The head-in-the-sand syndrome: Denial will not protect you

Before we look at the “things” from which we need to protect our minds, we first we need to deal with the resistance from certain selves.

Why do modern societies fail to recognize psychic entities? Partly because Scientific Materialism denies the existence of anything science cannot measure. Partly because of a psychological mechanism. 

It has been observed in birds that they will sometimes act irrationally. For example, a small bird seeing a hawk flying overhead can stick its head under its wing instead of flying away. And then there is the well-known fact that an ostrich will sometimes stick its head under the sand instead of running away.

This ties in with what we have discussed before, namely that we have selves that are programmed to maintain a certain sense of equilibrium. If we are presented with information that goes too far beyond our present world view (upon which our sense of equilibrium is based), the selves will deny the validity of the information. 

Likewise, if we are presented with information about a danger that it seems we cannot protect ourselves from, we will – metaphorically speaking – stick our heads under the sand. For example, many people who are open to spiritual teachings will still deny that there are hidden forces that can influence them. They subscribe to the popular idea that “it’s all good.” 

In order to deal with this inner resistance, you need to have studied the ideas presented in previous sections, so you realize the following:

This means there is no invisible entity that you cannot protect yourself from. By acknowledging this, you can overcome the resistance to learning about such psychic entities and how you can deal with them. Learning this can have a major impact on your mental health and your progress on the path of higher awareness. 

Take note that everything revolves around your free will. The forces described in this section have absolutely no respect for your free will. They will seek to force or fool you into giving them entry into your energy field. They can do this only by using lower or fear-based energies and the illusions that spring from the duality consciousness.

On the other hand, the ascended masters have absolute respect for your free will. The masters have the power to free you from all lower forces, but they will do so only when you ask and when you give the masters energy to multiply. You do this by using the tools presented by HAP to call forth intercession from the masters.

As explained, many people who are open to spiritual teachings still deny the existence of lower forces. That is why it is recommended that you start using the decrees and invocations mentioned here LINK before you read this section. When you have a working relationship with the ascended masters, you know they can set you free from all lower forces.

The one common denominator for all lower forces

The one thing you need to understand about lower forces is the energy equation. We have seen that everything is created from and sustained by a stream of energy from the quantum field or the realm, of higher awareness. 

This stream of energy ultimately comes from the ascended masters, who are very aware of what happens to the energy. They release the energy to human beings, but the law mandates that they cannot do this indiscriminately. 

We have talked about the principle that it you use your psychic energy to raise all life, it can rise back up to the ascended masters, who will then multiply it and send back more. Yet if you use the energy to harm or limit other people, the energy cannot rise and you will gradually receive less and less. 

This means there are people in embodiment who have been cut off from receiving energy from a higher source. Of course, the collective entities described in this section never could receive energy from the ascended masters. This means you are surrounded by people and forces who need to steal energy in order to survive. 

From where must they steal this energy? From people who are still receiving it from above. This means that all people who receive energy from the ascended masters become targets. And the more energy you receive – the higher your level of consciousness – the more of a target you become. If you are not aware of this, you cannot grow beyond a certain level of the path. You will have so much energy stolen that you cannot climb to higher levels.

Take note that the lower forces cannot absorb energy that vibrates at higher levels, at the level of love. They can only absorb energy that vibrates below the level of fear. All lower or negative feelings spring from fear and many thoughts spring from fear. Some people even have a sense of identity based on fear. Thus, the only way for these forces to steal your energy is to get you to engage in fear-based actions, feelings, thoughts or a sense of identity. Becoming aware of this is the first step to building an effective psychic defense.