creating a God in the image and likeness of these very selfish subconscious selves. This is because people at the lower levels of awareness project their own consciousness upon everything, even the concept of God.

To avoid associations with the traditional image of heaven, HAP will not initially say much about the realm of higher awareness. What is important to know is that this realm is not affected by the selfish tendencies we see in human beings.

Thus, the higher realm cannot be grasped as long as you are at a lower level of consciousness. It basically cannot be grasped until you approach the 144th level of awareness. People at lower levels can only project the illusions of their subconscious selves upon the realm of higher awareness, as we see in so many religions throughout history.

Your higher self and its purpose

There are several reasons why it is important to consider this realm of higher awareness and we will look at them in good time. One is that it is the realm where your higher self exists.

Your higher self is an individual being and it is an evolving being. Your higher self has two ways to grow:

  • It can stay in the realm of higher awareness and grow there.
  • It can learn through the denser realm, such as Planet Earth.

The fact that you are reading this means your higher self chose the second option. However, because your higher self is made from higher vibrations, it cannot descend into the denser vibrations of this realm. So it creates an extension of itself, namely the conscious self, and sends it into this world.

Your conscious self is meant to experience this world from the inside, and it is meant to act in this world. This gives your higher self experiences that it can use to expand its sense of self.

However, in order to experience the fullness of what is possible in this world, your conscious self is not simply a puppet on a string. Your conscious self has free will. It can make choices as to what it will experience, how it will act and how it will react to the circumstances it encounters on Earth. Your conscious self starts its experience on Earth at the 48th level of consciousness and it has two basic options:

  • At the 48th level, the conscious self has an intuitive but not fully conscious connection to your higher self. The conscious self can choose to strengthen this connection and move upwards from the 48th level towards the 144th level. During this process, it will expand its sense of connection, eventually leading to a sense of oneness with your higher self.
  • The conscious self can choose to go below the 48th level, whereby it loses any sense of connection to the higher self. It comes to see itself as a separate being, inevitably feeling that it is alone, possibly even that it has been abandoned by a remote and angry God in the sky. The lowest level of consciousness on earth is the farthest a being can descend into this illusion of separation.

The purpose of this arrangement is that the conscious self can experience the full range of what is possible on Earth. Yet nothing the conscious self goes through, no matter how difficult or traumatic, can have a negative effect on your higher self. Your higher self has a distinct individuality, and it cannot be destroyed by anything the conscious self experiences or chooses on earth.

As the conscious self goes through a situation on earth, your higher self has a distinctly different experience of it than you do. Even if you experience the situation as very traumatic, your higher self has an entirely positive, constructive learning experience.

For example, you may react by thinking you made a mistake and it proves you are a bad person. Your higher self does not think in terms of right and wrong, so it doesn’t see anything as a mistake. It sees it as an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t work, even what is an expression of who it is and what kind of being it wants to be.

Your memories of a situation are stored in the emotional, mental and identity minds. The memories of your higher self is stored in the realm of higher awareness in what is called your causal body. This holds all of the positive learning experiences that you higher self has had based on what the conscious self has gone through on earth.

Your conscious self and its options

You may think this sounds like a pretty unfair arrangement. Your higher self is sitting up there, high and dry, while you are down here getting your hands dirty. Yet there is no cosmic laws that says the conscious self has to get its hands dirty or experience this world a certain way.

The entire purpose of HAP is to awaken the conscious self to a recognition of who and what it really is. This allows you to rise above any and all negative reactions to life on earth.

The seemingly brutal, but ultimately liberating, fact is that the conscious self only experiences life the way it does because it is seeing life through the perception filter of the subconscious selves. You have created those selves, and this means you have the power to uncreate them.

By uncreating the selves you can change your experience of life on earth. You can eventually come to experience life the way your higher self does, namely as can entirely positive process of expanding and expressing your true individuality.

The bottom line is that your conscious self is an extension of your higher self, and your higher self has existed for a lot longer than your current physical body. Considering how short the typical lifespan is, does it really make sense that your higher self could experience everything it wants to experience on earth in just one lifetime?

The importance of considering that you have lived before

These ideas sound like the concept of reincarnation. However, once again it is important not to project ´traditional images upon the process.

About two-thirds of the world’s population accept reincarnation, often in the form it is taught by eastern religions, such and Hinduism or Buddhism. In the West most people do not accept reincarnation, and it is important to understand the historical reason for this.

HAP will no go into this in great depth, but it is a historical fact that reincarnation was a daily well.known concept at the time ofJesus, and he likely taught it to his disciples. Reincarnation was pert of the Christian religion for several centuries. For example, several of the early church fathers, such as Origin of Alexander, taught reincarnation.

Then, in the year 553 the Catholic Church officially banned reincarnation as heresy. This was done for political reasons. It was decided by church leaders that if people believed they had more than one lifetime to work out their salvation, they would not be as likely to obey the church in this lifetime. This, reincarnation was forcefully suppresses in the western world.

Then, came Scientific Materialism, which is based on a denial of anything beyond the material world. Thus, it had to deny the existence of a soul, and of there is no soul that is independent of the physical body, how can anything reincarnate in different bodies?

It is not the intention of HAP to make you believe in reincarnation but to help you consider its explanatory potential. As you raise your awareness, you will naturally come to have several questions that are difficult to explain without considering that a part of you has been in existence on earth for a lot longer than your physical body.

For example, as you being to look into your subconscious mind, you will discover some very complex selves. You will at some point realize: I haven’t actually experienced such a big trauma in this lifetime, so how come I have these subconscious selves that are obvious a reaction to a severe trauma? The logical explanation is that you have lived before and in one or more lifetimes you experienced a trauma that created those selves.

You will also discover that your have so many subconscious selves that it simply isn’t logical that you could have created all of them in this lifetime. Thus, the concept of reincarnation can explain the complexity of your psyche.

It can also remove some of the pressure, in the sense that you did not create these selves because you are somehow deficient but because you really did experience some very difficult situations in past lives. Just look at the violent history of this planet and see how easily you could have been exposed to war, torture and other atrocities.

Reincarnation also explains another question that baffles many people, namely why bad things happens to good people. You have a person who has lived a peaceful and constructive life, and suddenly a terrible accident happens. People always look for a reason for something like this to happen, yet there seemingly is no reason in this lifetime. The explanation is that in a past lifetime, the person was at a lower level of consciousness and set in motion causes that led to the event in this lifetime. This is the concept of karma, which we will go into later.

The process of taking incarnation

Let us now consider the process whereby the conscious self takes on incarnation on earth. At some point in the past (at this point it is not important to have an exact timeline), your higher self sent your conscious self into this world.

There are other planets besides Earth that have intelligent life, so your first incarnation may not have been on Earth. Yet the first time you took incarnation on earth, you did so by descending to the 48th level of consciousness. What does this mean?

We have discussed that for each of the 144 levels of consciousness, there is a particular illusion that defines that level. So your conscious self started at the 144th level and took on the illusion of that level. This is comparable to a bride taking on a veil that limits her vision but still allows her to see something.

You then continued to take on illusion after illusion until you had taken on all illusions down to the 48th level. It is like taking on 96 veils that all limit your vision. You see through glass darkly.

For each illusion you take on, you create a subconscious self. This starts in your identity mind, then goes into your mental mind and finally into your emotional mind. Naturally, this happens below the level of conscious awareness. It is not a matter of you consciously choosing to take on these illusions, so you did not make a mistake by going through this. It is simply the mechanics of what it means to take incarnation on a planet like Earth.

As you are going through this process, you are creating selves in your emotional, mental and identity mind. You then find yourself in incarnation for the first time, and you are experiencing life through all of the veils above and on the 48th level.

This means you now start making choices based on the 48th level of awareness. Take note that the selves you created in order to descend to the 48th level were generic or universal. All people have these selves, and although the can have an individual coloring, all people have to see through he same illusions in order to climb up to the 144th level.

Once you took incarnation of the first time, you were forced to react to the circumstances you encountered on earth. This is when you started creating subconscious selves that are indeed of your own individual choosing. These are specific to you, and you must come to see through your individual illusion. Obviously, there are many people who reacted in similar ways and thus have selves that are very similar. Yet the selves created as you descended are more similar than the ones you created as a reaction to Earth.

Your reactions were not mistakes

Again, it is important to realize that even the selves you created in reaction to Earth were not mistakes. You reacted with the level of consciousness you had, and thus your options were limited.

You need to recognize that there are two levels of consciousness:

  • Below the 48th level, people are blinded by the illusion that hey are separate beings. One effect of this is that they are unwilling to look at themselves. They project that the problem is always out there.
  • At the 48th level you become willing to look at yourself. It is a selective willingness, but you have some willingness to consider that you could make different choices than you did in the past.

As hinted at earlier, there is a certain epic consciousness on earth based on black-and-white thinking. This means that when you begin to consider that some of your past choices were not the highest possible’s you will be prompted to think that you made a mistake and that this makes you a bad person. This is one of the initial stumbling blocks that can prevent people from even starting the path.

Once you accept reincarnation, you can gain a different perspective. You can realize that in past lives you were likely at a lower level of consciousness than you are today and you lived in more dangerous times than today. Thus, the choices you made were not mistakes. They were an understandable reaction, given who you were at the time and what kind of circumstances you were exposed to.

There is a tendency that when people start the path, they adopt an unrealistic idealism, which makes them think that they should have been able to read two conditions on Earth in an almost superhuman way. This, when you uncover a self based on a very human reaction, you tend to blame yourself. This is not a constructive reaction.

The higher reaction is to realize that you did what you did in the past because of the level of consciousness you aware at and because of the circumstances you faced. Earth is a very difficult planet (more on this later), and it simply isn’t realistic to apply a standard that you should always have reacted in an ideal way (whatever that means to you).

By accepting that you have lived before, you can shift your approach to yourself and cut yourself some slack. You can also be more patient with yourself, because you can realize that selves created and reinforced over many lifetimes cannot be dissolved in five minutes.

In the modern world, people have become addicted to instant gratification. We have become programmed to believe that if we whip a piece of plastic out of our wallets, we should instantly receive what we were promised.

This is not a constructive approach tot he path., and reincarnation shows you why. A self that was reinforced over several lifetimes will take time to dissolve. With the tools given by HAP you can dissolve a lot of selves for the rest of this lifetime. If you have dissolved some during past lifetimes, you may be able to use HAP to reach the 144th level in this lifetime. Yet this will not happen in a half a day and an afternoon. It is a lifetime commitment.

You will experience positive results along the way, but many people adopt a goal of reaching some ultimate state, such as being enlightened. This can easily become a source of disappointment where you become like the donkey who is pulling a cart. From the cart is extended a rod from which hangs a carrot. The donkey believe that if it just runs faster, it will reach the carrot, which obviously cannot happen.

Results will happen as you walk the path, but it is not constructive to set up a timeline ´for when you want them to manifest. This is your subconscious selves projecting their perception filter on the path. And remember, it is by overcoming your subconscious selves that you actually raise your consciousness.